Gig List for 2002

3871 Madness  Docklands Arena , London 22.12.2002 9,25 Second of 2 sell out shows by Madness at The Docklands Arena with an Oasis type atmosphere in the venue with lots of groups of men all beered up .Still have all 7 original members here .90 mins of pop and ska based tunes.although there was a bit of a sound problem halfway through that held the show up for 10 mins they got right back into it with to yet another killer tune  
3870 Roy Wood Army Roadhouse ,Cov Garden ,London 21.12.2002 9,25 Another slice of 1970s glam rock with Roy Wood of Wizzard fame and his 10 piece band doing a really good set Lots of Wizzard hits and guest singer.Carl Wayne who was in The Move with Roy in the 1960s came on to play 3 classic Move songs Blackberry Way,I Can See The Grass Grow ,Flowers In The Rain . Another really good glam rock xmas evening . 
3867 Elton John  Shepherds Bush Empire,London 16.12.2002 9,5 Two small shows for Aids charities.The venue holds only 2000 and reminds me of those great Hammersmith Odeon Xmas shows Elton did in the mid 1970s. 
3868 Elton John Shepherds Bush Empire,London 17.12.2002 9,5 Elton and his superb band did a 2 hour 15 mins set that was non stop great songs of his from his 30 year career .His band still feature 2 members from those magical 1970s concerts . Davey Johnson on guitar and Nigel Ollson on the drums . 
3869 Blondie + INXS Wembley Arena , London 18.12.2002 9,25 For INXS it is their first UK tour since the sad death of Micheal Hutchence .The new singer does a decent job as the band go through a 75 mins hits set but it was nice to hear 2 new songs .Blondie do a great set but they are simply not an arena band and should stick to Brixton or Bush Empire as there are a lot of empty seats tonight .Blondie still have 4 original members with Debbie looking great for age 58 and Clem Burke just stunning on drums .They do a really good 80 mins set .Aftershow was really good as well . 
3866 Status Quo  Wembley Arena , London 14.12.2002 9,25 Quo are on a mammoth 6 week tour of the UK and as always there is a great Quo atmosphere .This is the Heavy Traffic tour .Really good 1 hour 50 mins set even though a couple of the cover versions they play are rubbish but there are still plenty of 1970s Quo classics in there . 
3865 Slade 2 + BC Sweet Blackheath Hall , London 13.12.2002 9,25 Christmas for me just would not be the same without at least one glam rock event so here we are in SE London .BC Sweet did a good hour set but they have no original members now but it was great to hear those Sweet gems .Slade 2 still feature originals Dave Hill on guitar and Don Hill on drums . They did a glam rockin 70 mins set that had everyone dancing .Loads of great hits and finale with Merry Xmas Everybody with a fun glam rock disco after as well . 
3864 Oasis + Electric Soft Parade Brighton Centre , Brighton 11.12.2002 9,5 not many bands would get me out of London on a cold December day but Oasis are one of them . Not many seem interested in support even though they come from Brighton .Oasis did a really good 90 mins set of songs even though it is clear that Noel and Liam are not really enjoying it for whatever reason .Noel stopped Wonderwall after 2 lines because he did not want any fans singing along to it which is asking for the impossibe really . The band held a party for 200 at the venue after that was pretty good as well . 
3862 Manic Street Preachers + Kinesis Brixton Academy , London 08.12.2002 9,5 Both nights the Manics did a 1 hour 45 mins set with no encores .They a reat live band withso many good songs over the last 10 years . 
3863 Cranberries Hammersmith Apollo , London 10.12.2002 8,5 never really a big fan but it is great they can still sell out Hammersmith .there seems to be more fans from mainland Europe than British fans here tonight .They did a 90 mins set but their sound seems a bit dated although there were 3 or 4 really good songs Good aftershow as well where all the band turned up and were friendly . 
3861 Manic Street Preachers + Ian Brown  Wembley Arena , London 07.12.2002 9,5 Tour for recent Greatests Hits release.Ian Brown has a bit of a gob on him but he has a couple of good tunes .Manics had great big screen videos .Had drinks and food at the aftershow . 
3860 Bob Geldof + Rosie Wilby Bloomsbury Theatre , London 05.12.2002 This was Bobs first London show in 10 years at this 500 seated venue .support was not much cop really .Bobs band were really good and were very irish sounding with lots of violin and accordian in the 2 hours 15 mins set .Some pleasant solo songs with a few Boomtown Rats hits such as RatTrap and "" I Dont Like Monday . 
3859 Elton John With Full Orchestra  Royal Opera House , Covent Garden , London 01.12.2002 9,25 7pm Elton played 2 sets of 45 mins and 75 mins but there were a few too many slow songs in the first set .Second set had loads of great uptempo songs and was joined by members of his band as well as the orchestra .The aftershow was a pure 5 star treat with Elton , Lulu , Glen Hoddle and 500 guests being served free drinks and food for a couple of hours  
3858 Glen Matlock And Ian McLagan Record Fair , Wembley  01.12.2002 9,25 1pm one off acoustic set from these 2 rock n roll legends . 45 mins set with guitar and piano and great songs by Glen , Small Faces , Ronnie Lane and a great finale of Pretty Vacant 
3856 Foo Fighters + Cave In Wembley Arena , London 22.11.2002 9,75 First ever UK arena tour by The Foos .Support band were pretty average .Both nights Foos did a fantastic 1 hour 40 mins set that really rocked . 
3855 Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros  Acton Town Hall , London 15.11.2002 9,75 This was a low key benefit show for the striking fireman in a venue that has not been used for rock shows for years .Fantastic atmosphere as a fair amount of the 600 here were firemen and the rest were hardcore Strummer fans .Andy Gilchrist the firemens union leader made a rousing speech .Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros did a really great 75 mins set but the 3 song encore was unreal as Mick Jones came on stage to play with Joe on stage for the first time in over 15 years for Clash anthems Bankrobber +White Riot + Londons Burning an amazing night but sadly less than 6 weeks later Joe Strummer died of a heart attack aged only 50 . 
3857 Foo Fighters + Cave In  Wembley Arena , London 23.11.2002 9,75 The Foos now have so many great rock n roll songs After the Sat show we went backstage for the aftershow which the band did not attend as I found out that they were going to the trendy Met Bar for their party . We blagged our way into the Met Bar and the band were there for an hour . 
3854 Ryan Adams  Royal Festival , London 11.11.2002 8,5 solo show by Ryan with just a piano .Ryan did a 1 hour 45 mins set which had some great lyrics but I prefer him with a full band .He had some quirky chat between songs and played covers of Brown Sugar and Wonderwall. 
3852 Sinead O Connor Shepherds Bush Empire,London 09.11.2002 8,5 her first London show for years was well sold out in advance .Great vocals and great band but not much real excitement in the 90 mins set . 
3853 Bryan Adams with Brian May + Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros Royal Opera House , Covent Garden , London 10.11.2002 9,75 benefit concert for Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund .This was the first ever proper rock concert at the amazing venue .There were a few famous actors who made speeches between the acts . The first set included 3 songs by the lovely looking and sounding Opera Babes then Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros did a great 5 song set which were 3 Mescaleros tunes + Rudie Dont Fail and a stunning White Riot . To see and hear it in this venue as unreal .Afterwards Joe Strummer said to me Well it had to be done In the second half of the show Bryan Adams did a 10 song 45 mins set and was joined by Brian May for the last 5 tunes with a mega finale of Queens Crazy Little Thing Called Love.the sound for the whole event was just crystal clear and the aftershow in The Vilar Flora Hall was very 5 star with free champagne and drinks for 500 guests for a couple of hours .Superb. 
3851 Morrissey + Libertines Brixton Academy , London 05.11.2002 9,25 support comes from Londons latest cool band who are being produced by Mick Jones of The Clash .some good songs in the 30 mins set Morrissey is without a record deal but he has a fantastic loyal fanbase who lapped up his 80 mins set .A good mix of old and new with some great chat between all the songs .Earlier in the year The Smiths had been voted NME mag most important band . 
3848 ZZ Top + Headway Hammrsmith Apollo , London 01.11.2002 pretty boring young support group.1 hour 40 mins set that chugged a bit with too many slow blues boogies .they left the 4 big songs to the end which were really great . 
3850 Vines Shepherds Bush Empire,London 04.11.2002 9,25 they are a really great live act with a 65 mins set full of great guitar and some crazy vocals .The singer needs to push over the equipment as often as he can for some reason . 
3849 Vines Shepherds Bush Empire,London 03.11.2002 9,25 2nd of 3 Bush Empire sell out shows for one of the most hyped bands of the year . 
3847 Level 42  Royal Albert Hall , London 31.10.2002 First shows as Level 42 since 1994 .Mark King is only original member .He still has that fantastic bass style .90 mins set of white disco funk of the 1980s with the last 30 mins of big hits. 
3846 Robert Plant Hammersmith Apollo , London 30.10.2002 9,5 Robert Plant and his stunning band did a great 2 hour set .He still looks fab and that blues rock voice is still there .He played 3 Led Zep classics .1. Going To California .2.. Ramble On.3. Whole Lotta Love . 
3843 Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band Wembley Arena , London 27.10.2002 10 one off UK show .tickets sold out in an hour .The band did a fantastic 2 hour 40 mins set of old and new tunes but the best bit was we got into the reserved front pit and watched it from 10 yards back .My fave 3 songs tonight were Born To Run + Badlands + Born In The USA 
3845 Supergrass + Libertines Shepherds Bush Empire,London 29.10.2002 9,25 second of three sold out Bush shows .Libertines look cool but they still need a couple more really good tunes .The first 30 mins of the Supergrass set started a bit slow then it was full tilt with all their best known songs . 
3842 Glen Matlock And The Philistines + Blender 100 Club , London 25.10.2002 9,5 like a big reunion party as everyone that I had met at Sex Pistols show in California in Sept was here tonight .great atmosphere for this 70 mins set .he did not play Pretty Vacant  
3844 Alison Moyet Royal Festival Hall , London 28.10.2002 First UK tour for a few years .Alison still has a great voice and is so down to earth on stage .The first 10 songs were slow and mournful then the hits all kicked in but sadly she did not play Invisible in the 90 mins set . 
3841 Q Magazine Music Awards one live song by Polyphonic Spree  Old Saatchi Gallery,London NW8 21.10.2002 10 Wow this was a great day out that started at noon and finished at midnight.we sat at a table with Casey Spooner and all his PR people .Champagne reception and free food and booze for the next 12 hours .Celebs at tables inc Tom Jones , Radiohead , Sparks ,Coldplay , Tori Amos , The Hives ,Sugarbabes , Moby , Jimmy Cliff , Depeche Mode .At 5pm everyone was put in limos to the aftershow party in Shepherds Bush. 
3838 Roger Waters + Jon Lord + others Countryside Alliance Charity Concert  Royal Albert Hall , London 16.10.2002 Roger Waters appearance here was kept very low key .He played with his full touring band for 3 songs -20 mins .1. Wish You Were Here .2. Flickering Flame = a new song .3. Comfortably Numb .Jon Lord played piano on 2 songs that I had never heard before . 
3840 Coldplay Wembley Arena , London 20.10.2002 9,25 Missed support who were Idlewild .Coldplay have taken off worldwide and this is their first UK arena tour .Really good 90 mins set with great use of large video screens and lasers . 
3839 Sparks Royal Festival Hall , London 19.10.2002 9,25 one off UK show .Sparks played 2 sets . The first set was debut of the whole of new album Little Beethoven which was average .The second set was greatest hits that everybody loved and danced to . 
3835 Bryan Ferry + Rosie Thomas  Royal Albert Hall , London 08.10.2002 9,5 after watching his hardcore fans run down the front last night we were ready to follow them tonight which worked perfectly .Brian Ferry had left his wife in the summer to be with one of his backing singers on this tour . 
3837 JJ72  Virgin Megastore , London W1 14.10.2002 8,5 sadly it was only a quick 30 mins set .the singer has a great voice that seems to go from boy like to girl like . 
3836 Johnny Thunders Tribute  Fusilier And Firkin , Camden ,London 11.10.2002 9,5 band members inc Chris Musto from Glen Matlock Band who has played with Johnny Thunders and Victor from The Parkinsons .Chaotic and messy energy filled 60 mins set .To hear all those great Thunders and NY Dolls songs live was just fantastic . 
3834 Bryan Ferry + Rosie Thomas  Royal Albert Hall , London 07.10.2002 9,25 support did a boring 30 mins set .Bryan did a good mix of solo and Roxy.Ferry and his band did a really good 1 hour 35 mins set .Started with the slower songs then shifted up a gear to the uptempo Roxy Music material .Featured Chris Spedding on guitar and Paul Thomson on drums . 
3832 Prince Hammersmith Apollo , London 04.10.2002 9,75 This show lasted 2 hours 15 mins .Prince has got a great voice and he moves and dances so cool . 
3833 Prince Hammersmith Apollo , London 05.10.2002 9,75 This show lasted 2 hours 30 mins .First and Third shows included a 15 mins jam session encore .All the front 15 rows each night were fan club members so there was a great atmosphere to these sold out shows . 
3831 Prince Hammersmith Apollo , London 03.10.2002 9,75 This show lasted 2 hours 30 mins .Amazing set that went from jazz to pop to funk to rock as he felt like it . 
3828 Orb Ocean , Hackney , London 28.09.2002 Really boring 85 mins set of knob twidling that just was not my scene. 
3829 MOBO Music Awards LL Cool J + Ashanti + Ja Rule + Chaka Khan + Jimmy Cliff + Sugarbabes + Mis-teeq + Ms Dynamite + Craig David  Docklands Arena , London 01.10.2002 9,5 The main black music event in the UK .Got tickets for the VIP area which meant free booze and entry to one of the aftershow parties . Good one . 
3830 David Bowie  Hammersmith Apollo , London 02.10.2002 10 All tickets sold out in 3 hours .Bowie and his fantastic band did a stunning 2 hour 45 mins set .We got near the front to hear so many great classics and material from his new album "" Heathen"" .Encores included Ziggy Stardust and the rarely played Bewley Brothers 
3826 Purple Reign (Prince Tribute) Boardwalk Casino And Hotel ,Las Vegas , USA  20.09.2002 9,5 This was so good I had to come back for a second night .Total quality . 
3827 Moby Astoria , London 27.09.2002 9,25 special show for Radio 1 and warm up for the European Arena tour .Moby did a really good 95 mins set .This was the full arena show in a small venue so it looked great .Loads of energy and good songs . Encore of Ramones Blitzkreig Bop . Like The Prodigy he has done a great job of mixing rock with dance music . 
3824 Who + Counting Crows  Greek Theatre , Hollywood ,Los Angeles , USA  17.09.2002 9,75 Amazing outdoor venue in the Hollywood Hills that holds about 6000 seats and is surrounded by trees .Counting Crows should have been better to be honest .The Who did a fantastic 2 hour greatest hits set with new bass player as John Entwistle died recently .The had a nice video montage of John near the end . 
3825 Purple Reign (Prince Tribute) Boardwalk Casino And Hotel ,Las Vegas , USA  19.09.2002 9,5 3 sets lasting 2 hours in total .He looked perfect and he had a very sexy female singer with him.His brother came on to do 3 Morris Day songs .Great mix of old and new stuff . 
3821 Deep Purple + Planets Hammersmith Apollo , London 06.09.2002 9,5 Support group were a bit odd .Deep Purple did a 1 hour 40 mins set each night and they were the best I have seen them for years . 
3822 Deep Purple + Planets  Hammersmith Apollo , London 07.09.2002 9,5 Don Airy played keyboards for the first 30 mins of each show then the lights went down and surprise surprise Jon Lord was standing there and played for the next 30 mins and then they both were up there together . Nice one . 
3823 Sex Pistols + Offspring + Social Distortion + Bad Religion +Buzzcocks + Blink 182 + New Found Glory + X + Damned  Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavillion,Devore , California , USA  14.09.2002 10 What an amazing location to see The Sex Pistols . Sold out 65,000 venue set in the desert of the Californian mountains in 100 degrees midday sun.It was great to see The Damned and The Buzzcocks here after they had missed out on the C Palace show .Bands like Social Distortion and Offspring are huge in California. In fact punk rock is now huge over here .Sex Pistols did a 65 mins greatest hits set that was just amazing . Johnny was on great form as usual and those punk classics came fast and furious . 
3820 Primal Scream  Marquee Club, London 05.09.2002 The opening of this legendary club now set in an Islington shopping mall ?? The venue has a large floor area that holds about 800 downstairs and 200 upstairs.Primal Scream did a good 90 mins set but seemed vexed that the invite crowd were more interested in the all night free drinks being offered . 
3819 Foo Fighters University Of London,London 30.08.2002 9,75 8pm invite only show for XFM Radio for about 600 people in this small venue.Foo Fighters did a stunning 80 mins set that really was superb . Lots of older songs and a few off new album. 
3818 Ash Ocean , Hackney , London 30.08.2002 8am show .XFM Radio , London breakfast show with free drinks and Ash did 5 songs in their short set. 
3817 Kerrang Rock Music Awards  Hilton Hotel , London W1  27.08.2002 10 fantastic dinner and drinks with 500 seated and 100 standing guests from 7pm to 2am . Loads of rockers here tonight Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen , members of Puddle Of Mud , Foo Fighters , Stereophonics ,Amen , Hundred Reasons ,Gary Numan Offspring , Placebo , Muse , A , Hives and others . Really great watching all the suits checking in to their nice posh 5 star hotel with all these rockers stumbling around pissed up everywhere. 
3816 Guns And Roses  Docklands Arena , London 26.08.2002 9,75 First UK shows for 8 years here at Docklands and at Leeds Festival .Guns And Roses did a great 2 hour set with 75% classic older tunes .Huge stage show with fire columns and explosions and I blagged the aftershow. 
3815 Prodigy + Offspring + Slipknot + Incubus + NOFX + Puddle Of Mudd + Hundred Reasons + Amen Reading Festival , Berks  25.08.2002 9,75 Third day and I am feeling dirty .My fave 3 bands of the day were 1st Prodigy do a fantastic set which was their first UK shows for 4 years .The whole place was going mental .2nd Hundred Reasons . At last the UK produce a really good young rock band.3rd NOFX were really good because they just were so much fun and just had a laugh . 
3814 Foo Fighters + Muse + Ash + Sum 41 + Hives + A +Libertines + Andrew WK + Sahara Hotnights  Reading Festival , Berks 24.08.2002 9,75 Every day had loads of quality acts .My fave 3 bands of the day were 1st Foo Fighters did a stunning set .2nd Hives are always great live .3rd Andrew WK . Good time r n roll .Libertines did a nightmare set where their equipment kept breaking down . 
3812 Reef + Eighties Matchbox B Line Disaster  Virgin Megastore , London W1 20.08.2002 8,5 Record shop appearences are never the best place to see a band live .support did a great messy 30 mins garage rock n roll set . Reef did a really good 40 mins set of old and new . 
3813 Strokes + Pulp + Janes Addiction + Vines + White Stripes Reading Festival , Berks 23.08.2002 9,75 Great atmosphere as usual .Sadly missed Mercury Rev set .My fave 3 bands of the day were 1st Pulp 2nd White Stripes 3rd Vines generally good weather over the weekend with just odd rain bursts . 
3811 Gary Moore + Wildhearts + One Minute Silence + Spear Of Destiny Bulldog Bikers Bash ,Long Marsden Airfield, Stratford 10.08.2002 Kirk and SOD did a good 30 mins .One Minute Silence did a lively set .Wildhearts were good and poor Danny was being sick on stage after nearly every song . Not sure why .Gary Moore is still a great guitarist . 
3809 Psychodrama Shabeen , Acton, London 01.08.2002 went along to see one of mates bands .they did a good 60 mins set with a couple of Ramones and Iggy covers . 
3810 Pretenders + Black Rebel Motorcycle Club + 3 Colours Red  Bulldog Bikers Bash ,Long Marsden Airfield, Stratford 09.08.2002 9,5 First time I have been to this event .Arrived in typical pouring rain conditions 3 Colours Red did a good set .BRMC did a really good 55 mins set .Chrissie and the Pretenders were just fantastic .So many great songs and she is such a cool rock chick and singer. 
3807 Pork Dukes  Castle Tavern,Tooting,London 26.07.2002 8,5 these cheeky punk rockers did a good 60 mins set of their naughty songs . 
3808 Sex Pistols + Rapture Sports Arena,C.Palace,London 27.07.2002 10 Their first show since 1996 Filthy Lucre tour .The Pistols at The Palace .What a great day on what was the hottest weekend of the year so far .I got to C Palace area at noon and did not get back home until after 5am .Sadly missed all the support bands apart from Rapture who were ok .I had backstage passes so was there before and after the band did their 90 mins stunning set feat songs they had never played live before .I watched them from the front .Anarchy In The Uk,God Save The Queen and Pretty Vacant are the 3 greatest singles of all time .After there was a great party at the venue then on to another party for the band at a venue in SW London . What a mega day . 
3806 Mark Knopfler And Friends Shepherds Bush Empire,London 25.07.2002 9,5 Mark is still a great guitar player .Jimmy Nail sung on a couple of songs .great party after the show with loads of free drinks and food for 200 people which was really good . 
3802 Idlewild Hanover Grand , London 18.07.2002 invite only gig for XFM radio .short 50 mins set with 3 or 4 good songs but the muffled vocals made it drag a bit . 
3803 Bryan Adams  Hyde Park Arena , London 20.07.2002 9,5 2 hour set that for the first 30 mins started a bit slow then it was one great pop rock song after another . 
3804 Mark Knopfler And Friends  Shepherds Bush Empire,London 23.07.2002 no support . 1st of 3 bush empire gigs .he did a 2 hour set .First 50 mins set was Notting Hillbillies songs then it was non stop Dire Straits. 
3805 Meat Loaf Hyde Park Arena , London 24.07.2002 9,25 got a great view near the front .he did a 2 hours 15 mins set .he is still a great showman .loads of big rock songs played tonight . 
3800 Suede Electric Ballroom , London 16.07.2002 9,5 invite only show for fan club .Suede did a stunning near 2 hour set .The first 45 min was new album then the rest was greatest hits chosen via the spin the wheel on the stage .much better than recent RFH show . 
3801 Green Day  Wembley Arena , London 17.07.2002 8,5 90 mins set from these comic book punk rockers .The very young crowd really loved it .Short catchy songs .Best but was when they got 3 kids on stage to take over their playing for 1 song . 
3796 Rod Stewart  Wembley Arena , London 11.07.2002 9,5 Last of 4 Rod at Wembley shows .Same set as last week so I knew what was to happen but still really good fun . 
3797 Sex Pistols  Rehearsals, North London 12.07.2002 10 had to pinch myself this did happen .2pm to 4pm The Sex Pistols playing most of the songs that would form the setlist of 27 July 2002 London show. 
3798 Damned + Brian James Gang Shepherds Bush Empire,London 12.07.2002 9,5 Brian James should have been better .The Damned did a great 90 mins set Stage was designed with a hula hula tropical Hawaii theme to it . First half of set was mainly Grave Disorder material then it was 45 mins of some of the greatesrt punk rock songs ever . 
3799 Iggy Pop + Pitchshifter  Brixton Academy , London 13.07.2002 9,5 Pitchshifter did a crap 40 mins set .Iggy Pop was as mental as ever .He did a 70 mins set full of great solo and Stooges songs . A girl stripped naked ,jumped on the stage and danced around Iggy for a few seconds . 
3795 Siouxsie And The Banshees + Ex Girl  Shepherds Bush Empire, London 10.07.2002 9,5 Their first UK tour for 7 years .Wacky 3 girl Japanese support were good fun . Siouxsie still sings great and for age 45 looks amazing .Really good 1 hour 40 mins set of old and new material but no HK Garden .Paul Cook (Sex Pistols ) was there . 
3794 John Lydon (Sex Pistols) TV Centre , London SE1 Graham Norton Show . 09.07.2002 10 this was a great evening . I supplied some Sex Pistols items for the show so the producers gave me a couple of tickets for the show and for the drinks reception after where we chatted to John and his mate John Rambo for a cool 30 mins . Great evening . 
3792 Oasis + Charlatans Finsbury Park , London 05.07.2002 9,5 First of 3 sold out open air shows at Finsbury Park by Oasis .Charlatans did an ok 60 mins set .Oasis did a great 95 mins set of their anthems to a pretty wet crowd . 
3793 Culture Club Royal Albert Hall , London 07.07.2002 8,5 Nice to see Boy back with Culture Club.The 1 hour 40 mins set was ok but I did not feel any real passion on stage . 
3790 Rod Stewart  Wembley Arena , London 03.07.2002 9,75 2nd of 4 Rod shows at Wembley Arena.2 sets of 60 mins and 70 mins .he still has that great voice and he still looks great . So many good songs were played tonight .Nearly every song was a massive singalong . 
3791 Tony Bennett Royal Albert Hall , London 04.07.2002 good while it lasted but after 45 mins it was cancelled after a fire broke out in the sound area at back of the hall . 
3789 Andy Williams  Royal Albert Hall , London 02.07.2002 8,5 no support .2 sets of 50 mins each .one of the kings of easy listening .he sung some great songs with some great stories and lovely footage of him from the 1950s and 1960s . 
3788 NERD + Kelis + DJ Westwood Shepherds Bush Empire,London 01.07.2002 Great atmosphere for one of Americas biggest hip hop production teams .NERD fused rap , rock and funk . 
3786 Supergrass + Bobby Conn +Yeah Yeah Yeahs Royal Festival Hall , London 28.06.2002 Bobby Conn was rubbish but Yeah Yeah Yeahs were really good with a singer with a Siouxsie style voice .Supergrass did a 60 mins greatest hits set that was really good . 
3787 David Bowie + Dandy Warhols Royal Festival Hall , London 29.06.2002 9,75 one off London Meltdown show for David Bowie that sold out in 2 hours .Dandy Warhols were too laid back .David Bowie and his great band did a stunning 2 hours 20 mins show which mainly featured tracks from his new album Heathen and Low allbum.with a 5 song hits encore . Superb . 
3783 Suede + Peaches Royal Festival Hall , London 23.06.2002 9,25 Raunchy female rapper support was fun.First London Suede show for 2 years .Suede did a 90 mins set with lots of new album material and old classics .Brett sounds and looks really great . 
3784 Aha Royal Albert Hall , London 25.06.2002 90 mins set that was very average apart from the 3 hit singles at the end . 
3785 Roger Waters Wembley Arena , London 26.06.2002 no support . 2 sets of 80 mins and 70 mins .First tour for a few years .Great band and a great back drop .Half the set was classic Floyd and the other half was pretty good . 
3781 Terry Edwards Band + Langley Schools Proect Royal Festival Hall , London 21.06.2002 8,5 6pm show in RFH foyer .Terry Edwards did some ska Bowie and the school kids did some Beatles and Beach Boys . Both enjoyable . 
3782 Fischerspooner + Gonzales Royal Festival Hall , London 21.06.2002 9,25 Gonzales did a 60 mins set of hip hop .Fischerspooner have been mega hyped.Used backing tapes for all of the 70 mins but at least it was lavish , mad and messy but all good fun . 
3778 Lenny Kravitz Wembley Arena , London 17.06.2002 9,5 good and proper rock show from Lenny.First UK show for 3 years .1 hour 45 mins set that was full of all his best songs .Really good . 
3779 Destinys Child Wembley Arena , London 19.06.2002 massive stage production with loads of fire columns and costume changes.90 mins set . Great atmosphere . 
3780 Primal Scream Shepherds Bush Empire,London 20.06.2002 80 mins set of indie dance based indie rock but why so many strobes? great encore of Born To Loose 
3775 Pogues + Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros Finsbury Park , London Fleadh Festival 08.06.2002 9,25 7pm onwards after Pistols boat trip .Joe Strummer and band did a really good 60 mins set of solo and Clash .Shane and The Pogues did a good but messy 80 mins set . 
3776 Brian Wilson Royal Festival Hall , London 09.06.2002 9,5 back again after the success of his shows here at RFH in Jan 2002 .no support .2 sets of 60 mins each . 
3777 Brian Wilson Royal Festival Hall , London 10.06.2002 9,5 the same great set as before with Pet Sounds in full but the buzz was not as big as the last shows . 
3774 Sus-sex Pistols + Marones The Thames , London 08.06.2002 9,75 special afternoon event to celebrate 25 years since the original Pistols trip and we are using the same boat too .100+ hardcore Pistols who really did have a fantastic day . Went passed the Houses Of Parliament and had a police boat come up alongside the boat.May have been that huge yellow NMTB banner at the front of the boat .Thanks to Fred and the band who were great . 
3773 Ted Nugent Astoria , London 06.06.2002 9,75 His first UK show for over 15 years .1 hour 50 mins of pure classic rock .he still has that motor mouth that is so funny when he starts to rant .Great guitar , great vocals and we missed you so come back soon Ted . 
3772 Joe Cocker  Shepherds Bush Empire,London 05.06.2002 9,5 Fantastic 90 mins set from this great vocalist and his great band . The sound overall was just perfect . Excellent . 
3771 Glen Matlock And The Philistines + Imperial Vipers  100 Club , London 30.05.2002 9,5 London show of the tour in the same week Pistols God Save The Queen is re-released .Great to see this band in the club the Pistols made famous.70 mins set of solo , Rich Kids,Pistols and Small Faces material . 
3769 Kylie Minogue Wembley Arena , London 24.05.2002 9,5 4 sold out Wembley shows for Kylie .always has been a fantastic stage performer and this was the usual mix of costume changes and dancers .2 hour set with a huge production . 
3770 Sus-sex Pistols The Thames , London 29.05.2002 9,5 invite only boat trip for pr company .surprised how much the band have improved since I last saw them 65 mins set of Sex Pistols classics with loads of free drinks as well . 
3767 Moody Blues Royal Albert Hall , London 19.05.2002 no support . 2 sets of 65 mins each .second set had all the best songs including Nights In White Satin 
3768 Neil Young Brixton Academy , London 21.05.2002 9,25 sadly missed support BMRC. Neil Young did a long set lasting 2 hours 15 mins of cool guitar and great vocals with a nice mix of old and new . 
3765 Sex Pistols Press Conference  Cobden Club , London 16.05.2002 10 John Lydon on his own to confirm details to the press of The Sex Pistols C.Palace event on 27 July 2002 .John gives as good as he gets over 3 sessions lasting over 2 hours . Superb . 
3766 Blue Oyster Cult + Carl Palmer Band  Astoria , London 17.05.2002 Carl Palmer did some drumming that was pretty boring .BOC did a 1 hour 45 mins set but they have mellowed out a bit since the last visit . 
3762 Glen Matlock And The Philistines Marrs Bar , Worcester  10.05.2002 9,5 tonight was the only time they did not play Pretty Vacant but it was still a superb collection of songs . 
3763 Enrique Inglesis  Royal Albert Hall , London 14.05.2002 9,25 no support . Sold over 20m records .the girls and women of all ages tonight are screaming their heads off  
3764 Enrique Inglesis  Royal Albert Hall , London 15.05.2002 9,25 much better show than expected .90 mins set of Latin rock pop . 
3761 Lambchop + Vic Chestnut + St Thomas Royal Albert Hall , London 07.05.2002 8,5 St Thomas did a funny set full of pop humour from Norway .Vic Chestnut did a set from his wheelchair .Lambchop won album of year 2000 in Uncut mag by playing low fi country music with some great vocals . 
3759 Glen Matlock And The Philistines Bar Cuba , Macclesfield  03.05.2002 9,25 not the best atmosphere tonight in the venue but the band still did a really good full set . 
3760 Glen Matlock And The Philistines Cavern , Liverpool  05.05.2002 9,75 another really great city and venue . spent the afternoon in Cavern watching Beatles tribute acts . Glen and the band really seemed to enjoy it tonight . 
3758 Glen Matlock And The Philistines Trillions , Newcastle  02.05.2002 9,5 the venue was a proper rock venue with a nice loud jukebox .a lot of driving but its all been well worth it . 
3757 Glen Matlock And The Philistines Springhead Pub , Hull  01.05.2002 9,75 this was the best show so far on tour .They played a couple of extra songs tonight as there was a really good vibe.glens last album Open Mind just gets better and better . 
3756 Glen Matlock And The Philistines Fibbers , York 30.04.2002 9,5 a really nice little venue .same 60 mins set as yesterday .nice mix of solo ,Rich Kids n Pistols . 
3755 Glen Matlock And The Philistines Arts Centre , Norwich  29.04.2002 9,5 I will see 7 shows by Glen and his band over the next 10 days . 60 mins set that was very loud tonight . 
3754 Spandau Ballet + ABC + Belinda Carlisle + Go West +Howard Jones + Toyah + China Crisis  Wembley Arena , London 25.04.2002 9,5 really good 1980s tour package .all the bands did really good short greatest hits set with ABC and  
3753 Alarm + Spear Of Destiny + Mighty Wah Garage , London 24.04.2002 9,5 great three band 1980s tour package .Spear Of Destiny + Mighty Wah both did good 45 mins sets .The Alarm did a fantastic 60 mins set full of their biggest anthems . 
3751 Counterfeit Stones + Fabba Girls + Elvis Tribute Royal Albert Hall , London 19.04.2002 Fabba girls looked pretty and did a fun 40 mins set each night .C . Stones are always great live and they did a 75 mins set . 
3752 Teenage Fan Club with Jad Fair + Arab Strap  Barbican , London 22.04.2002 7,5 both bands did boring sets and the stuffy seated venue made it worse .TFC did not do their normal set .best moment of the evening was when a wag shouted out Is This A Joke? 
3750 Bootleg Beatles + Fabba Girls + Elvis Tribute Royal Albert Hall , London 18.04.2002 8,5 Elvis tribute was pretty average .Bootleg Beatles did an enjoyable 80 mins set of classic Beatles tunes . 
3749 Elvis Costello with band  Astoria , London 16.04.2002 8,5 this should have been a lot better .he did a 90 mins set that was good in parts but some was so boring . 
3748 David Cassidy Hammersmith Apollo , London 12.04.2002 8,5 after the success of pop idol on tv, here is one of the original 1970s pop idols back for his still loyal fans .He did 2 sets of an hour each .Today was Davids 52nd birthday and a huge cake was brought on stage .He still looks great and it was fun to hear some of those old tunes again . 
3747 Spencer Davis Group + Troggs + Yardbirds Royal Albert Hall , London 10.04.2002 8,5 Good 3 band line up from 1960s .Yardbirds did a good 40 mins set .Troggs were really good and Reg Presley has really good stage banter .Spencer Davis did a 50 mins set that included a few hits . 
3746 Atomic Kitten Hammersmith Apollo , London 08.04.2002 not really my cup of tea but my friend had a couple of guest tickets .3 or 4 ok tunes but they look great . 
3744 Liza Minnelli + Graham Norton Royal Albert Hall , London 04.04.2002 9,5 2 sets of an hour each . this time last year she was in a wheel chair but she is looking great . 
3745 Liza Minnelli + Graham Norton Royal Albert Hall , London 07.04.2002 9,5 this was a proper old skool event that was full of big names who turned up to see her inc Joan Collins , Tony Bennett,Pet Shop Boys , Jonathan Ross ,Cliff Richard , Vanessa Redgrave ,Andrew Lloyd Webber ,Frank Skinner . 
3741 Four Tops + Temptations Royal Albert Hall , London 28.03.2002 motown double bill special . Temptations had 1 original member .Four Tops had 2 original members .just a huge karoke night for middle aged white folk but enjoyable anyway . 
3742 Mis-Teeq + Cassius Henry Shepherds Bush Empire,London 30.03.2002 support did an ok set .Mis-teeq did a 55 mins with loads of quality British r n b vocals . 
3743 Liza Minnelli + Graham Norton  Royal Albert Hall , London 02.04.2002 9,5 opening night of 5 RAH shows by Liza .Graham did a 15 mins comedy set .Liza has a large loyal gay following . 
3740 Dead Men Walking feat Glen Matlock + Pete Wylie + Mike Peters + Kirk Brandon Zodiac Club , Oxford 27.03.2002 9,5 it would be cool for the next tour if they could write 1 or 2 songs as DMW . 
3739 Dead Men Walking feat Glen Matlock + Pete Wylie + Mike Peters + Kirk Brandon Camden Underworld , London 26.03.2002 9,5 so many great songs each night .it works out that they each sing 5 songs per night with the other 3 joining in on backing guitar and vocals. 
3738 Dead Men Walking feat Glen Matlock + Pete Wylie + Mike Peters + Kirk Brandon Central Station , Wrexham 23.03.2002 9,5 Where as the first DMW tour was acoustic they have a proper drummer for this tour which really moves all the songs up a gear or two . 
3735 Iron Maiden Brixton Academy , London 20.03.2002 9,75 each night Maiden did a fantastic show lasting nearly 2 hours . these were their only shows in 2002 . 
3736 Iron Maiden Brixton Academy , London 21.03.2002 9,75 this proved to the new rock crowd that old skool rock like Maiden still rocked .Got into the aftershow where all the band chatted and mingled with fans . 
3737 Dead Men Walking feat Glen Matlock + Pete Wylie + Mike Peters + Kirk Brandon Lomax , Liverpool 22.03.2002 9,75 Tonight in Pete Wylies home city it was his birthday so tonight was my fave show of the bunch .each night 2 sets of 40 mins+ 60 mins . 
3734 Iron Maiden Brixton Academy , London 19.03.2002 9,75 3 benefit shows for original drummer .these gigs were just like those classic Hammy Odeon shows of the 1980s . 
3732 Nickleback + Vega 4  Shepherds Bush Empire,London 16.03.2002 8,5 8pm show start. support were pretty boring .Nickleback did an 80 mins set .2 or 3 really good songs but all the rest were a bit blurry . 
3733 Mike Fab Gear + Trextasy  Cambridge Palace , London W1 17.03.2002 Trextasy sadly only did 5 songs. Mike Fab Gear did an enjoyable 90 mins of disco and rock covers . 
3731 Pop Idol with Gareth Gates , Will Young , Darius Dinesh and others Wembley Arena , London 16.03.2002 8,5 2pm show start.Won 2 tickets to this .All 10 finalists did 3 songs each .The stage was a copy of tv show set .Show lasted 2 sets of an hour each.Comeback king Darius was the best . 
3729 Bryan Adams Wembley Arena , London 10.03.2002 9,5 Fantastic 2 hour set of catchy pop rock songs . 
3730 Suzanne Vega Shepherds Bush Empire,London 13.03.2002 8,5 Nice 1 hour 45 mins set with some great story telling between songs . 
3728 Jamiroquai  Wembley Arena , London 03.03.2002 9,25 They did a 1 hour 45 mins set with a full blown mega production stageshow which was spread over 3 levels .Jay is still such a funky mover .A great sold out dance atmosphere . 
3726 Princess Superstar Fabric , London EC1  01.03.2002 white female rapper did a good 50 mins set inc great single Babysitter 
3727 Stranglers Shepherds Bush Empire,London 02.03.2002 no support .they did 2 sets .the first 30 mins was a pretty boring acoustic session before they got stuck into the classics we love . JJ still has that great big dirty bass sound. 
3723 Cyclefly + Cortizone Garage , London 21.02.2002 9,25 support did ok 40 mins set .Cyclefly did a great but short 50 mins set to promote their second album .Their first album is a rock classic . 
3724 Louise Catford Theatre , London 26.02.2002 8,5 first proper solo tour ( I think ) from this lovely female pop singer Only 2 costume changes in the 85 mins set.Simple catchy pop songs . 
3725 Glen Matlock + Topper Headon Studio Club , London W1  27.02.2002 9,25 Opening party night of this new club .Glen did a really good 10 song 40 mins acoustic set .Topper Headon who was Clash drummer in their best line up did his first show for years as drummer for 30 mins of blues instrumentals .Mick Jones( Clash) was here to see it . 
3722 BRIT AWARDS 2002 Sting + Dido + Ali G with Shaggy + Kylie Minogue + Strokes +The Gorillaz + Mis-Teeq + So Solid Crew + Jay K with Anatasia  Earls Court Arena , London 20.02.2002 9,75 we watched it from the front row .each act really pulled out the stops .we blagged the aftershow party which was really good and had a great time . 
3720 Jools Holland And His Orchestra with Mick Hucknall +Atomic Kitten + Eddie Jordan And Daman Hill Allstars +Ronnie Wood + Marc Almond + Edwin Starr  Royal Albert Hall , London 12.02.2002 9,25 A night of guitars and rock stars to launch the new Grand Prix season .2 sets of 70 mins and 90 mins set .each guest doing 1 or 2 songs each .really enjoyable evening . 
3721 Slipknot + One Minute Silence  Brighton Centre , Brighton  18.02.2002 9,25 could not get to the Docklands Arena show a couple of days before this one .support did an ok 40 mins set .Slipknot did an 80 mins set .This was a full on mega stageshow with fire columns, fireworks , bangs and a full tilting drum kit . Amazing .Shame that the music is so rubbish . 
3718 Andrew WK + Lost Prophets  Astoria , London 10.02.2002 9,25 support did a good 40 mins set .Andrew WK did a brilliant 50 mins set of uptempo catchy pop rock songs .Young , loud and snotty and great fun. 
3719 Charlatans + Cooper Temple Clause  Astoria , London 11.02.2002 support did a boring 30 mins set .Charlatans did a 70 mins set that had some good songs . 
3717 Paul Weller + Robert Plant Band + Gary Moore Band Royal Albert Hall , London 09.02.2002 9,25 Gary Moore band did a 25 mins set with some great lead guitar playing . Robert Plant Band did a 45 mins set .Robert sings and looks fantastic .Paul Weller did a good set with duets with Noel Gallagher + Roger Daltry +Kelly Jones and Carleen Anderson .Encore had Jimmy Page coming on with Paul Wellers Bang for a mega Dazed And Confused complete with violin solo but no Robert Plant . 
3716 Who Royal Albert Hall , London 08.02.2002 9,75 Tonight was even better as we were nearer the stage and we blagged the aftershow party as well . Superb . 
3714 Oasis + Richard Ashcroft Royal Albert Hall , London 06.02.2002 9,5 Richard Ashcroft did a 3 song acoustic set .Missed other support BRMC .1hour 40 mins set that was pretty much the same as Bush Empire a few months ago. Amazing to see them in this respected venue .Great atmosphere . 
3715 Who  Royal Albert Hall , London 07.02.2002 9,5 Both nights they did a mainly greatest hits set lasting 2 hours 15 mins .What a great rock n roll band they are . 
3713 Marti Pellow With Friends + Belinda Carlisle  Royal Albert Hall , London 05.02.2002 8,5 First of 5 shows at Royal Albert Hall for Teenage Cancer Trust Charity .support did a good 30 mins set .Marti still has his loyal female fans .Lots of duets tonight with Emma Bunton Sam Brown ,Dina Carroll , Lesley Garrett ,Betty Boo . Enjoyable show . 
3712 Travis + Starsailor + Ryan Adams  Astoria , London 04.02.2002 Ryan Adams did stop start 45 mins of mainly new songs . Starsailor did a good 45 mins set . Travis did a 65 mins set of greatest hits . 
3711 Echo And The Bunnymen Royal Festival Hall , London 03.02.2002 Loads of great songs but a totally crap lightshow ruined the gig for me . 
3710 Embrace + Witness Royal Albert Hall , London 01.02.2002 support band were pretty boring .Embrace did a set lasting nearly 2 hours for their student following .They have about 6 hit singles and other good tunes . 
3709 Brian Wilson Royal Festival Hall , London 30.01.2002 9,75 tonight I blagged the aftershow party which included Eric Clapton , Roger Daltry , Elvis Costello , Chris Difford and Glen Tilbrook from Squeeze ,Glen Matlock . 
3705 Dream Theatre  Hammersmith Apollo , London 26.01.2002 no support . 2 hours 30 mins set .got into second row for a great view .lots of 10 mins prog rock songs but they have a fantastic drummer and they do the music they want to play . 
3706 Brian Wilson Royal Festival Hall , London 27.01.2002 9,75 very rare shows from the main member of The Beach Boys .all 4 shows are all sold out . 
3707 Brian Wilson Royal Festival Hall , London 28.01.2002 9,75 after all Brian has been through no one expected these shows to be as superb as they were . 
3708 Brian Wilson Royal Festival Hall , London 29.01.2002 9,75 his backing band were fantastic .2 sets lasting 60 mins and 70 mins .so many great songs with the second set starting off with all of Pet Sounds album in track order . Stunning . 
3703 Dave Gilmour Band + Ghostland Royal Festival Hall , London 18.01.2002 9,25 "special guest each night to sing Comfortably Numb were Wed 16 = Robert Wyatt Thur 17 = Bob Geldof Fri 18 = Kate Bush 
3704 Alanis Morissette  Kings College,Strand,London 23.01.2002 9,5 invite only show for 400 fans .really good 75 mins set with a great band and a few classics from that classic first album .Arms waving as usual but shes a great performer . 
3702 Dave Gilmour Band + Ghostland Royal Festival Hall , London 17.01.2002 9,25 half the set was Pink Floyd classics .90 mins set was longer and better than the show at RFH 6 months ago . 
3699 Tom Robinson Rutlish School , London SW19 06.01.2002 fan club only show .Tom did 2 sets of 50 mins each with most of his best songs played and lots of great stories and rants as usual . 
3700 Glen Matlock (Acoustic Show) Cockpit Theatre , London NW9 12.01.2002 good but short 30 mins acoustic set .first play of a new song tonight . 
3701 Dave Gilmour Band + Ghostland Royal Festival Hall , London 16.01.2002 9,25 support band were pretty boring .first of 3 sell out shows .his backing band are superb .