Archive: November 2002

November 11, 2002

A couple of months ago i did a 30 mins interview with BBC 2 TV about my experiences of being a Sex Pistols fan while the band were signed to EMI in 1976 .The transmission date has been confirmed as Wed 27 November 2002 at 9pm . Hopefully they have picked out the best couple of minutes footage for the programme called EMI and me . This is one of the 6 that deals with iconic British brands such as Marks And Spencers , The Sun , Ford cars etc which is currently showing each Wednesday .

November 15, 2002

Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros 15 November 2002 low key show at Acton Town Hall , London it was enough to make grown men cry . Joe and the band do a great 60 mins set and come back on for the encores with Clash guitarist Mick Jones and do 3 Clash anthems Bankrobber , White Riot and Londons Burning . As far as i know it is the first time they have played together for over 15 years . Superb.