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August 10, 2010

06/07/08 Aug 2010.The Rebellion Festival at The Winter Gardens in Blackpool.Fri= Stiff Little Fingers + Rezillos + Cockney Rejects + Department S + Hazel O'Connor....Sat = New York Dolls + Slaughter And The Dogs + UK Subs + Penetration + TV Smith And The Valentines + 999 + Goldblade + Nick Cash...Sun = Godfathers + Bad Religion + Gallows + Dwarves + Slackers.......... Rebellion is the UKs number one punk related festival where around 6000 punks,skins,mods,rockers and others come together in a very unique and special atmosphere. All generations of punk rockers here from young kids to the old codgers like me who were there the first time around.Thursday was travel day up to Blackpool as it took six hours and Monday was travel day back with another six hours.But some things are worth it and this certainly was.Some 200 plus bands over six stages inside the massive Winter Gardens complex.Along with the seaside and cheap accom all nearby it was a brilliant few days.On the Friday i catch regulars Max Splodge and Arturo Lurker on a small stage who are both always good...Hazel O'Connor and band still have lashings of sax and versions of "Will You" and "Eighth Day" were were Department S who despite their orignal singer dying many years ago and only having one hit single are higher up the bill that Hazel.A bad move as half the crowd leave after Hazel and do not return.The band are pretty boring but hearing "Is Vic There?" again live was good...then The Rezillos.Amazing so many bands i saw in the old days are still playing gigs.Lots of great tunes here inc "Flying Saucer Attack","Top Of The Pops","Destination Venus" and "Somebodys Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight"...then headliners Stiff Little Fingers who play a storming 75 mins set.Steve Grantleys powerhouse drumming and riffs a plenty for gems inc "At The Edge","Silver Lining","Barbed Wire Love","Fly The Flag","Nobodys Hero","Tin Soldiers" and "Suspect Device".Encores were "Johnny Was" and the still stunning "Alternative Ulster".A great set...then to second stage for 60 mins of Cockney Rejects. Their singer moves around the stage like a boxer.Tracks played inc "The Power And The Glory","Im Not A Fool","War On The Terraces" and "The Greatest Cockney Rip Off".A decent set..............Saturday was another great day of quality bands.Watched Nick Cash from 999 in the acoustic room then planted myself in the main room which is the stunning Empress Ballroom...Goldblade did a lively set.Singer John Robb as always giving 100%.Tracks inc "Strictly Hardcore" and "Jukebox Generation".For the last couple of songs he got 20 female punks on stage for a dance...999 are always really good.They have played every year at this festival.Gems inc "Feeling Alright With The Crew","Emergency","Nasty Nasty","Homicide" and "I'm Alive"...then TV Smith And The Valentines.Lots of Adverts classics in the set inc "No Time To Be 21","Bombsite Boys","Gary Gilmores Eyes","Bored Teenagers" and "One Chord Wonders"...then Pentration.A lot of their songs were pretty average but "Dont Dictate" and "Nostalgia" were good...a huge crowd for UK Subs.Singer Charlie Harper is in his mid 60s now but is a legend to lots of these punk rockers. Set inc "C.I.D",a mega "Warhead","Stranglehold" and "Limo Life"...then a rare UK show by Slaughter And The Dogs so i make sure i am front row left for it and stay here for NY Dolls too.A great 60 mins set inc "Boston Babies","The Bitch","Hell In New York","Where All Have The Boot Boys Gone?" and "Cranked Up Really High". Sadly they did not play "You're A Bore"...then legends New York Dolls who play an 80 mins set.Like the recent Koko and Forum shows the sound is messy and too distorted.Also the three members of their backing band are off doing other stuff so we have stand ins inc ex Blondie guitarist Frank Infante but they seem a bit under rehearsed.Every song is a gem whether its from the their recent two studio albums or an oldie but its just we need to hear better versions of them.Great encore of "Personality Crisis"..........Sunday started again with catching bits of bands and some of John Robbs interviews with punk legends in one of the rooms. Today i nipped out for a couple of hours to see The Blackpool Air Show.A big crowd on the beach as old planes and new jets flew past as well as a wing walking duo display team and a full display by The Red Arrows.Very enjoyable.Back to the live bands on the main stage.Up first we see New Yorkers The Slackers who played a decent mix of ska and reggae...then Dwarves who are fast and furious and its pretty lively down the front. Speed punk i suppose you would call it...then The Gallows.Their fearsome live show does not seem to have translated into record sales but tonight The Gallows are blistering hot.Their two guitarists have the skinny good looks and short styled hair as if they could be in The Feeling but they rock like bastards.Its a full on 60 mins of pure crunching power.The biggest mosh circle of the weekend went to them.The security guards earned their money during their set.A cover OF "I Fought The Law" was good.The Gallows rocked...then to headliners Bad Religion who are on a 30th anniversary tour.They pull a huge crowd.I see the first five songs before i depart for The Godfathers.They seem a bit tame after The Gallows...for The Godfathers the room is half empty as most are at Bad Religion but that means i can get a front row view.This band i have seen loads of times before.They have lost the two watchable guitarists and have replaced them with one very static average guitarist so as a live unit not as good as the old days.Still lots of great songs though inc "I Want Everything","Cause I Said So","Cant Leave Her Alone","This Damn Nation" and the brilliant "Birth School Work Death".Encores of "I'm Unsatisfied" and their "Cold Turkey" cover.So another Rebellion Festival is over.What can i say but this really has the best community feel to it of any festival and the location is fantastic.The locals hardly bat an eyelid as they have seen plenty of oddly dressed stag and hen parties here.A really fantastic weekend. See for early bird tickets priced 80 for Aug 2011 which is 20 off the usual price .............. ......... 03 Aug 2010.Leon Russell live at The Jazz Cafe,Camden,London.A rare one off UK show in the middle of a huge American tour from this 68 year old southern rock boogie piano player.I used to go to this venue a lot in the 1990s but its gone off my radar a bit these days.No surprise its a sell out as it only holds 350.Leon was a massive artist in America in the 1970s but never really took off over here.Elton John has cited him as a major inspiration and is now acting as his fairy godmother as he wants Leons profile raised so Leon is now looked after by Elton Johns management,they have made an album together called "The Union" that is out next month and Leon will be supporting Elton on tour.He has a mane of grey hair under his cowboy hat.A great backing band.Opening the 85 mins set with "Delta Lady" which he wrote and Joe Cocker made a hit in 1969.His voice is like Bob Dylan with a Southern drawl and can be difficult to make out at times.Songs "Hummingbird" and "A Song For You" were good but the set ventured into pub rock as he played far too many crowd pleasing cover versions inc "Wild Horses","A Hard Rains A Gonna Fall","Georgia On My Mind" and an uptempo medley at the end inc "Jumping Jack Flash/Papa Was A Rolling Stone/"Great Balls Of Fire/"Roll Over Beethoven".So overall it was nice to see him for the first time but as a gig it was pretty average ............... 31 July/01 Aug 2010.Day 2 of The Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth had headliners Rammstein + Motley Crue + Placebo + Skunk Anansie + Apocalyptica + Papa Roach.Sun sees Day 3 of The Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth had headliners Iron Maiden + Pendulum + Iggy Pop And The Stooges + The Cult + Alice In Chains + Slayer. Had a great couple of days of quality rock and metal here with around 50,000 others.The good thing about Sonisphere is that the two main stages never overlap so one band finishes and then walk to the other stage and 5 or 10 mins later its another band.I see six bands each day. Papa Roach played around 45 mins.They went down well and finished with "Last Resort"...then Apocalyptica played a set with their rock n roll cellos that inc a couple of Metallica tracks.Fun for a while but it soon gets boring...Skunk Anansie are really good.Skin is full on 100% energy and great to hear tracks like "Charity" and "Weak".Lots of jumping in the crowd by Skin too...then Placebo who are all in white outfits and all their equipment is white as well.An opening of "Nancy Boy" is great as are "Battle Of The Sun","Every You Every Me","The Bitter End" and "Taste In Men"...Motley Crue have a nice stage set with them and Tommy Lees drum kit is huge.A 60 mins set full of great tracks.Vince Neils voice is a bit weak and squeaky at times.Mick Mars looks like death warmed up but can still play some mean riffs.Set inc "Dr Feelgood","Too Fast For Love","Live Wire","Same Old Situation","Wild Side","Shout At The Devil" and finally "Girls Girls Girls" was the cue for loads of girls to get their boobs out.Actually every band had a couple of girls getting them out...then Rammstein who play a 90 mins set.How did it happen?.We the British invented heavy metal and now we have a German band headlining a massive UK festival singing all in German apart a couple of English sentences in one song.And to rub it in they unroll a huge German flag at the start of their set.Of course Rammstein are no ordinary band.Grinding industrial metal along with one of the best fire,fire and more fire shows you will ever see.They set fire to a pretend stage invader.Three of them have facial contraptions that blast 20ft flames in the air. The crowd sing along and its a visually fantastic show......Day 3 at Sonisphere.I nip backstage for an hour before i see some bands. At festivals the main time backstage is in the afternoon.I see Rod Smallwood who is Iron Maidens manager as well as Steve Harris from Iron Maiden.I bump into Billy Duffy from The Cult who i have met loads of times.When he came to see The Sex Pistols in 2003 we had a swim together in the pool of The Hard Rock Hotel And Casino in Las Vegas.He tells me he was at immigration at 6am and is whacked.He tells me The Cult have four shows in four countries.Thurs was Portugal.Fri was Switz.Sat was Germany and then Sunday at Knebworth...then to the bands.Slayer pull a huge crowd even though they are on at 3pm.A 45 mins set with lots of moshing.The fans love these thrash legends...then Alice In Chains do a good 45 mins set.I saw them here on the second stage last year and tonight they are on the main stage...The Cult play a brilliant 45 mins set.Billy Duffys guitar riffs are perfection.Set inc "Lil Devil", "Sweet Soul Sister",totally mega versions of "Rain" and "She Sells Sanctuary".Also "Wild Flower" and "Love Removal Machine"...then dance rock act Pendulum.How would they go down tonight?.Its not their crowd and i did not see one Pendulum tshirt all day.No worries their 60 mins of relentless uptempo dance rock goes down a storm like its a massive rave party.They return to Wembley Arena on 03 Dec...then its the legend himself Iggy Pop And The Stooges play around 65 mins.Opening great with "Raw Power" and "Search And Destroy".He is a freak of science.Amazing to watch.He gets a dozen punters on stage for a dance then Iggy jumps into the pit.Other gems played inc "1970","Funhouse","I Wanna Be Your Dog" and "No Fun".A great set..then Iron Maiden who play a full two hour show.Its a big stage production and the band play tracks from their last three albums,some oldies and a couple of newies from upcoming album "The Final Frontier".Maiden in full flow are a real joy to watch.Bruce Dickenson running all over the shop and the three guitars and bassist playing at the very front of the stage.Set inc "The Wicker Man", "Wrathchild","Blood Brothers" was dedicated to Ronnie James Dio."Brave New World",and the last songs were all corkers "Fear Of The Dark","Iron Maiden" with Eddie coming out.Encores of "The Number Of The Beast","Hallowed Be Thy Name" and "Running Free".Maiden are always mega live. They will be announcing some indoor UK shows soon.Sonisphere 2010 was a blast................. 30 July 2010.Cirque Du Soleils production of Saltimbanco at Wembley Arena,London.Day number three of their five days here.This posh circus usually sells out 20 plus nights every Jan and Feb at The Royal Albert Hall but tonight is only three quarters full so perhaps the upmarket crowd did not fancy slumming it in Wembley. There were two sets of 60 mins each.Lots of bright costumes and a stage full of colour.Over 50 performers inc clowns,mime,ball jugglers,bicycle stunts,highwire,trapeze etc and a rocky band in the background.Lots of audience participation and a decent night out............. 29 July 2010.Went to three events today.First 4.15pm to 6.30pm i was at The Sanderson Hotel,Berners Street,London W1.About three months ago at their 10th anniversary party they gave a years membership to their gym and steam rooms in the goodie bag.Today was my third visit so only going once a month instead of once a week as planned.Its fab here as its a 5 star boutique hotel so the gym is fully equipped state of the art and a personal trainer is on hand.Did a couple of runs and had a stint in the steam room as usual and next week i take the plunge with the personal trainer who step things up a bit upper body wise.I feel great when i come out of the luxury changing rooms.Nice and quiet too as only hotel guests can use it........then 7pm to 9.30pm i was at the launch party for Concierge Magazine at Stringfellows, London.Londons leading in room hotel publication hosts a party to celebrate Peter Stringfellow on the cover with a full interview inside.Freebie champers,spirits,wine,beer are all flowing along with Chinese grub.There are 40 or 50 dancers chatting to guests and doing topless dances.Nice and relaxed as no pressure to buy a private dance until after 9.30pm when the free bar and party ends and it turns into a normal Stringfellows.At 8.30pm Peter Stringfellow gave a speech and then he said "as its Stringfellows 30th anniversary everyone can have a free lap dance worth 20 quid".I nabbed a blonde stunner and it was a lovely 3 mins.Nice surprise on the way out.We saw Motley Crue singer Vince Neil having dinner with friends upstairs.Like Lemmy he always visits Stringfellows when he is in town.Motley Crue play Sonisphere on Saturday. A great party.....then 10pm to 11pm was the party for The Earring Boutique at One Marylebone Road,London.Had a couple of freebie drinks here but we missed the good bits as it was on its last legs.We got goodie bags with earrings and girlie stuff.See ... 28 July 2010.Rod Stewart live at The 02 Arena,London.Rod nearly at the end of his huge three month tour of Europe And Russia.This was my third time seeing him on this tour as i saw him in May and June.Its a prompt 8pm on stage again for two sets of 65 mins and 60 mins.Its another full house.For folks my age Rod has been around as a top rocker all our lives.Its the same big bright set.Its a surprise that a couple of the cover versions in the set have changed and "I Dont Want To Talk About It" has replaced "Stay With Me".Penny Lancaster and friends are sitting a few rows in front of us with her own venue secuity guy.Rods voice is more taking it easy rather than full throttle and there are too many crowd pleasing cover versions along with some dodgy dad dancing but there are so many great singalong songs at a Rod show inc "Tonights The Night","You Wear It Well","This Old Heart Of Mine","Have I Told You Lately That I Love You","Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?", "First Cut Is The Deepest","You're In My Heart". When he kicked out the 20 or 30 footballs during "Hot Legs" an amazing thing happened.A couple who were at least 50 yards back both got one."Maggie May" was great as were encores of "Sailing" and "Baby Jane".Another very enjoyable show and hopefully the next time i see him on stage will be with The Faces.............. 27 July 2010.Madness + Plan B + Al Murray + Jason Manford + Rob Deering live at The Royal Festival Hall,London.An evening of music and comedy for the War Child charity.The first half started with 10 mins of Al Murray comedy which was very good as "The Pub Landlord" then Rob Deering mixed comedy with music then Plan B played a 7 song 35 mins set with his full band. Quite a reinvention as he was white boy rapper a couple of years ago and now he is a white boy soul singer in a 60s style suit and tie.His album "The Deflamation Of Strickland Banks" has got great reviews and great sales.Set inc "She Said","Stay Too Long","Praying","What You Gonna Do?" and his Paulo Nutini cover "Coming Up Easy".A good set.The second half started with 15 mins of Al Murray then 15 mins of Jason Manford. Both were very funny.Then Madness who play a great 12 song set(2 recent album tracks and 10 classic hits) in their 45 mins on stage.This is a small gig for them as they are Wembley Arena/02 Arena level status.The crowd are up and dancing from the start to those brilliant lyrics. Set inc "One Step Beyond","Embarrassment","The Prince","My Girl","House Of Fun","Baggy Trousers","It Must Be Love","Madness","Night Boat To Cairo" and for encore they were joined by Plan B and Al Murray for "Our House".So many ska pop gems from Madness.A great night of comedy and music ............. 25 July 2010.Emerson Lake and Palmer + Down n Outz + Joe Bonamassa + Bachman And Turner + UFO live at Day 2 of The High Voltage Festival, Victoria Park,Hackney,London.This was the first High Voltage Classic Rock Festival and even though its 75 a ticket per day there must be 20,000 punters here.Even at age 51 i can be hardcore.For UFO i find myself front row left of stage and decide to stay in the same spot for 8 hours.No food,no drink,no toilet break,nothing. But i have a superb front row view for all the bands today.Always good to see UFO.They have guitar sound problems but finish great with "Rock Bottom" and "Doctor Doctor" up are Canadian rockers Bachman And Turner who i loved in the 1970s.I saw them twice at Hammersmith Odeon in 1975 when Thin Lizzy supported them when "The Boys Are Back In Town" came out as a single.Great lyrics and simple riffs.They are looking old and grey now and could be extras in that oldies film "Cocoon". They open with brilliant versions of "Roll On Down The Highway" and "Rock Is My Life And This Is My Song".Also good was "Not Fragile","Hey You","American Woman","Four Wheel Drive","Sledgehammer","Taking Care Of Business" and finally of course "You Aint Seen Nothing Yet".Really great to see them again as they have only played a couple of UK shows in the last 30 years.For me their 60 mins was the best set of the day....Joe Bonamassa played a really good 60 mins of blues rock.He is a stunning guitarist and looks cool in slicked back hair and shades.His band were great as well....Down n Outz feature Def Leppards Joe Elliot and members of the Quireboys playing their fave Mott The Hoople related tracks.First we get a neat 10 minute version of Elton Johns "Love Lies Bleeding".Then its tracks from the "My Re Generation" album inc "Overnight Angels","Shouting And Pointing","One Of The Boys","England Rocks" and "Rock n Roll Queen" then Ian Hunter joins them for "Once Bitten Twice Shy" and "Who Do You Love?".They are about to launch into "All The Young Dudes" when the stage manager says "no your 80 mins is up".Ian Hunter is furious and runs to side of side with his guitar above his head and is about to smash it over the stage manager when roadies and security intervene.A school boy error really as all stage times were prompt today and they were a support band and not the headline act so its their own fault for not keeping an eye on the clock....then its Emerson Lake And Palmer playing their first shows in 12 years.They were one of the biggest live acts in the world in the early 1970s.I saw them live once at their comeback show at The Royal Albert Hall in 1992 as they had gone off the radar in the mid 70s when punk rock kicked overblown prog bands like ELP and Yes out the door.Somehow prog(even the word makes me heave)has made a bit of a comeback the last couple of years with its own magazine and big bands like Muse dipping their toes in.Lots of people from America,Japan and Europe have made the trip.The 90 mins set starts ok with "Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends" then there is loads of muso tosh from mainly Keith Emerson and his banks of keyboards.They play "Lucky Man" and "Pictures At An Exhibition" has a couple of cannons firing at the end.The encore is the best as its "Fanfare For The Common Man" which has a drum solo from Carl Palmer and his revolving kit and the bashing of two big gongs and Keith Emerson stabs his keyboard before pushing it to the floor which is stuff they did in the old days and some fireworks.The ELP hardcore loved it.A great day of live music.Hopefully it will be back in 2011 ..... 24 July 2010.Fucked Up + Silver Machine + Peter Hook plays Joy Divisions "Unknown Pleasures" at The 1234 Festival in Shoreditch Park,East London.Around 8000 indie kids here at this hip festival thats held within a huge council housing area.The good thing about smaller festivals is you can get nearer the stage so i am front row for Peter Hook and later on The Silver Machine.This is only the second show for Peter Hook and band after their debut in Manchester a month ago playing Joy Division classics.They play a stunning 50 mins set of Joy Divisions debut album that is now 30 years old but still powerful and emotional.Hooky gives it 100% and the band are great.Tracks inc "Candidate" and "New Dawn Fades" are mega and its even better later for "Shes Lost Control","Shadowplay" and finally a non album bonus track of "Love Will Tear Us Apart".A truly fantastic set.Nip backstage for an hour.All the bands are floating about.Others here inc Pam Hogg and the singer from The Cribs....The Silver Machine are a one off band feat Glen Matlock,Bobby Gillespie,Zak Starkey and a couple of other Primal Screams playing a 50 mins set of their fave garage rock n roll numbers from the likes of The Creation,MC5,Flaming Groovies,Troggs etc.Bobbys distinctive vocals along with great bass playing and backing vocals from Glen and some great rock n roll guitar riffs meant it went down really well with the crowd.The 11 song set was "How Does It Feel?", "Are You Gonna Be There?","Teenage Head","Psychotic Reaction","I Wish You Would", "I Want You","Fire Of Love","Making Time","I Can Only Give You Everything","Sister Ann","Action Woman" up were headliners Fucked Up who have a big fat bald headed singer who looks like one of those American wrestlers.They play a lively 50 mins set.The singer spends half the time in the photo pit close up to the fans.So overall a very good live music event............ 23 July 2010.12.45pm to 11pm i spent all day at the last day of Salon Prive in Hurlingham Club,Fulham,London SW6.Back again for the third day on the trot as i love it here.Its like being in the West Sussex countryside.Had lobster lunch and strawberries and cream again.All the cars here old and new are mega.There are around 20 Jaguars from all eras.Today is judging day with a dozen winners.One was Rowan Atkinsons McLaren F1 from the mid 90s that is worth a fortune.Sadly he was not here to pick up the award.We stayed for the evening and had a nice three course meal with champers and wines.A lovely full day here and again no rain........... 22 July 2010.Went to two good events today. First 1.45pm to 6.15pm i was back at Salon Prive at The Hurlingham Club,Fulham,London SW6.There was rain in the morning but thankfully it stays nice and dry here all afternoon in this bit of countryside in the city with its fountains and landscaped gardens.Most have paid 150 to attend today.Its ladies day so lots of the woman in nice summer outfits.I got stuck into the same free food and booze as yesterday.The current Miss Great Britain was here wearing her sash and crown.Also here was Jodie Kidd.Checked out the classic bikes area which i missed yesterday.Also here was which is a superbike under Barry Sheenes name.Suzuki 1400cc turbo limited edition of only 52 bikes costing 107,000 each.Number 7 was Barrys racing number of course.....then off to see Earth Wind And Fire + Brand New Heavies play The 02 Arena,London.The whole of level four is closed as unsold so only 7,000 here which is less than half full.Up first we have old school UK funk outfit Brand New Heavies who play a decent set that goes down well with the crowd.They headline Indigo on Fri 03 Dec 2010....then to EWF who were a massive act in the 1970s.I saw them first way back in 1975.There is 12 of them on stage but no screens.Its a set lasting 1 hour 40 mins. Starts off great with "Boogie Wonderland" then the next 45 mins is pretty average stuff.It gets much better in the second half of the show as they play big hits inc "After The Love Has Gone","Got To Get You Into My Life","Fantasy","September" and "Lets Groove".Philip Bailey still has a great high voice and is one of three original members who have been together for nearly 40 years.But my main man was the funky bass player.Hair and clothes like its 1978 and energy and razzle that made him very enjoyable to watch.A good gig. At the end of the show someone announces that you can meet the band after the show and get your photo taken with them.For free?? no of course not.A cool 100 ...... 21 July 2010.I went to two good events today. First 1pm to 8pm was the opening day of The 5th Salon Prive Super Car Event at The Hurlingham Club,Fulham,London SW6.Over 100 luxury cars and classic cars on display here outdoors inc a Bugatti Veyron on sale for an eye watering 1,451,000 Euros.Most have paid !75 to get in and you get free food and drink all day inc Lobster and Chicken Kebab lunch with strawberries and cream for dessert and later 4pm afternoon tea with sandwiches and scones.Lots of people here at this lovely members club where some of the oldies are are out playing croquet and bowls just a few yards from the cars.Car fans inc Chris Evans,Jay Kay and Nick Mason have turned up before here but only saw Garth Crooks the BBC football reporter although Nick Mason has got two cars on display.Lots of Pommery champers all afternoon.Got a nice freebie back massage and facial from The Elemis Spa Bus.See off to see Razorlight at Sandown Racecourse,Esher, Surrey.Over the last couple of years more and more bands are playing racecourse gigs as the venues try to get new punters in for the horse racing that was before the band.A nice outdoor summer atmosphere as a big crowd of 10,000 have stayed behind.Razorlight have been a bit quiet the last year after their drummer left. The crowd seem to know most of the songs and sing along.The 75 mins set inc "In The Morning","Stumble And Fall", "Golden Touch","America","Before I Fall To Pieces" and encores inc a Ramones cover and "Somewhere Else".A good set .. 20 July 2010.I went to two events today.First 11am to 1.30pm.Mercury Album Prize Shortlist Nominations at The Hospital Club, Covent Garden,London.Over 200 of the main journos,tv,radio and photographers here for the launch for this prestigious award.Coffee and juice reception then 11.30am presenter Lauren Laverne says the 12 shortlisted acts.Biffy Clyro, Corinne Bailey Rae,Dizzee Rascal,Foals,I Am Kloot,Kit Downes Trio,Laura Marling,Mumford And Sons,Paul Weller,The XX,Villagers,Wild Beasts. Then Corinne Bailey Rae sings a song then Villagers sing a song.Then upstairs for the media run and photos.First the two acts here already then Paul Weller,Dizzee Rascal,The XX,Wild Beasts and Foals all turn up.The winner is chosen on 7 Sept.....then later 6.30pm to 8pm was at the Haunch Of Venison Gallery,6 Burlington Gardens,Piccadilly,London for the preview of works by Polly Morgan(shes a taxidermist) and Joana Vasconcelos.A massive crowd of over 500 here in this huge gallery inc Pam Hogg and other arty fashion types.Free beers and wines for all.Open to the public from 21 July ..... 19 July 2010.Public Image Ltd live at The Shepherds Bush Empire,London.John Lydons first time back at this venue since that superb Sex Pistols reunion show 14 years ago in 1996 that is one of my top gigs of all time.Back playing the UK after some dates over here in Dec 2009. Sadly levels 2 and 3 upstairs are closed as unsold despite John doing loads of press last week.On stage for 2 hours 10 mins its the same songs as six months ago but some are in different order.His band are again superb and John is really getting stuck into the PIL tracks.Set started with "This Is Not A Love Song",also "Poptones",some neat wailing on "Four Enclosed Walls".Some of the songs in the middle were no doubt hard work for the casual fan but the band worked up a great sound."Death Disco" and "Religion" were both superb and encores of "Public Image","Rise" and "Open Up" were all brilliant.A great show ...... 18 July 2010.Grace Jones + Hot Chip live at Day 3 of The Lovebox Festival,Victoria Park, Hackney,London.Back here again even though i still felt whacked out from yesterday.Hot Chip play for 60 mins.I saw them live only 10 days ago.They are ideal for this dance crowd.They play "Over And Over".Grace Jones is 25 mins late so that makes it an hour between acts which is taking the piss.All that is quickly forgotten as Grace comes on and is totally fantastic.Now age 62 but she is still in towering heels and showing off her long sexy legs and her bum cheeks.Every song gets a different hat or face mask.You cannot take your eyes off her.I have seen her a couple of times in the past year and it was a two hour set but tonight its only 75 mins but its all killer stuff as that means lots of new album tracks were dropped.Set inc "Night Clubbing","My Jamaican Guy","Demolition Man", "Love You To Life","La Vie En Rose" and a stunning "Pull Up To The Bumper" where she sang in the photo pit and ticker tape covered the crowd."Love Is The Drug" was totally rockin with lasers bouncing off her hat.The last song was a brilliant "Slave To The Rhythm" where she put a hoop around her waist and sung the entire song and introduced the band while still hula hooping. This was an amazing live show 17 July 2010.Roxy Music + Mark Ronson And The Business Intl + Paloma Faith + Wild Beasts live at Day 2 of The Lovebox Festival,Victoria Park, Hackney,London.Decent weather here for this cool indie and dance festival that gets around 20,000 punters a day.Around ten stages here and lots of wacky little acts here.Over to the main stage for Wild Beasts who did a good 45 mins set.They are great musicians.I saw them last summer when their second album "Two Dancers" came out to loads of great up was Paloma Faith who has had a great last year with the success of her album "Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?".She looks amazing in a long green velvet dress and a fan type hat.She has a lovely warm on stage personality.The band are dressed smartly and her quirky pop soul is really good with a 45 mins set that inc the album title track and "New York" up was Mark Ronson And The Business Intl who i saw only nine days ago.Again its a nice big funky sound in the 65 mins set.Set inc new single "Bang Bang Bang","Oh My God" and "California" then some neat guests came on.Simon Le Bon and Nick Rhodes came on to sing Marks new album title track "Record Collection" then the other two DD members came on for a stunning version of Duran Durans "Planet Earth" then "Valerie" with The Views singer doing the vocals.....then headliners Roxy Music first UK show for five years.Bryan Ferry looks super cool as always. A nice screen backdrop showing arty images. The first half of the 85 mins set started gently with tracks like "Re-Make Re-Model","More Than This" and "Ladytron" then it got really good for "In Every Dream Home A Heartache","Jealous Guy", "Virginia Plain","Love Is The Drug" and encores "Lets Stick Together" and "Do The Strand".A great set and overall all four bands i watched today made it a really good day.......... 16 July 2010.Ray Manzarek & Robby Krieger of The Doors together with the 50 piece Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra Perform the music of The Doors live at Shepherds Bush Empire,London.I must admit i love it when bands play with full orchestras on stage."How Will It Sound?" and "How Can We Pay All These People?" come to mind.Legends of The late 60s The Doors members are getting on these days as Ray is 71 and Robby is 64.They have sold over 75m albums. They play for nearly 2 hours over sets of 50 mins and 65 mins.Its stalls seating but the crowd soon stand up.The new singer does a decent job although hes no Jim Morrison or Ian Astbury but no doubt a lot cheaper than Ian.Setlist inc "Break On Through","Love Her Madly","Moonlight Drive","People Are Strange","Touch Me","Riders On The Storm","Roadhouse Blues" and the two best songs of the night were brilliant extended versions of "Light My Fire" and encore "L.A.Woman".The overall sound is pretty good considering the band and orchestra only had one rehearsal together on the afternoon of the show.To hear Doors classics with lashings of violins and brass was great.So a very good show and i managed to get a Robby Krieger guitar plectrum with his name on at the end.The dvd of the documentary "When Youre Strange" is in the shops 30 Aug 2010 .................. 15 July 2010.Penn And Teller live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.Their first UK shows for over 15 years for this veteran comedy and illusion duo who have called Las Vegas their home as they have annual stints there in one of the big hotels.This was show number two of five at this venue.On stage for nearly two hours over two sets of 60 mins and 55 mins.Its not the full Vegas production but there are two big screens and Penns microphones are hidden in his glasses. Penn is the big loud talkative one and Teller is his silent sidekick pulling facial expressions. Lots of comedy mixed in with the tricks.The duo are keen to confirm "its all just tricks" and slag off psychics and the like as just "tricksters and bullshit".They even show you how a couple of tricks are done.Lots of audience participation on stage worked really well.Stunts big and small inc levitation,a giant nail gun,a giant water tank,knife throwing,swallowing loads of pins,fire breathing etc.A really entertaining show from start to finish.A very nice touch at the end as straight after the show the duo were outside the venue signing and posing for photos with no sign of any security ................. 14 July 2010.Went to two good events tonight. First 7pm to 9.30pm was the launch party for "The Yacht" private members club,Temple Pier,Victoria Embankment,London WC2.Around 200 upmarket thirty somethings here with freebie gin cocktails and canopes for all.It looks like a normal Thames tourist boat but inside its 5 star luxury over three floors.Its a floating club/bar/eating place/meeting place but moored. Fantastic views all along the river.Simple idea really as no club will have this kind of view.Fees not cheap at 750 for the basic annual membership and it can go higher.Got some goodie bags with Laurent Perrier Champagne and quality leather luggage accessories from Thomas Lyte. Visit 10pm to 11pm was "The White Party" at Stringfellows-Angels,Wardour Street,London W1. Summer party for this lapdancing club.Around 60 girls all in white lingerie.Very nice.About 200 male guests.Freebie champers and canopes for all. The lapdances are not free so the girls chat to you and then try and get you to part with 20. There is plenty of topless stuff a few yards away so no real need to part with any money.Good fun for an hour until the free bar ended........ 13 July 2010.Macy Gray live at The Leicester Square Theatre,London.Grammy award winner whose career has gone off the radar a bit the past few years.We have a great view five rows from the stage in this 400 capacity venue that i saw The Sex Pistols play in Nov 1976 when it was the much tattier Notre Dame Hall.On stage for 1 hour 40 mins with a great funky band it was a mix of old and new along with a couple of cover versions.For the first three songs all the backing band play wearing giant comedy afro wigs. Macy is wearing a long shiny dress.She still has that distinctive raspy voice and along with her two backing singers give out plenty of fun on stage banter.She is promoting new album "The Sellout".Tracks played tonight inc "Ghetto Love","Finally Made Me Happy",a cover of Radioheads "Creep","Why Didnt You Call Me?",a cover of Rod Stewarts "Do Ya Think Im Sexy?","Oblivion" and of course a stunning version of her mega hit "I Try".Encores inc album title track "The Sellout" and recent single "Beauty In The World".The crowd were all dancing for the second half as the band got in a nice Prince type groove.An enjoyable show....... 09 July 2010.Bermondsey Joyriders(feat Gary Lammin ex Cock Sparrer and Rat Scabies ex Damned) + The Dual + The Resistants + Burlesque Dancers live at The 100 Club,London.The night starts well with a nice bit of burlesque dancing and we get a dancer between each of the acts which was a nice touch.The first band The Resistants are blokes my age playing their fave punk anthems so we get Johnny Thunders/NY Dolls/ Buzzcocks/Ramones/999 etc.Next up The Dual with a female singer who looks like early Siouxsie and gives 100% in her singing.I liked them.Then headliners Bermondsey Joyriders.For the last few months they have Rat Scabies on drums.A rare sighting as you dont see him that often these days.Gary Lammin is still in charge with his cockney punk rock blues bottleneck guitar.Tracks played inc "Running Riot" from late 70s Cock Sparrer.Also "Football" and "Who Are Ya?".A tribute song dedicated to Johnny Thunders and another one dedicated to Brian Jones with the chorus of "Hey there goes Brian Jones the real true leader of The Rolling Stones".A good gig. 08 July 2010.5.30pm to 11pm.Soho House Festival At Chiswick House And Gardens,Chiswick,London W4. Feat Mark Ronson And The Business Intl + Hot Chip + Friendly Fires + Feeling + Little Boots + Mumford And Sons.I went to this mini festival in 2008 but it was not on in 2009 as it was closed for 12m renovation work.Its not advertised to the general public as its for Soho House members and their guests.Most have paid 175 a ticket but that gets you free booze and food from over 20 quality vendors all day.Limited to a 2500 capacity sellout its how all outdoor festivals should be.Set in this lovely location too. The hosts and djs inc Ant And Dec,Reggie Yates, Richard Bacon and Jo Whiley.I miss Estelle and Paloma Faith but get there for Mumford and Sons. These lads with their folk rock harmonies are really flying these days.NME just made them best live band at Glastonbury 2010.Their set inc "Little Lion Man".Each band play a set lasting 20 to 50 mins of their best tracks. ....Next is Little Boots whose thunder has been stolen by Florence And The Machine as they were both were hotly tipped at the same time.In a gold dress for a good set inc "New In Town"....then The Feeling who headlined in 2008 when they were the flavour.They end being the band of the day.Every song is annoyingly catchy and they bring on guest vocalists.Set inc their hits "Fill My Little World","Never Be Lonely" and "Sewn" and Sophie Ellis Bextor comes on to sing her hit"Murder On The Dancefloor" and 80s nice geezer Paul Young comes on to sing his hits "Come Back And Stay" and "Every Time You Go Away".They went down a storm...then Friendly Fires whose set inc "Skeleton Boy" but they leave their South American dancers at home tonight....then Hot Chip who are the kind of band this yuppie crowd love.They play "Over And Over" and go down well.....Mark Ronson and his new band are odd choices as headliner but he has a great funky band.A 50 mins set inc covers of Radioheads "Just",Kaiser Chiefs "Oh My God",Phantom Planets "California" and Amy Winehouse "Valerie".Mark Ronson has connections with all these records....plenty of time to eat and drink between the acts so i came out pretty stuffed.Like i said before all festivals should be like this one.Excellent...... 07 July 2010.7.30pm to 1.45am.The Grand Prix Ball feat Eddie Jordan And The Robbers + Sugababes + Ben Montague live at The Hurlingham Club,Fulham,London SW6.Set in the stunning grounds of this private members club.There are around 20 classic racing cars outside and inside the room.About 500 people here at this black tie event.Most have paid 300 as its a charity event for Clic Sargent.There are a couple of celeb tables here but its hardly A list.None of the F1 drivers are here and the only F1 face i see is Eddie Jordan.Also here are Beverley Knight,Blake,Darius,Nancy Dell-Olio,Michelle Collins,Rick Parfitt Jr and also Nat Weller.(Nat is the son of Paul Weller).Ben Montague does a few songs in a David Gray sort of way.Then Sugababes do just three songs."Push The Button","The Club" and finally "About You Now" and then their backing tape cuts out.Very messy.Then Eddie Jordan And The Robbers.Eddie is on drums and its 45 mins of cover versions inc Killers,Coldplay,REM,Black Eyed Peas,Van Morrison,U2,Soft Cell.Then dj Seb Fontaine plays some good tunes.The live music was a bit tame but a nice crowd and an enjoyable night.......... 05 July 2010.Went to two good events tonight. First 6.30pm to 8.30pm was the preview evening for Mario Testinos "Kate Who?" at Phillips De Pury Gallery,9 Howick Place,Victoria,London SW1. A massive guest list of over 500 here in this huge gallery to see eighteen giant size photos of Kate Moss.Lots of freebie Laurent Perrier champers,Russian Standard Vodka Cocktails and tasty canopes served by waiters smartly dressed in tails.Supermodel Kate Moss is now age 36 and turned up looking stunning with her fella Jamie Hince and Mario Testino.After all these years she still refuses to do interviews with anyone.She lets the photos do the talking.A mad scrum as loads of photographers here.Lots of big name guests here inc Gwyneth Paltrow,Donatella Versace,Stella McCartney,Graham Norton,Nicky Haslam,Nick Rhodes,Manolo Blahnik(the top female shoe designer),Lulu Guinness,Tyrone Wood,Nancy Dell-Olio,Sir Philip Green(Topshop owner) and no doubt a few more.Excellent bash.On display until 15 July....then to see Them Crooked Vultures live at The Brixton Academy,London.Finally Raymondo gets around to seeing TCV for the first time.I thought their album was pretty average so was never in any real rush to see them.Its a long set of 1 hour 55 mins for a band with only one album out.Great to see John Paul Jones on stage and Dave Grohls relentless drumming is impressive and overall its a decent rock sound but the songs all sounded samey and not one really stood out as a classic.Still sounds a bit too like Queens Of The Stone Age for my liking. So a good show but nothing special............... 04 July 2010.9pm to 1am.Wimbledon Tennis Champions Dinner at The Intercontinental Hotel,Park Lane,London W1.This was held on the evening of the mens tennis final.About 400 seated for the three course black tie dinner and we are part of the 30 press folks standing.Nice freebie champers and canapes here for an hour.Singles winners Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal turn up late with lots of security.Others here inc Cliff Richard,Tim Henman,Annabel Croft,Evonne Goolagong-Cawley and a dozen other lesser known tennis champs past and present.During the dinner we stay in the background.Then at midnight John Inverdale from BBC TV gets all the champs to stand up one by one then interviews Serena and Rafael on the stage which is all covered in grass as the whole venue has a Wimbledon theme to it.Interviews over and a bit of a scramble for photos and autographs.Rafael is much more friendlier than Serena and i get a nice autograph from him for my tennis playing nephew.Had a couple of beers before we left.There was a fleet of 50 Hertz Wimbledon SUVs to take each of the diners home but sadly that did not include the press folks as they had special vouchers with their invites.A bit of a late finish for a Sunday but a nice bash .................. 03 July 2010.Went to two good events tonight. First was 7.30pm to 8.30pm.Noel Fielding and Michael Fielding art preview night at Maison Beataux,28 Greek Street,London W1.Freebie champers and pastries at this famous Soho cake shop.Under the title "Bryan Ferry v The Jelly Fox"Lots of great drawings and paintings from Noel and Mike here inc a section called "The Church Of Ferry" where there are nine Ferry items.An animated booth downstairs next to Michaels stuff.Noel is suitably casual in a dress,knee high boots and full facepaint.The party spills out into the street and the whole area is buzzing as its Gay Pride celebrations.Faces here at Noels bash inc comedian Vic Reeves and his wife.Also Pixie Geldolf.A couple of others expected but i had to shoot off to see The Prince Of Darkness.Its on until 05 Jan 2011..... Ozzy Osbourne live at The Roundhouse,London.This was show number three of The ITunes Festival at this venue which is on for all of July.All gigs are free for all via ticket lottery competitions.You get a good mix of older acts and new acts.Ozzy is on stage for 95 mins again.Its the same songs played but two have been moved from main set and added to encores so encores were "Mama I'm Coming Home","I Dont Want To Change The World","War Pigs" and the anthem Paranoid".There is a bigger production tonight as ITunes are filming it for tv so we have big screens and lasers.When its shown on tv it looks like the bands are playing Wembley Arena rather than this much smaller venue.You can also download tracks of the gig via the Ozzy show i saw two days ago this was another corker....... 02 July 2010.Noon to 8pm.Henley Royal Regatta,Oxfordshire.Day four of six days here. June/July is the summer party season for events inc Wimbledon,Ascot,Polo and Henley where its all very quaint olde English.All the girls have summer dresses on and its a beautiful sunny day. Its lovely down here.The river,the small boats,the countryside.You can see why George Harrison had a big house here for the last 30 years of his life.You can watch it at the edges for free and just bring a picnic which a lot of people do.However there is loads of hospitality tents here and more badges of different shapes and colours for guest access than your average rock festival.Noon to 2pm i was in the Avis tent for some freebie champers and lunch.Then into the seated grandstand to watch a couple of hours racing.Then to the Mahiki tent where they are showing the Murray-Nadal tennis and Holland-Brazil football.Very lively in here with the younger crowd.Henley was a really nice day out. Nice surprse to see Mick Ralphs here from Bad Company/Mott The Hoople.He was hobbling a bit. He told me "He Is Going To America Next Week But His Hip Is Really Playing Up" 01 July 2010.Ozzy Osbourne live at The Oxford Academy.Third of four small UK shows for this rock legend at the start of his world tour to promote the just released album "Scream".Last time i was at this venue it was called The Zodiac Club.They have made it bigger but it still only holds 1000 people.Ozzy on stage for 95 mins and it was a dream setlist.All his best solo hits with some Sabbath classics and just the one new track off the album which was the single "Let Me Hear You Scream".Chants of "Ozzy,Ozzy,Ozzy" start well before he comes on stage and all through the night from the crowd."Let Me See You Go Fucking Mental" says Ozzy.Its only a few mins into the show before Ozzys trademark of throwing buckets of water over the crowd and himself.He does it about a dozen times.So many classic songs and Ozzy is in top form.The guitar solo and drum solo was a bit long but that was to give him a breather.Full setlist was "Bark At The Moon","Let Me Hear You Scream","Mr Crowley","I Dont Know","Fairies Wear Boots","Suicide Solution","Road To Nowhere", "Shot In The Dark",guitar and drum solo,"Iron Man","I Dont Want To Change A Thing","War Pigs", "Crazy Train" and encores "Mama I'm Coming Home" and a mental "Paranoid".Ozzy was just superb. Also Ozzy has a column in The Sunday Times giving advice to people with drugs,booze and sex problems.Honest this is true . 30 June 2010.Went to two events tonight.First 7pm to 8.45pm was the launch of Elements Eight Spiced Rum at Hush,8 Lancashire Court,London W1.First time here at this venue for me which is hidden away off Brook Street.Four different spiced rum freebie cocktails were all very nice so got stuck into them.Stayed here a bit longer than expected so missed the first 30 mins of the gig.....Kings Of Leon live at Hyde Park,London.A massive sold out crowd of 60,000.Pretty amazing how popular KOL are in the UK.They sold more tickets than either Pearl Jam,Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney who all played here the past weekend.Their fourth album "Only By The Night" has sold over 6 million copies worldwide. I missed "Crawl" and "Mollys Chambers" as i saw last 75 mins of their 1 hour 45 mins set.I still hate these big outdoor standing up gigs.The big screens are in black and white.KOL still have a lot of average songs in their set.They played a cover of Pixies "Where Is My Mind".Big hits like "Sex On Fire" and "On Call" went down well.Encores inc "Use Somebody" and "Black Thumbnail".A good show but never really hit that great mark for me .. 29 June 2010.Melissa Etheridge live at Shepherds Bush Empire,London.Iconic gay activist rocker from America who is a grammy award winner and has sold over 25m albums worldwide.Half the crowd are indeed female couples.A long set of 2 hours 25 mins that was really gteat.A tight band with fantastic lyrics and clear vocals from Melissa that her loyal fans really lapped up. The songs from recent album "Fearless Love" were all excellent.The sound was kinda Bruce Springsteen meets Bryan Adams meets Sheryl Crow.Songs about relationships and her battle with breast cancer.The pace of the show was perfect and the warmness between artist and crowd really was a joy to see.A great gig. Set inc "Similiar Features","I Want To Come Over","Indiana","Fearless Love","Nervous", "Bring Me Some Water" and encore "Gently We Row". ......... 27 June 2010.Paul McCartney + Crosby,Stills and Nash plus others live at Hard Rock Calling, Hyde Park,London.Wow this was a great day.For outdoor shows rain is bad but too much sun can be just as bad as i get to venue at 2pm and its roasting hot.Backstage there is a general guest area then about ten tents doing hospitailty within that. The biggest and best is The Hard Rock Cafe tent which is done out like one of their branches with guitars and stuff all over the walls.Loads of great freebie food and booze all day in here. Everyone gets a tshirt with the bands listed. The Hard Rock Cafe and their staff really are the best for hospitality.We watch the England game while eating and drinking in the tent so miss Elvis Costello and Crowded House.Over 500 guests in the tent.I see George Martin,Chrissie Hynde,Phil Manzernera,Bill Wyman.Steven Van Zandt,Dave Robinson(Stiff Records) and Elvis Costello comes in after his set.At 6pm head out after the sun has cooled down.Crosby,Stills and Nash do an hour set.Very laid back and lots of harmonies.Nice to hear songs like "Our House".Then over to the second stage where Steven Van Zandt is introducing three of his bands from his Underground Garage New York Radio Show and Record Label.They each play three songs each.The Len Price 3(a mod type band),Cocktail Slippers(all girl band)and The Breakers(a power pop garage band).These three bands play full sets at the Garage tonight(Monday) then back to the main stage for Macca who plays a great 2 hours 45 mins show.Not as mega as that indoor gig at The 02 Arena before Christmas but still loads of great tunes inc "Jet","All My Loving","Let Me Roll It","The Long And Winding Road","Let Em In","My Love", "Blackbird","Eleanor Rigby",a mega "Band On The Run","Ob La Di,Ob La Da","Paperback Writer","Give Peace A Chance","Let It Be",a mega "Live And Let Die" with flames and fireworks,a mass singalong for "Hey Jude". Encores were "Day Tripper","Lady Madonna","Get Back","Yesterday","Helter Skelter","Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band".A great show. See aftershow page for this gig.................. 26 June 2010.Bon Jovi + Kid Rock live at The 02 Arena,London.Last of twelve Bon Jovi shows here and the fourth time i had seen them on this stint.Kid Rock was support for the last four shows.Nice to see a good support.Kid Rock is on for 55 mins and goes down great.A superb 10 piece band inc sax,percussion,dj and two backing singers.Tracks played inc "Rock n Roll Jesus",a cover of "Tumbling Dice","Cowboy" and his big hit "All Summer Long".The atmosphere tonight is amazing and this run of Bon Jovi shows just got better and better.They have played to 189,000 people in their stint here.Tennis legend John McEnroe is in front of me.They are on fire tonight with a 2 hours 50 mins set and a six song encore.Loads of singalong rock gems as usual.Again a few songs not played on the tour.They play "Blaze Of Glory" and JBJ says this is the 70th different song that has been played in this run here which is just amazing really.We get a cover of Bob Segers "Old Time Rock n Roll" where they are joined by Kid Rock.Encores were "Have A Nice Day","Wanted Dead Or Alive","These Days","Its Hard Letting You Go"(first time they have played it in 15 years), "I Love This Town" and of course "Living On A Prayer".An excellent show .... 25 June 2010.Pearl Jam live at Hard Rock Calling,Hyde Park,London.Got back late last night so still feeling a bit whacked from Madrid as my poor legs did a lot of walking.On my flight back from Madrid there were half a dozen Spaniards on the plane going to see Pearl Jam. You have to admire Pearl Jam.You dont hear much of them on the radio or see them on tv but their loyal fans have turned out in force tonight.A massive crowd of over 50,000 i reckon here.They never seem to play the same setlist twice.Singer Eddie Vedder comes on with a bottle of wine and wearing a Devo tshirt.Great musicians as they get stuck into their grunge rock groove.They dedicate a song to Joe Strummer.They dont choose an obvious Clash song but "Arms Aloft For Aberdeen" which is an album track from Joe Strummer And The Mescaleros "Streetcore".Others played inc "Even Flow" and "Better Man".For the encores Ben Harper played some neat bottleneck guitar on "Red Mosquito" and later they played "Alive".On stage for 2 hours 20 mins.It was a great set.See for full setlist ..