News and Reviews: May 20, 2017

Friday 19 May 2017.
STEVE HACKETT live at The Palladium,London.
Steve plays the last night of his two month UK & European tour to promote his recent album 'The Night Siren'.
Steve was a guitarist with Genesis from 1971 to 1977.
I saw him play with Genesis at Hammersmith Odeon in 1976.
Steve Hackett released a few albums with Genesis and a lot more albums as a solo artist.
The tour is titled 'Genesis Revisted with Classic Hackett'.
Expect solo tracks in the first set and Genesis tracks from his stint in the band in the 1970s in the second set.
The Genesis set will feature the best tracks from the 'Wind & Wuthering' album to celebrate it's 40th anniversary.
Steve Hackett was the main songwriter on that album.
This was the last album that Steve Hackett played on before he departed Genesis.
This was the second Genesis album to feature Phil Collins on lead vocals after Peter Gabriel‘s departure.
That album came out at the height of punk rock.
I saw him at The Royal Albert Hall October 2013 which is now available on CD and DVD.
I have a perfect seat which is third row from stage in the stalls centre for this sold out show.
It is a 90% middle aged male crowd tonight who like their Prog rock.
A nice lengthy show that lasted around 2 hours 30 mins over two sets of 65 mins and 85 mins.
With his trademark haircut Steve Hackett looks much younger than his 67 years.
The sound on stage is perfect and Steve is playing some effortless sublime guitar.
The highlight of the first set is the full version of “Shadow of the Hierophant” from Steve’s first solo outing “Voyage Of The Acolyte” (1975) with Amanda Lehmann on vocals, admirably handling Sally Oldfield’s input on the original.
A top notch band who included Nick Beggs (ex 80s pop act Kajagoogoo) on bass who wore a kilt.
He is the most animated of the band and even sits cross legged banging away at pedals and stuff.
Many tracks ended with a great thunderous crescendo.
For the first set Steve Hackett was on vocals but for the second set Nad Sylvan performed vocals.
He looked like and had the stage mannerisms of Ronnie James Dio but did have echoes of Phil Collins type vocals.
Drummer Gary O'Toole was dressed in full suit and tie for the whole show and sang vocals on one track.
A very respectful crowd who absorbed what was going on in front of them rather than getting their phones out.
Steve has a polite and easygoing stage manner between songs.
It was a family affair as Steve was joined by his brother for one song and dedicated another to his wife
and mum who were sitting upstairs.
The show closed with the powerful instrumental 'Los Endos/ Slogans' medley which had everyone
rise to their feet for a standing ovation.
A very enjoyable show.
Full setlist played tonight...
FIRST SET (Hackett Old & New):
Every Day
El Niño
The Steppes
In the Skeleton Gallery
Behind the Smoke
Serpentine Song
Rise Again
Shadow of the Hierophant
SECOND SET (Genesis Revisited):
Eleventh Earl of Mar (Genesis song)
One for the Vine (Genesis song)
Blood on the Rooftops (Genesis song)
...In That Quiet Earth (Genesis song)
Afterglow (Genesis song)
Dance on a Volcano (Genesis song)
Inside and Out (Genesis song)
Firth of Fifth (Genesis song)
The Musical Box (Genesis song)
Los Endos / Slogans (medley)
10.45pm to 11.30pm...Aftershow party...
Sanctum Soho Hotel,20 Warwick Street,London W1.
This venue was just a few mins walk from The Palladium.
Around 70 or 80 guests in the basement bar...
It was a family affair as Steve was here with his wife,mum and brother.
All the band members were here.

Friday 19 May 2017.
CHRIS CORNELL seemingly had it all with a successful career and worldwide success.
Rock star Chris Cornell cause of death confirmed.... he hanged himself in his hotel room after a show...
It is being treated it as a suspected suicide.
He leaves a wife and three children...two with his current wife and one with his ex wife.
Soooo sad.

Friday 19 May 2017.
Happy Birthday to guitar legend Pete Townshend who is 72 today.

Thursday 18 May 2017...I went to two events today...
5.45pm to 7.15pm
MARKS & SPENCER - AW17 PRESS DAY - Conduit Street,London W1.
Famous brand showcase ranges for their Autumn/Winter 2017 collection.
Upstairs is female clothing,kids clothing,home furnishings but oddly no male clothing.
I am mainly here to see their MODERN HERITAGE female collection which is a fantastic
set of 1940s / 1950s inspired dresses,tops,shoes etc which is very fashionable these days.
On the ground floor was a bar area with complimentary M & S Prosecco, Gin Cocktails,
Coffees,Juices,different cheeses and donuts.
All guests got a goodie bag with half a dozen female cosmetic items.
www.marksandspencer.comVisit their website here for more info.
THE BEACH BOYS live at The Royal Albert Hall,London.
The Beach Boys play the first of two shows at The Royal Albert Hall.
I have seen them several times over the last 20 years but before that they rarely visited the UK.
In Sept 2003 i saw them in Phoenix,Arizona which was a couple of days after The Sex Pistols gig
i saw in Tempe,Arizona....I saw half a dozen Sex Pistols shows on their American Tour.
Hard to believe it is nearly five years since i saw The Beach Boys mega re-union shows with Brian Wilson
at The Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arena in Sept 2012.
For this concert tonight the line-up will be led by Mike Love and Bruce Johnston, with Jeffrey Foskett,
Brian Eichenburger, Tim Bonhomme, John Cowsill and Scott Totten.
These are the first shows on a massive 100 date tour of Europe and North America.
Like the day before it is pouring with rain all day in London so what do i do?
Go and see a band who sing about California and surfing at the beach.
THE BEACH BOYS play a mammoth set of 2 hours 40 mins over two sets of 80 mins each.
It finished at 11.05pm which is way past bedtime for some of the older folks here.
An incredible 49 songs played during the evening.
Loads of classic Beach Boys hits played along with some cover versions and a couple of tracks
they said they have not played for many years.
Fourteen musicians on stage including six playing brass.
There is a big screen showing great videos and photos from their 1960s and 1970s heyday.
There was loads of fantastic five part harmonies on stage with their younger band member vocalists
taking over duties for the higher notes.
The second set had more of the big hits as the crowd got up and had a dance and a singalong.
Maybe it was not as stunning compared to a Brian Wilson show but it was a totally great show.
Do It Again
Surfin' Safari
Catch a Wave
Little Honda
Surfin' U.S.A.
Surfer Girl
Getcha Back
Please Let Me Wonder
Kiss Me, Baby
Dance, Dance, Dance
You Still Believe in Me
Here Today
Caroline, No (Brian Wilson song)
I'm Waiting for the Day
Aren't You Glad (First time since 1971)
Good to My Baby
Why Do Fools Fall in Love (Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers cover)
When I Grow Up (to Be a Man)
Cotton Fields (Lead Belly cover)
Don't Worry Baby
Little Deuce Coupe
Shut Down
I Get Around
California Dreamin' (The Mamas & the Papas cover)
Let Him Run Wild
Then I Kissed Her
Sloop John B ([traditional] cover)
Wouldn't It Be Nice
Their Hearts Were Full of Spring (The Four Freshmen cover)
Disney Girls
All I Wanna Do
I Can Hear Music (The Ronettes cover)
The Warmth of the Sun
God Only Knows
Pisces Brothers (Mike Love song)
Summer in Paradise
Lady Lynda (First time since 1993)
California Girls
Do You Wanna Dance? (Bobby Freeman cover)
Help Me, Rhonda
Rock and Roll Music (Chuck Berry cover)
Good Vibrations
Wild Honey (sung by the drummer)
Barbara Ann (The Regents cover) (with a dozen female fans on stage dancing)
Fun, Fun, Fun

Thursday 18 May 2017....shock news of another rocker who has sadly passed away.
Soundgarden and Audioslave singer CHRIS CORNELL has died, aged only 52.
The cause of death has yet to be determined.
Cornell was best known for fronting Seattle grunge band Soundgarden from 1984 to 1997
and again from 2010 to the present day. The band’s most successful album, 1994’s ‘Superunknown’,
charted at Number One in the US and sold nine million copies worldwide.
Cornell’s representative Brian Bumbery told the Associated Press that Cornell had passed away last night (May 17).
Bumbery said Cornell’s death was “sudden and unexpected”, and no cause has been offered yet.
Just hours earlier, Cornell had played a full, 20-song Soundgarden gig at the city’s Fox Theatre venue.
I saw him play several times with Soundgarden,Audioslave and solo.
I saw him last year solo acoustic at The Royal Albert Hall...Jimmy Page was in the crowd...
That show on 03 May 2016 would be his last ever show in the UK.
I saw Soundgarden play the opening night party at Shepherds Bush Empire in 1994 when it became a gig venue.
Chris Cornell also did a James Bond film soundtrack song...'You Know My Name'...
The power-driven track helped launch a new era of James Bond, starting with the Daniel Craig-starring
2006 film...Casino Royale...

Wednesday 17 May 2017.
ADAM ANT + GLAM SHANKS live at The Royal Albert Hall,London.
Adam Ant is playing a month long UK tour titled.....Anthems: The Singles Tour...
I have seen Adam Ant around a dozen times since 1979 when he was a support act to The Lurkers.
After his decade off i one of his comeback gigs at The 100 Club.
Before that in 1978 i saw him in the film 'Jubilee' when it came out.
He was very popular in the 1980s.
Pretty amazing how many gigs Adam is playing every year these days as from 1997 for around
a decade he went totally off the radar and stopped playing live when he suffered depression & mental illness.
Adam has had over a dozen Top 40 hits in his career...including three number ones...
Bleeding typical that some friends flew out today to the sunshine of The South of France for
The Cannes Film Festival as it pissed down with rain in London...ALL DAY LONG...
GLAM SHANKS arrived on stage at 7.30pm and played for 40 mins.
From California they are fronted by three females...and a male drummer who dresses like a female.
They are dressed in 1970s style sparkly glam outfits.
They have a shouty singer and they play some decent glam pop tunes including 'Roxy Roller' and 'Bad Bitch'.
Lots of Adam Ant fans around the venue are dressed up like him.
ADAM ANT arrives on stage at 8.45pm and plays for 1 hour 50 mins.
It is floor standing so his loyal fans are pushing up against the front of the stage.
Adam is wearing a cowboy hat and black leathers and looks great for his 62 years of age.
He had two drummers on a raised platform behind him just like the old days.
A dream setlist combining Adam & The Ants and his solo career focusing on The Singles,
both the A-Sides and the B-Sides from his first single onwards.
Adam barely keeps still as he does his little dance moves and slaps his thighs.
The big hit singles get everyone up dancing and singing along.
A great show.
Full setlist played tonight.
Beat My Guest (Adam and The Ants song)
Vive Le Rock
Dog Eat Dog (Adam and The Ants song)
Apollo 9
Friend or Foe
Antmusic (Adam and The Ants song)
Room at the Top
Desperate But Not Serious
Cartrouble (Adam and The Ants song)
Zerox (Adam and The Ants song)
Young Parisians (Adam and The Ants song)
Prince Charming (Adam and The Ants song)
Gotta Be a Sin
Puss 'n Boots
Can't Set Rules About Love
Kings of the Wild Frontier (Adam and The Ants song)
Greta X
B-Side Baby (Adam and The Ants song)
Goody Two Shoes
Stand and Deliver (Adam and The Ants song)
Lady/Fall In (Adam and The Ants song)
Red Scab
Physical (You're So) (Adam and The Ants song)

Wednesday 17 May stores now...
Spirit of 76: London Punk Eyewitness, a revelatory collection of photography and fly-on-the-
wall reportage showcasing the punk movement from its most raucous beginnings.
Author of the book is John Ingham.
He was the first journalist to interview The Sex Pistols.
Johns feature appeared in the April 24th 1976 issue of Sounds.

Tuesday 16 May 2017.
DAVID GILMOUR was supported by his wife Polly Samson and kids Charlie and Sara Gilmour as they donned a pair of headphones, receiving a personal tour around the exhibition of Pink Floyd memorabilia at the V&A.
A small group of friends were there with him but the only other musician was his bass player Guy Pratt.

Tuesday 16 May 2917...I went to two events tonight...
6pm to 7.45pm
BLOOMSBURY AUCTIONS - Fine Photographs and Photobooks - private view -
16/17 Pall Mall, St James's,London SW1.
One of those gallery privare views that was much better than expected.
A great collection of iconic photos from the last 100 years on display.
My faves included Frank Sinatra,Marilyn Monroe,Madonna,Kate Moss,Raquel Walsh,
Brigette Barbot,David Frost,Mick and Bianca Jagger in 1976.
Complimentary Chassenay D'Arce champers,wines,beers and some very nice canapés
www.bloomsburyauctions.comVisit their website here for more info.
8pm to 9.15pm
CHESTERTONS 'Polo in the Park' - launch party - Mandarin Oriental Hotel,Knightsbridge,London SW1.
Always nice to be at this luxury five star hotel.
Many big name music acts have stayed here including KISS and Bon Jovi.
Some of the male and female polo players are here in their polo playing gear.
Polo in the Park is the only polo event that is held in Central London.
This year it is held on June 9,10,11 at Hurlingham Park in Fulham.
I have been a couple of times to it and it is a very nice day out.
Complimentary Lanson champers,gin cocktails,wines,beers and nice canapés for all guests.
www.polointheparklondon.comVisit their website here for more info and to buy tickets.

Tuesday 16 May 2017.
Rock singer Ronnie James Dio sadly died seven years ago today on 16 May 2010.
Ronnie James Dio, was an American singer, songwriter, and musician.
He fronted and/or founded numerous groups including Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio, and Heaven & Hell.
I saw him live many times with all of the above bands.

Monday 15 May 2017...6.15pm to 9.45pm...
PJs Bar & Grill - party to celebrate the start of 2017 Polo Season -
PJs Bar & Grill, 52 Fulham Road,London SW3.
I come to this event every year and it is always a really good party.
Over 300 guests here over the two levels of this cool bar & restaurant.
Bill Wyman and Kenney Jones have turned up here in the past but not tonight.
Just after 8pm owner Brian Stein gave a speech and thanked everyone for coming.
This time of year is the start of 'The Season' where outdoor events start for the summer.
These include polo events,Chelsea Flower Show,Ascot,Henley and other events.
Going to The Polo is actually a very enjoyable social day out.
Venues like Cowdray Park in West Sussex is set in stunning English countryside 50 miles from London.
There is even one event in London called Polo In The Park at Hurlingham, Fulham on June 9,10,11.
Ham Polo Club is situated near Richmond Park.
Lots of very nice complimentary drinks and food including Taittinger champers,vodka cocktails,
gin cocktails,wines,beers and top notch food including lobster rolls,burgers,king prawns etc.
A great evening. the PJs website for more info.

Monday 15 May 2017.
Tottenham Hotspur F.C. played their last game at their White Hart Hart ground on Sunday after
118 years there from 1899 to 2017.
They will play at Wembley Stadium until their new ground has been built.
Spurs have always been my second club after Q.P.R. which was mainly due to their great 1970s team.
Around 40 ex players attended the farewell roll of honour celebration after the game including my
fave who is goalkeeper Pat Jennings.
No Jimmy Greaves, Steve Perryman, Jurgen Klinsmann, Paul Gascoigne, Gary Lineker, Jermaine Defoe,
or Gareth Bale. Real Madrid were playing but Bale was injured.
The fans chanting "There's only one Paul Gascoigne which was a nice touch".
It was raining so it was fitting that a Rainbow appeared over the ground as Spurs finished second in
The Premiership to Chelsea.
Type in google the following for a great 40 mins video of the celebrations...
LIVE! The Lane The Finale | Farewell Ceremony

Sunday 14 May 2017.
MARTY WILDE and The Wildcats live at The Theatre Royal,Windsor.
Now aged 78 , Marty Wilde along with Cliff Richard was one of the first UK rock n roll stars in the late 1950s.
On 05 May 2017 he was awarded an MBE from The Queen at Buckingham Palace.
Marty had 11 Top 40 hit singles in the late 1950s/early 1960s.
Singer Kim Wilde is one of his children.
His set will include his own hits and covers of rock n roll hits from his late 50s/early 60s era.
He had six Top 10 hits with four of them in 1959 alone...
He also wrote hits for other artists in the 1960s.
This would be the first time I have seen him perform a full show as the only time before was when he
performed a few songs as part of a package.
No surprise that it is a mainly older audience tonight.
I have a great seat just six rows from the stage.
Marty and his band are on stage for 1 hour 50 mins over two sets of 50 mins and 60 mins.
In the middle of each set Marty Wilde takes a 10 mins break and the band play on without him.
That means Marty Wilde himself is on for 1 hour 30 mins which is good for age 78.
He looks fantastic for his age i must say and looks dapper in his knee length suit and bootlace tie.
His backing band are not the original Wildcats but most of them have been with him for over 30 years.
Lots of friendly stage banter from Marty.
The first set included his hits 'Endless Sleep' and 'Bad Boy' along with covers from the likes of
cowboy film themes,a trio of Buddy Holly hits,Billy Fury ,a couple of Elvis Presley and others.
The second set included his hits 'Donna' and 'Teenager in Love' and a few songs by The Shadows,
Cliff Richard,Elvis Presley and others from that era.
During 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' he changed the lyrics to included rock n roll stars from his era
that have sadly passed away ending with Chuck Berry.
The encore was a cover of Chuck Berry's 'Roll Over Beethoven'.
A full standing ovation from the crowd for this original rock n roll pioneer who is still rockin'.
An enjoyable trip down memory lane.

Sunday 14 May 2017.
Paul Rodgers + Deborah Bonham live at The New Theatre,Oxford.
This gig was on my radar as his London gig clashes with KISS in Birmingham.
Decided it was a bit far in the end and decided to stay more local with Marty Wilde.
My mate Malc who was at the gig tells me that Robert Plant and Brian Johnson ex AC/DC singer
came on for the first song of the encore which was...
Money (That's What I Want) (Barrett Strong cover) the video on

Saturday 13 May 2017.
Like rock? Introducing a new magazine from radio station Planet Rock that is now in selected stores.
Issue One of Planet Rock Magazine features a mirrored and embossed collectors' cover, and
celebrates Motorhead via a gargantuan 17-page cover story which includes eye-witness accounts
and a new interview with legendary guitarist 'Fast' Eddie Clarke.
Elsewhere, you'll find an all-revealing interview with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, plus celebrate the 30th anniversary of Def Leppard's blockbusting album Hysteria as the band revisit an astonishing tale of tragedy and triumph. And there's loads more on Guns N' Roses, The Magpie Salute (aka the 'new' Black Crowes), Black Star Riders, UFO, Pink Floyd, Kiss, Blues Pills, Van Halen and Joanne Shaw Taylor, to name but a few, while a reviews section brings you all the music you need to know about right now. That means in-depth reviews of new albums by Roger Waters, Royal Blood, Inglorious, The Dead Daisies, Royal Thunder and more, plus live action from The Who, Joe Bonnamassa and Broken Witt Rebels.

Friday 12 May 2017.
KASABIAN have released six albums and FIVE of them have hit the number one spot.
Kasabian have scored their fifth straight number one record as they put an end to Ed Sheeran's
two-month reign at the UK album charts summit.
The Leicestershire band's sixth studio album 'For Crying Out Loud' collected 52,000 combined chart sales
in its opening week, some 5,000 ahead of Sheeran's Divide.
The new BLONDIE album 'Pollinator' entered the charts at number four.

Friday 12 May 2017.
Sad news of the death of a tv actor who i watched every week in the early 70s.
Beloved British actor Geoffrey Bayldon has died aged 93, after battling respiratory problems.
Bayldon was known for his role as Catweazle in the 1970s' children's TV show,
and later for the role as Crowman in Worzel Gummidge.

Thursday 11 May 2017...6.30pm to 9.15pm...
FORTNUM & MASON FOOD AND DRINK AWARDS 2017 at Fortnum & Mason,181 Piccadilly,London W1.
This was the fifth year of these awards and i have been to all five of them.
Fortnum & Mason is an upmarket department store with over 300 years of history.
Around 300 folks are in the restaurant area on the fourth floor.
Presenter Claudia Winkleman hosted the awards from 7.20pm to 7.45pm.
A few top chefs and celebs are here.
Hugh Bonneville who is best known for playing Robert Crawley in the ITV period drama series
Downton Abbey and has been nominated for BAFTA, Emmy and Golden Globe awards.
He gave out an award to tv chefs The Hairy Bikers who were both here.
Also here were Mary Berry,Antonio Carluccio,Stephen Webster,Dylan Jones.
Actor and cookbook writer Stanley Tucci ,Tom Parker-Bowles, Emma Freud and Ronni Ancona.
Tess Daly, and her husband Vernon Kay, Lisa Snowdon and her partner George Smart.
Food critics William Sitwell and Jay Rayner were also at the ceremony alongside Pierre Koffman,
Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley and Mark Hix.
Sir Bruce Forsyth's wife of 34 years Wilnelia was seen for the first time at a public event
since his recent health scare.
The Puerto Rican former beauty queen, now 59 ,showed off her timeless elegance and beauty.
Lots of complimentary food & drink including Fortnum's champers,whiskey cocktails,gin cocktails,
wines and lots of yummy food and desserts from Fortnum's kitchen.
All guests got a Fortnum's goodie bag with several items including chocs,loose tea,marmalade,tea towel etc.
Value of goodie bag items would be around £50 in Fortnum's.
Always a very nice event.
www.fortnumandmason.comVisit the Fortnum & Mason website here for a list of the winners.

Wednesday 10 May 2017.
Sid Vicious would have been 60 today.

Wednesday 10 May 2017...I went to two events today...
4pm to 5.30pm
F & F Autumn / Winter 2017 showcase - Carousel,71 Blandford Street,London W1.
F & F are the TESCO clothing brand found in their stores.
They are a sponsor of this site so i always turn up at their presentations and showcases.
They do actually have good clothing at great prices.
Over this building one floor had male clothing and another floor had female and kids clothing.
Some nice Jackets,shirts,trousers,shoes etc.for men
A pop-up bar area where there is complimentary Tesco Finest Prosecco,canapés and first time I have
tasted or seen Rainbow Bagels with salmon which were very tasty...also teas,coffees,soft drinks.
All guests got a £30 F & F / Tesco gift card for attending.
www.f-f.comVisit the F & F website here for more info.
6.15pm to 10.30pm
ANNA DE CODORNIU - launch party - Terrace on The Thames,Doubletree by Hilton Docklands Riverside,
265 Rotherhithe Street,London SE16.
ANNA, Barcelona's Gourmet Sparkling Wine of Choice arrives in London.
Guests are asked to 'wear something white' as Anna Cava comes in a white bottle.
At 6.15pm we arrive at Savoy Pier for a 20 mins boat ride down The Thames that left at 6.40pm.
Around 100 on the boat and it's a lovely sunny evening although a bit windy when we start moving.
Always great to see the many London iconic buildings that line The River.
The Anna Cava is flowing in white glasses.
At 7pm we arrive at at the hotel terrace bar that is by The River.
There were another 150 folks there who made their own way to the venue.
There are magicians,jugglers and a live sax player who joins in with the dj.
A Spanish theme tonight so it is complimentary Anna Cava,sangria,beers and plates of paella and
Spanish style canapés.
We stay outside until 9pm then head inside.
All guests got a goodie bag with a couple of bottles of Anna Cava.
Not the easiest of venues to casually come across.
The hotel's river ferry provides complimentary access to Canary Wharf as well as connecting Guests to water taxi fleets for a voyage on the Thames, straight into central London. The hotel is ideally located for the O2, Canary Wharf Business and Shopping Centre, Green Park and Oxford Street and only a 10-minute drive from Tower Bridge. Take the C10 bus outside the hotel to Canada Water Station for the Jubilee Line and London Overground, offering quick access to tourist attractions and shopping.
www.doubletree3.hilton.comVisit the hotel website for more info.
www.annadecodorniu.comVisit the Anna Cava website here.

Tuesday 09 May 2017...6.45pm to 9.30pm...
THE PINK FLOYD EXHIBITION 'Their Mortal Remains' -private view - The Victoria & Albert Museum,
South Kensington,London SW7.
Iconic and the V&A present The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains, the first international retrospective of one of the world's most pioneering and influential bands who are recognised as one of the top selling artists of all time. The exhibition is an unprecedented, innovative and multi-sensory journey through Pink Floyd's extraordinary worlds, chronicling the music, design and staging of the band, from their debut in the 1960's through to the present day. It has been produced with active involvement and collaboration from the three surviving band members, and includes artefacts such as instruments, music technology, original designs, architectural drawings, hand-written lyrics, graphics and artwork.
Some 350 exhibits will be on display.
The original mixing desk for the recording of 'Dark Side Of The Moon' is here.
Their is a replica desk here where you can make your own mix of their classic track 'Money'.
There is a concert experience room at the very end, where you can see and hear the briefly reunited
Pink Floyd’s one-off performance in Hyde Park of Comfortably Numb at Live8 in 2005 on four big screens.
I was at Hyde Park for their four song set and also the same four songs in Hyde Park for rehearsals the day before.
I went to the David Bowie exhibition opening launch party at The V & A in 2013.
Will be interesting to see if Pink Floyd sell more tickets as David Bowie had an incredible 312,000 visitors.
The exhibition opens to the public from Saturday 13 May 2017. the V & A Museum website here for more info and to buy tickets...£20 or £24 peak times...
A massive crowd here as must 700 or 800 guests here.
NICK MASON gave a speech as he was the main Floyd member involved with the exhibition.
David Gilmour personal security guy was here and he confirmed DG would not be coming.
QUEEN members BRIAN MAY and ROGER TAYLOR were here.
I got my photo with Brian May who is always soooo friendly and chatty.
Queen have a lot to answer for regards my gig addiction as seeing them supporting supporting
Mott The Hoople for a mega gig at Hammersmith Odeon in Dec 1973 as a fourteen year old
was my one of my earliest gigs and was the first of over 2000 shows seen by me at that venue alone
and over 6600 gigs since.
LED ZEP guitar legend JIMMY PAGE was one of the first to arrive and leave and he was in front of me
checking out the exhibition with great interest.
BILL CURBISHLEY (manager of The Who),GUY PRATT (David Gilmour Band bass player),
GRAHAM COXON (Blur guitarist),JOHNNY MARR (ex The Smiths guitarist),ANNEKA RICE,
NICK RHODES from Duran Duran and comedian RORY BREMNER.
JOHN GIDDINGS (leading booking agent and Isle of Wight Festival promoter) told me that despite
being agent to many legendary acts it was Pink Floyd who were his fave band.
Girl About Town JACKIE ST CLAIR got the photographers attention as seemed to be the only
person here tonight wearing a Pink Floyd t-shirt.
LEO GREEN (musician and curator of The London Blues Fest),
DUGGIE FIELDS ---After an American visit Fields went to live in Earls Court Square
and shared a flat with Syd Barrett, who had just left Pink Floyd.
Fields still lives in the same flat and he works in Barrett's former room.
SIR JOHN MADEJSKI, the business tycoon and chairman of Reading FC, who has sponsored the
new wing and garden area at this museum.
From 7.45pm i spent 45 mins visiting the dozen or so rooms of the exhibition.
You could easy spend 90 mins or two hours here when it's a bit quieter and will go again i hope.
Make sure you take the headphones as each room has music and interviews to be heard on them.
Amazingly one of the rooms has a punk rock corner with a few Sex Pistols items including a feature
about when John Lydon wore his 'I HATE PINK FLOYD' t-shirt in the early days of punk and they have
Sex Pistols 'Never Mind The Bollocks' album artwork and posters etc.
Of couse at the end is a massive range of merch to buy.
It is a great exhibition to rival the David Bowie and Rolling Stones recent exhibitions.
Complimentary Saint-Hilaire sparkling white wine and canapés for all guests.

Monday 08 May 2017.
THE QUO EXPERIENCE live at The Theatre Royal,Windsor.
The Quo Experience is a band with an impressively experienced line-up including Shaun Michaels (as Francis Rossi) and Dave Crawte (as Rick Parfitt), who have both featured in quality Quo tribute acts in the past. Shaun and Dave have spent years studying every detail of Rossi and Parfitt’s looks, playing styles and stage performances. their website here for more info including future gigs list.
We get to the venue and the amount of folks here is very low for whatever reason.
I reckon 100 folks here max at this cosy old all seated theatre that holds 633.
The band are on stage for around 1 hour 50 mins over two sets of 50 mins and 60 mins.
They have clearly been looking at Quo videos as they have Quo type white amplifiers and they
are all wearing white trainers and they have all their mannerisms.
The bass player may be bald but he has a headless bass and a stage stance just like Rhino.
Loads of the usual Quo classics are played....and a couple of the dodgier ones.
We get a nice surprise at the end of the main set as ex Status Quo drummer MATT LETLEY
joined the band for two great hits 'Whatever You Want' and 'Rockin' All Over The World'
He was the drummer with Status Quo from 2000 to 2012.
His final concert was on 19 December, at The O2 Arena as the final date of the band's 2012 winter tour.
An enjoyable show.

Sunday 07 May 2017.
Look at the amazing list of gigs i was going to 40 years ago this month.
It would be my 18th birthday on 27 May 1977.
On my 18th birthday The Sex Pistols released their classic single 'God Save The Queen'.
Elton John Rainbow Theatre, London 06.05.1977
Clash,Jam,Buzzcocks Rainbow Theatre, London 09.05.1977 all the seats at the front got smashed
Slade,Liar Rainbow Theatre, London 12.05.1977
Nils Lofgren,Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Hammersmith Odeon, London 15.05.1977
Clash,Buzzcocks,Slits St Albans City Hall 21.05.1977 superb 3 band punk package
Judas Priest,Magnum New Victoria Theatre, London 22.05.1977
Television,Blondie Hammersmith Odeon, London 28.05.1977 punk double bill from new york
Rush,Stray Hammersmith Odeon, London 04.06.1977 First UK tour by Rush
Ramones,Talking Heads,Saints Roundhouse. London 05.06.1977 fantastic triple band package
Ramones,Talking Heads,Saints Roundhouse. London 06.06.1977 met sid vicious at this show
Queen Earls Court Arena, London 07.06.1977 tried to get on Sex Pistols Boat Gig before we went here.

Thursday 04 May 2017....I went to two events tonight...
6.15pm to 7.45pm
BELSTAFF x VESTIAIRE COLLECTIVE - collection launch party - 135/137 New Bond Street,London W1.
Belstaff is a cool and iconic British brand known for its jackets and boots.
David Beckham opened this flagship store in 2013 on a Sunday evening when they closed off
New Bond Street for a motorbike parade and display.
The British luxury clothing brand Belstaff is partnering with the online fashion-resale platform Vestiaire Collective to sell ten vintage motorcycle jackets from the brand’s 1960s and ‘70s archive. Launching today, the collection pays tribute to the Scottish Six Days Trial — the world’s oldest motorcycle event, which inspired Belstaff’s signature hand-waxed Trialmaster jacket.
One of the jackets I looked at had a £1100 price tag.
Around 150 guests here with many wearing their Belstaff jackets.
Guests included Cheryl's ex-husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez Versini,Alistair Guy ,Henry Conway,
Paul Sculfor, Oliver Cheshire and Oliver Proudlock.
Dj sounds being played in the background...nice and buzzy atmosphere....
Complimentary Nyetimber English Sparkling Wine, Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktails,
beers and canapés for all guests.
All guests got a goodie bag on departure. the Belstaff website here for more info.
8pm to 10pm
FRANCESCA SEGAL - The Awkward Age - book launch party -
Boyd's Grill & Wine Bar,8 Northumberland Avenue,London WC2.
Around 100 folks here at this bar which has recently had a nice refurbishment.
Complimentary drinks included Passionfruit Martinis,Mojitos,Rum and Ginger, wines,
beers including Guinness and canapes.
All guests got a signed copy of the book to take home.
About the book...
In a Victorian terraced house, in north-west London, two families unite in imperfect harmony. After five years of widowhood, Julia is deeply, unexpectedly in love. If only her beloved daughter, Gwen, didn’t hate James so much. At the very least, she could be civil to his son, Nathan. Bringing together two households was never going to be easy, but Gwen’s struggle for independence, and the teenagers’ unexpected actions, will threaten Julia’s new happiness.

Wednesday 03 May 2017...I went to two events tonight...
6pm to 8pm
JACKIE COLLINS - estate auction private view - Bonhams,101 New Bond Street,London W1.
Jackie Collins OBE who died in Sept 2015 aged 77 was an English romance novelist. She moved to Los Angeles in the 1960s and spent most of her career there. She wrote 32 novels, all of which appeared on The New York Times bestsellers list. In total, her books have sold over 500 million copies and have been translated into 40 languages.Eight of her novels have been adapted for the screen, either as films or television miniseries. She was the younger sister of Dame Joan Collins.
Over 200 guests here at this auction house space including her sister Dame Joan Collins.
Also Christopher Biggins, Shakira Caine,Nancy Dell'Olio,Nicky Haslam,Melanie Sykes,
Michael Brandon,Glynis Barber,Katy Kass,Tara Newley,Jonathan Shalit,
Mark Francis Vandelli,Andrew Pierce,Eve Pollard and others.
On display are paintings,jewellery,watches etc from her Beverley Hills mansion.
The main auction will be held at Bonhams,Los Angeles on May 16 and 17.
Got a couple of Jackie Collins books in the goodie bag on departure.
Complimentary Pol Roger champers and canapés for all the guests here.
www.bonhams.comVisit the Bonhams website here for more info.
BLONDIE live at The Roundhouse ,London NW1...sold out...
Blondie play a special one-off show to launch their studio album 'Pollinator' which comes out 05 May.
It features collaborations with Johnny Marr and Charli XCX.
Blondie drummer Clem Burke has been saying Debbie Harry is feeling that this could be their last ever tour.
I have seen Blondie around 20 times since 1977 when they supported Television at Hammersmith Odeon.
I have also seen Deborah Harry solo a few times headlining Hammersmith Odeon ,Royal Festival Hall
and The Jazz Cafe when Blondie split up.
A pop-up shop in Camden Market will be selling official Blondie merchandise from April 29.
Blondie return in the summer to support Phil Collins in Hyde Park on Friday 30 June 2017.
I get to my balcony seat and look around the venue which is totally rammed.
Don't think i have ever seen this venue so packed.
BLONDIE arrive on stage at 8.50pm and play for around 85 mins.
There is a nice big screen showing some arty images.
Debbie Harry is still looking cool at age 71 and for the first four songs she is wearing an oversized
shirt that says "STOP FUCKING THE PLANET".
The new album tracks mix in well with loads of Blondie classics played tonight.
Drummer Clem Burke is visually great to watch as always.
A great show and hopefully they will be back in the UK later in the year for a full tour.
Full setlist played tonight...
One Way or Another
Hanging on the Telephone (The Nerves cover)
Call Me
My Monster
In the Flesh
Rapture / "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)" by the Beastie Boys)
Long Time
Heart of Glass
Too Much
10.20pm to 11.45pm
Aftershow party in the balcony bar.
A big crowd of over 100 guests i bar...
Did not see Debbie Harry or Chris Stein here as they probably stayed backstage.
Drummer Clem Burke and other band members were here.
Other folks here included John Giddings (Blondie booking agent) ,Alan Edwards (Blondie pr),
Steve English (security at The Roundhouse in the 1970s punk heyday ),
Patti Palladin, Brix Smith, Jeni Cook (wife of Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook),
Mark Jones ( Wall of Sound records),guitarist James Stevenson,Jen(singer with The Priscilla's).
Also here was fashionista Daniel Lismore who the previous night was at an event in London
and got Jo Wood to write the word "C***" on his arm and then got a photo taken with politician
Nigel Farage with his arm and fingers pointing at him...see the picture in Wednesdays Standard paper...