Archive: February 2003

February 22, 2003

See Aftershow section for BRIT AWARDS event and aftershow party review . Well at last the second half (years 1988 to 2003) of my concert and gig listing is now finished and will be loaded on to the site over the next couple of weeks . This will mean that the site will hold a staggering 80,000+ words on bands , venues ,dates and reviews to all 3800+ shows that i have been to over the last 30 years . The site is by no means finished as a few of the shows will get extended comments and reviews on them but all the bands , venues and dates will be up to date .

February 25, 2003

Baddiel And Skinner Show on ITV 26 FEB 2003. Yours truly is on the show for a couple of minutes talking about , going to the BRIT Awards and seeing The Sex Pistols in 1976. Programme starts at 10.30pm and is repeated on Saturday evening 01 March 2003. As the show used only 30 mins of the 60 mins that was recorded the mention of my sites name was sadly cut from the end result.

February 28, 2003

Robert Plant TV Show London 28 Feb 2003 . As mentioned on this site a couple of months ago Led Zep legend Robert Plant gave a very rare TV appearance for BBC Recovered Show to an invited audience of only 250 people .With the stop and starts of TV recording he was on stage for 45 mins .He played an Arthur Lee song 3 times and Tim Buckleys " Song To The Siren " 2 times before giving a great 15 minute interview where he told of his love of Arthur Lee And Love songs , his passion for Wolves FC and hoping this year is their year for promotion and stating that Steve Bull was his fave ever player . He said he loved karoke singing with Elvis Presley his fave artist to sing along to .He spoke fondly of his trip to play in the desert in Jan 2003 where he heard so many amazing Eastern sounds .He also confirmed their would be no Led Zep reunion but there would be a DVD out in the summer that would feature live tracks from Earls Court , London shows from 1975 .He said that of all the current groups Primal Scream were his favourites.It was great to see him up close no more than 5 yards away as he chatted between takes .This show will be on BBC3 in April and then repeated on BBC2 .