Archive: January 2003

January 28, 2003

Rolling Stones extra show at Twickenham Rugby Stadium on 24 August 2003 . Tickets will go on sale Friday 31 Jan 2003 at 9am . Support act for both Twickenham shows will be Starsailor. The Rolling Stones who are currently on a major tour of North America are about to officially announce a huge UK and European tour for 2003 . Most likely London locations are Wembley Arena indoors , but maybe just the one show there and an outdoor show at Twickenham Rugby Stadium as Wembley Stadium is still being re developed . Like the American tour they plan a low key club show similar to previous shows at Brixton Academy and Shepherds Bush Empire. The most likely venue this time will NOT be any of the two small venues mentioned. check back here for the latest details. Rolling Stones London shows update 02 Dec 2002 = 23 August 2003 Twickenham Rugby Ground + 27 August 2003 Astoria + 29 August 2003 Wembley Arena + The Twickenham show will be a greatest hits set with the other 2 shows featuring lesser known material. Tickets go on sale Friday 06 Dec 2002 at 9am .

January 04, 2003

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL . Well 2002 was another great year for live music with Brian Wilson ( Royal Festival Hall ) Iron Maiden (Brixton Academy ) Sex Pistols (London and California ) The Who (London RAH and Los Angeles) , Foo Fighters (ULU and Wembley ) David Bowie ( Royal Festival Hall and Hammersmith Apollo ) Prince (all 3 Hammersmith Apollo shows) and Bruce Springsteen (Wembley Arena ) my highlights of the year . In 2002 i went to a staggering 172 gigs,concerts etc including a few music events such as BRIT Awards + KERRANG Awards + Q Awards + The MOBO Awards which were all really good . 2003 will see full European tours by The Rolling Stones , Bruce Springsteen , REM and others. Two shows that have certainly got everyone in London buzzing are just around the corner . Audioslave (feature members of Soundgarden and Rage Against The Machine )play The Astoria on 17 Jan 2003 and Zwan (feature Billy Corgan from The Smashing Pumpkins) play Shepherds Bush Empire on 12 Feb 2003 . Both bands have barely played a dozen shows each in America but still see a big London show as an important career move. Needless to say both sold out very quickly .

January 18, 2003

WATCH OUT THERE ARE FAKE TICKETS ABOUT . Last night for Audioslave at The Astoria there were about 100 fake/forged tickets sold outside. The sight of 2 teenagers crying their eyes out after paying 60 each for fakes has prompted me to say a few words on buying tickets from "strangers" It is bad enough paying 60 for a genuine ticket to see your fave band but to pay 60 for one that will not get you in is something else. If you present a forgery the door security will not feel sorry for you and let you in . They will take the ticket off you and escort you off the premises .How can you avoid buying forged tickets? The forged tickets usually only turn when there is massive demand for downstairs standing tickets. In London forgeries were at Astoria (David Bowie) Shepherds Bush Empire ( Oasis) and Brixton Academy ( Jamiroquai ) and Bruce Springsteen (Wembley) and others . Because of computers the forged tickets can be of high quality but the counterfoil security strip is not as prominent as a genuine ticket.This is the real difference. 1.Most fake tickets are sold before the doors are open to the public so what happens is fan buys ticket at 6pm gets in the queue to get near stage then doors open at 7pm the door security spot the fake and you are put outside in the street , by which time the person that has sold you the ticket is long gone . 2.If you have to buy a ticket before 7pm all you have to do is compare it closely with a fan in the queue with a genuine ticket . 3.If you are buying a ticket from a stranger when the doors are open just ask a door security guard to verify it is real .Someone who is selling a real ticket will not mind you doing this .I know how hard it is when you really want a ticket for a sold out event to just shell out the dosh but stick to the above and avoid being ripped off. You have been warned .