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June 15, 2013

13 June 2013.I went to two events tonight.
6.45pm to 8.15pm Cad & The Dandy - launch party
at Cad & The Dandy,First Floor, 13 Savile Row, London W1.
Complimentary cocktails and canapes here for this
tailors and shirtmaker with a fantastic name.
A nice touch was having a four piece string section playing tunes by the likes of Muse and Elbow.
At London tailors Cad and the Dandy, they dispel the myth that quality comes at a heavy price. They operate with the conviction that high end bespoke tailoring should be accessible to all. Their suits offer a modern British cut, are made using age old hand tailoring techniques and are delivered with a personal touch.
8.30pm to 9.30pm Après London showcase at 31 Duke Street,London W1.
Bar & cocktail lounge located north of Bond Street.A nicely laid out space with a stage at one end where there were a couple of up and coming bands playing.Really good that they make an effort with putting live bands on rather than just relying on a dj like most other venues.
We got some photos done in the fun photo booth with hats and wigs etc.
Complimentary prosecco,wines and canapes here.

12 June 2013.I went to three events tonight.
Dom Perignon and Stephen Webster party at The
Connaught Hotel,Carlos Place,London W1.
6.45pm to 8.45pm.
A five star event at a five star hotel.
The venue is dressed beautiful as forestry and flowers are all around as a dozen security guards keep an eye on the two very large pieces from rock n roll jeweller Stephen Webster's new 'Dark Jewel Collection' which are in the mouths of two stuffed birds in a giant cage.Stephen is a good mate of Mick Jones from The Clash and Mick often brings him down to watch QPR play.
Stephen Webster store is 100 yards away in Mount Street.
Some very nice canapes served here
We had complimentary top quality vintage champers here as Dom Perignon 2002 Vintage Rose was served which retails at over £100 a bottle.Not sure the waiters were all that happy when we kept telling them it was not chilled enough.
Guests here included Nancy Dell'Olio,Otis Ferry,
Eliza Doolittle,Donna Air and Natt Weller who is one of Paul Wellers sons.
Singer Jessie Ware sang three acoustic tracks from her Top 10 album 'Devotion'.That album was a nominee for the prestigious Mercury Prize.
A very nice event.
Johnnie Walker Blue Label Summer Party at Mr Foggs,15 Bruton Lane,London W1.
9pm to 10pm.
A very upmarket crowd here for this new bar that recently opened up in one of the hidden streets of Mayfair.
We had a couple of complimentary Johnnie Walker cocktails here.
We are in the fictional home of Mr. Phileas Fogg… which you can call “Mr. Fogg’s”.
A madcap home of one of fiction’s most eccentric adventurers, which overflows with artifacts and trinkets collected from his travels. Stuffed Indian tiger heads, whole crocodiles and umbrella stands made from elephants’ feet; portraits of Fogg’s ancestors; wall-mounted busts of the man’s favourite pets; annotated maps and pictures from his travels; birdcages, bicycles and one large penny-farthing swinging from the ceiling, alongside the very hot air balloon in which he travelled the world for 80 days.
The toilets also have the story of his travels over the pa system.They have done a good job here.
afterparty for the press night for the play 'Sweet Bird Of Youth' at The Savoy Hotel,The Strand,London WC2.
10.15pm to 12pm.
The play was on earlier at The Old Vic Theatre.
Sex And The City star Kim Cattrell stars in this revival of Tennessee Williams's 1959 play.
They must have high hopes for it as around 500 guests are at this luxury five star hotel for
complimentary Taittinger champers,wines and canapes.We have a four girl 1950s type vocal act singing a few songs in the background.
Kim Cattrell is here and Kevin Spacey who is the artistic director for The Old Vic gave a nice speech.
We departed at midnight even though it was a 1am finish here.
A very nice party.

11 June 2013...6.45pm to 10.45pm...
Amnesty International Media Awards 2013 at BFI Southbank,London SE1.
For those of you that do not know Amnesty International is a non-governmental organisation focused on human rights with over 3 million members and supporters around the world. The objective of the organisation is "to conduct research and generate action to prevent and end grave abuses of human rights, and to demand justice for those whose rights have been violated."
Amnesty International was founded in London in 1961.
The Amnesty International Purpose...
We are ordinary people from around the world standing up for humanity and human rights. Our purpose is to protect individuals wherever justice, fairness, freedom and truth are denied.
Tonight's programme had a list of hundreds of journalists who have been killed or imprisoned for just carrying out their work.
So many places are carrying out hideous abuses.
The Arab Spring and Syria in particular is a place
where the conflict has deepened and the casualties have swelled.
There are terrible things going on in other countries such as female genital mutilation, slavery and witchcraft where church pastors are usually the ones to accuse young children of being possessed by evil spirits and they are then abandoned to fend for themselves.
Reminds me of the Iron Maiden song title 'The Evil That Men Do'.
Some incredible film clips and photographs were shown tonight.Some inspiring stories of bravery.
Amnesty are doing a great job.
All guests had complimentary wines and different
bowl food before the awards and wines and bar snacks after the awards.
Check out their website for more info.
The full list of tonight's winners is up there.

10 June 2013.Status Quo are celebrating the milestone of their 100th single release – as new LP 'Bula Quo!' has been named album of the week by BBC Radio 2.
It’s 45 years since Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt released their first single 'Pictures Of Matchstick Men'. The launch of their latest track 'Bula Bula Quo' puts them into three figures.
Status Quo talk about this incredible statistic on BBC 1 Breakfast TV Wed 12 June around 9am.

09 June 2013.John Cooper Clarke and a dozen support acts including I Am Kloot + John Shuttleworth + Mark Thomas + Barry Cryer + Thea Gilmore + Viv Albertine + Simon Day + others live at The Palladium,London.
This event started off great as Clash legends
Mick Jones and Paul Simonon are both here in the foyer when i arrive at the venue.
This is Mancunian punk poet JCC biggest London headline ever for his 35th anniversary tour.
I saw him a few times when he started off with the first being in 1978 and have seen him support the likes of Buzzcocks,Siouxsie and Ian Dury.
A very entertaining evening with lots of comedy,poetry and music from the varied acts.
First we had half a dozen lesser known acts do 5 mins each then the bigger names did 10 mins each.
Great to see Viv Albertine from 1970s female punk pioneers The Slits play three songs here.The first had a very nice title 'Confessions Of A MILF'.
John Cooper Clarke did a full 70 mins set.
Now aged 64 he still has that great look of skin tight jeans and a too small jacket with wild hair.
Like the Rodriguez gig from a couple of nights ago there is a lot of love in the house for this guy
who has ticked along for 35 years and now finally gets a well deserved night at this famous venue.
A very funny set of comedy and poetry.I bought a couple of his albums in the late 1970s.He played gems including 'Beasley Street' and 'Chickentown'
and got a full standing ovation at the end.
Really enjoyable stuff.
Check aftershow page for this event.

08 June 2013.The Stone Roses + Public Image Limited + Johnny Marr live at Finsbury Park,North London.
This was the second of two massive outdoor shows here for The Stone Roses.
Different support bands each night but Saturday suited me perfect as John Lydons Public Image Limited were playing.
I was told 45,000 tickets sold each night.
Taking place almost a year after the Madchester legend's three massive comeback shows at Manchester’s Heaton Park to 75,000 folks a night.
This is The Stone Roses London comeback gigs proper (they played a secret show at the Village Underground in 2012).
The Stone Roses like The Sex Pistols were only around for a short period but made a massive impact on working class mainly northern kids.
All four original members playing in the band.
I got to the venue early but stayed in the VIP area for a drink so missed opening act Miles Kane.Over 500 folks here as it is a big festival.It is a pay bar for food and drink but nice to have loads of seating and decent toilets.The only faces here i saw were fashion designer Pam Hogg and photographer Dennis Morris who took lots of iconic photos of The Sex Pistols and Bob Marley in the 1970s.
This area is 50 yards from band dressing rooms.
First act i see is Johnny Marr who plays a really good 40 mins set by mixing great solo material like
'The Right Thing Right' alongside some classic Smiths tunes including 'Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before','Bigmouth Strikes Again',
'How Soon Is Now?' and 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out'.He goes down really well.
Next up are Public Image Limited.John Lydon is a Finsbury Park lad so its home turf for him.PIL frst ever gig was at The Rainbow in Finsbury Park 25 Dec 1978(i was there) and The Sex Pistols headlined this venue in 1996 on their Filthy Lucre reunion tour(i was there).As a support act they only get to play 45 mins instead of their usual two hour set.
John Lydon on top form winding up the crowd.
PIL the band always sound fantastic.
Eight songs played...
'One Drop???'(not sure about the opening song as it was a bit instrumental),'This Is Not a Love Song','Reggie Song','Warrior','Flowers of Romance',a mega 'Public Image','Rise','Open Up'.
The Stone Roses released their debut album 'The Stone Roses' in 1989. The album was a breakthrough success for the band and garnered critical acclaim, with many critics regarding it as one of the greatest British albums ever recorded. At this time the group decided to capitalise on their success by signing to a major label; then, their current record label Silvertone would not let them out of their contract, which led to a long legal battle that culminated with the band signing with Geffen Records in 1991, and then releasing their second album 'Second Coming' in 1994.
I have both their albums but i never saw them live back then as i do not think they played many London gigs during that period.I did see Ian Brown play a couple of solo shows.
I was expecting Ian Browns vocals to be a bit dodgy and the songs to sound a bit tired and lumpen but The Stone Roses were excellent.
On stage for 95 mins to a very rowdy crowd.
The sound was superb and each member really did a great job.Reni on drums gave the whole vibe a nice pulsating groove.Great use of the big screens that mixed live footage with images and lasers.
All the crowd singing along to every song.
The Stone Roses really pulled it off big time.
Full Stone Roses setlist played.....
'I Wanna Be Adored'...'Elephant Stone'...'Ten Storey Love Song'...'Standing Here'...'Going Down'...'Shoot You Down'...'Fools Gold'... 'Something's Burning'...'Waterfall'...'Don't Stop'...'She Bangs the Drums'...'Love Spreads'...
'This Is the One'...'Made of Stone'...'Breaking into Heaven'...'Elizabeth My Dear'...'I Am the Resurrection'...
No encores tonight as The Stone Roses do not usually usually do them.
No new material played.

07 June 2013.Rodriguez live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.
First of two shows at this venue that both sold out a few weeks ago with virtually no advertising.
I did not see his London shows last year but they sold out pronto too without any fuss.
He has had one crazy rock n roll journey.
Sixto Rodríguez now aged 70 is an American folk musician based in Detroit, Michigan. His career initially proved short-lived with two little-sold albums in the early 1970s(Cold Fact in 1970 and Coming From Reality in 1971)and some brief touring in Australia. Unbeknownst to him, however, his work became extremely successful and influential in South Africa; although, he was mistakenly rumoured in that country to have committed suicide.
In the 1990s, determined South African fans managed to seek out and contact him, which led to an unexpected revival of his musical career. Their story is told in the 2012 Academy Award winning documentary film 'Searching for Sugar Man' which has also helped give Rodríguez a measure of fame in his native country.
As expected lots of South Africans here tonight.
On stage for around 80 mins in a show that was all over by 10pm.
The songs played were a mix of his own material and some cover versions.
Highlights were his big songs 'Sugar Man' and
'I Wonder' along with 'Street Boy' and 'I Think Of You' and cover versions that included 'I Only Have Eyes For You','Blue Suede Shoes' and the last of the three song encore 'Lucille'.As he walked off stage he pretty much collapsed and needed support from his roadies.Not sure if it was due to the booze or frailty or a combination of both.
He even told a couple of decent enough jokes.
"Two cannibals sitting around a fire eating a clown.One says to the other...This tastes funny".
Not sure a 70 year old should be wearing black leather trousers but that along with his long hair and hat certainly makes him look like an older version of rocker Slash.
The stage is sparse and the playing is loose.
Some songs seem to end a bit sudden.
His voice is sitting somewhere between Bob Dylan and Nick Drake and he gulps booze?? from a cup at the end of each song and a roadie gives him a refuel every 10 mins.
When talking he sounds a bit drunk and frazzled like some Haight-Ashbury hippie from the 1960s.
He needs help getting on the stage and off it and is slightly stooped and with failing eye sight so the other guitarist tells him what song is next.
The fact he is could have farted for 80 mins and this crowd would have cheered and clapped anyway.
There is a lot of love in the house for him.
You may need to see the documentary first to get the full picture on why he is now so popular without still not getting much tv or radio exposure.An enjoyable heartwarming show.
He comes back later in the summer for a couple of UK festivals.

06 June 2013.I went to two events in sunny Camden tonight.
First was 6pm to 7.45pm for the launch party for The Champagne And Oyster Bar at Shaka Zulu,Stables Market,Camden,London NW1.
They have converted one of their bars to a Champagne And Oyster Bar.
Complimentary Laurent-Perrier champers,beers,wines along with oysters and some nice South African canapes.DJ playing tunes.
Very impressive massive bar/restaurant.
Shaka Zulu, London’s largest South African restaurant, opened its doors in August 2010 with a special royal blessing from the Zulu King, HRH Goodwill Zwelithini. Set over 27,000 sq ft this spectacular two floor restaurant, bar and club offers food, drinks, live music, dancing and daytime family entertainment.
The lower floor of this stunning venue is complemented by a display of 20ft high warrior statues and carved wooden murals cover every inch of Shaka Zulu's walls and ceiling.
8pm to 10pm was the launch party for Mango Shack,
47-49 Camden Road,Camden,London NW1.
A really nice vibe here that reminded me of Notting Hill Carinal.Black and white,young and old all mixing in to create a cool buzzing atmosphere.
BBC London radio talk show host Vanessa Feltz was here.
Complimentary beers,wines and a massive buffet with different plates of yummy food including char
grilled chicken and rice, curry goat and rice and others.A DJ playing some great tunes.
Located next to Camden Road overground station.
Offering Caribbean favourites with the occasional European influence giving the menu that special “Shack Spin”. A Rum Shack bar too for your rum punch and Caribbean tapas better known as “Lickle Bites” while listening to Ska music from the 50′s and 60′s and old reggae originals.

06 June 2013.....Book review.....
'The Eighties: One Day, One Decade' [Hardcover]
by Dylan Jones.
I often get asked which of the 5500 plus gigs i have been to since 1973 is the best one?
My answer is easy.
Live Aid on 13 July 1985 at Wembley Stadium.
See the fantastic lists of acts who played...
Queen,U2,Who,Paul McCartney,David Bowie,Status Quo,Boomtown Rats,Style Council,Adam Ant,Bryan Ferry,Spandau Ballet,Howard Jones,Phil Collins,Sting,Elton John,Kiki Dee,Wham,Dire Straits,Paul Young,Alison Moyet,Ultravox,Elvis Costello,Nik Kershaw,Sade.
This great book is based around that amazing day and all the acts that were involved and features Dylan's personal reminiscences and perspective of music,media,fashion,politics and all forms of pop culture to frame the decade.
The book includes key interviews with the era's major influences,charting how Live Aid changed Britain,society and the author.
Dylan Jones as editor of i-D and The Face magazines in the 1980's experienced the decade first hand.
Dylan is currently editor of GQ magazine.
In all good book stores from 06 June 2013.
Retail price is £25 but Amazon are selling it for £16 and other stores may have offers on it.

05 June 2013.Elvis Costello And The Imposters live at The Royal Albert Hall,London.
This was the second of three shows here on their UK tour.
Now age 58 Elvis Costello singer/songwriter has won many awards.Steeped in word play, the vocabulary of Costello's lyrics is broader than that of most popular songs. His music has drawn on many diverse genres.
I saw him at the start of his career in 1978 and have seen him live around 20 times since.
He was part of the New Wave that came along after Punk Rock and had quick success in America along with the likes of The Police.
He has brought out around 20 albums.
The show was very much in the spirit of his earlier career rather than his recent career as his sarcastic sneering lyrics are still superb
and he had a great band with his old cohort Steve Nieve on keyboards.
We had the big wheel spinning songbook so half a dozen punters brought on stage to spin the wheel.
Elvis acting as ringmaster with lots of witty chat.We also had a go-go dancer in a cage.
The band have rehearsed 40 songs so the setlist will vary slightly every night.
So many great songs played tonight in a nice long set of 2 hours 25 mins.
During the encore for 'Pump It Up' Steve Nieve went up the back to play the famous Royal Albert Hall organ which was great.
Set highlights included 'Accidents Will Happen',
'Watching The Detectives','Oliver's Army','I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down','Radio Radio','Alison'
'Every Day I Write The Book','I Don't Want To Go To Chelsea','I Want You' and encores including
'Shipbuilding','Pump It Up' and 'What's So Funny About Peace,Love And Understanding'

03 June 2013.Bruce Forsyth live at The Royal Albert Hall,London.
This showbiz legend back at this venue a year after i saw him play here.
This 85 year old has had an incredible 70 years as an entertainer since starting off at age just 14.
He got his big break at The London Palladium in 1958 and has been on our tv screens ever since with various hit shows.On stage for 2 hours 5 mins over two sets with a full orchestra and one big screen.
A lot of the show was the same as last year.
It was a mix of chat,jokes and singing.
Lots of audience participation and laughter.
Some stories about the legends he has worked with.
He can still do some neat dancing and tap too.
A very enjoyable show.
Bruce plays Glastonbury Festival this month too.

02 June 2013.Muse live at the afterparty for the film premiere of 'World War Z' at Horse Guards Parade,St James's Park,London SW1.
Tonight two proper A list actors hosting big events.
'An Evening With Al Pacino' was playing to a sold out crowd at The Palladium where tickets ranged from £55 to £250 for a very rare Q and A session.
I was at the Muse event...8pm to 10.30pm.
Just up the road Brad Pitt is hosting a massive event after the premiere for his new film 'World War Z'.Paramount Pictures must have real clout as The Mall is closed to all traffic and i do not think this historic venue has ever had a film afterparty let alone a rock gig held here.
Around 15,000 comp winners with mainly floor standing and a few blocks of seats around the edge.
One block is for the vips that attended the film premiere earlier.Brad Piff looks cool with longer hair as he waves to the crowds.
There are clips of the film shown on the big screens.
We have a full on short gig by Muse.
A superb eight song hits set lasting 42 mins.
They arrive on stage dead on 9.35pm just as it is going dark so the effects of the spotlights and lasers on the old buildings around us is stunning.
Lots of columns of fire on stage for opening track.
An excellent event.
Fourteen mins of Muse music used in the film soundtrack.
Full MUSE setlist played.....
Supremacy...Supermassive Black Hole...Follow Me...
Starlight...Madness...Uprising(Extended outro)...
Knights of Cydonia...
Encore:...Time Is Running Out...

01 June 2013.Green Day + Kaiser Chiefs live at The Emirates Stadium,North London.
Both bands i have seen a few times before.
Green Day are very popular in the UK.
The crowd tonight is around a massive 55,000.
I first saw Green day in 1995 at Brixton Academy,
then Reading Festival in 2001,then Wembley Arena in 2002,then Hammersmith Apollo shows in 2005,
then 02 Arena in 2009,then a double show in 2009 with Green Day at Wembley Arena then a midnight secret show at The Garage as Foxboro Hot Tubs,then Wembley Stadium in June 2010 with a rare set by Joan Jett And The Blackhearts as support.
Green Day albums including 'Dookie' and 'American Idiot' have both sold multi millions worldwide.
Up first we have an ideal support band tonight as The Kaiser Chiefs played a lively 55 mins set with singer Ricky Wilson running all over the stage non stop.Lots of really good older gems in their set along with a couple of more recent tracks.
As usual Green Day play a long set of around 2 hours 30 mins.The past year has been a bit mad for them as their singer went into rehab and they brought out three albums to underwhelming reviews.
For a stadium show the production is fairly average.There are loads of lights and a couple of big screens but an air gun that fires toilet rolls and t shirts is the only prop and there are no pyros,walkway stage extension or inflatables etc that a lot of other stadium shows have.
There is however plenty of energy as the pace is uptempo punk pop from start to finish.
Half the songs were fantastic and half the songs a bit average.Four punters at different times got on stage with the band which was fun.
Overall a great show.
Green Day are on a world tour that sees them come to the UK at the end of August to headline days at Reading Festival and Leeds Festival.
Full KAISER CHIEFS set played.....
Never Miss a Beat...Everything Is Average Nowadays
...Kinda Girl You Are...Little Shocks...Everyday I Love You Less and Less...Modern Way...Bows & Arrows...Heat Dies Down...Ruby...I Predict a Riot
...The Angry Mob...Oh My God...
Full GREEN DAY set played.....
99 Revolutions...Know Your Enemy...Stay the Night
...Stop When the Red Lights Flash...Letterbomb...
Oh Love...Holiday...Boulevard of Broken Dreams...
Stray Heart...Nice Guys Finish Last...Waiting...
Missing You(Full band debut)...Burnout...Sassafras Roots...Hitchin' a Ride...Welcome to Paradise...
Longview...Going to Pasalacqua...Knowledge
(Operation Ivy cover) (with female fan on guitar for part of song)...St. Jimmy...When I Come Around
...Basket Case...She...King for a Day...
Shout / (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction / Teenage Kicks / Always Look on the Bright Side of Life...
Encore:...American Idiot...Jesus of Suburbia...
Brutal Love...

31 May 2013.....6.15pm to 10.30pm.
The launch party for 'THE HUTCH CLUB' at QUAGLINO'S,16 Bury Street,St James's,London SW1.
The bar is located in one corner area above the very impressive huge eating space at this venue a few mins from Green Park off Jermyn Street.
Complimentary Devaux champers,various cocktails, wines and canapes for all.Yet another venue jumping on the Gatsby theme with staff in 1920s attire and a live jazz band.
A lively atmosphere and a fun evening.
THE HUTCH CLUB at QUAGLINO’S is a cocktail and jazz pop-up bar that pays homage to the venue’s hedonistic spirit, which began when flamboyant host Giovanni Quaglino opened the doors to a beautiful, decadent society crowd in 1929.
The club is named after Hutch, one of the most popular cabaret entertainers of the 20th century who took London’s café society by storm.
Guests can take pleasure in late summer evenings at the luxurious subterranean lounge; from an Art Deco-inspired Martini Bar which can be booked exclusively for your own special event.
An array of heritage cocktails with 21st-century twists, featuring iconic spirit brands Courvoisier Exclusif VSOP Cognac, The Macallan Amber Malt Whisky, Nº3 London Dry Gin and elit by Stolichnaya. with live jazz on Friday and Saturday nights to entertain all guests late into the night.
THE HUTCH CLUB at QUAGLINO’S, located in the depths of the iconic London venue, will run from 31 May to 31 August 2013.

30 May 2013.I went to two events today.
2.30pm 'London Wall' play at St James Theatre, Palace Street,London SW1.
Got an invite to come along to this lovely new cosy venue that opened a few months ago.
A great location near to Buckingham Palace.
St. James Theatre is the first newly built theatre complex in central London for 30 years. It features a 312 seat theatre and a 100 seat studio theatre and a brasserie and lobby bar.
The play was set in a solicitor’s office before typewriters and computers.Brewer, the office manager, sees pretty new typist Pat as fair game, even though she is a green 19 and going steady with a reliable boyfriend. Some of the more experienced secretaries try to warn her. Others leave her to her fate. Meanwhile, cynical Miss Janus is jilted by her lover and at the desperate age of 35 her romantic life seems to be over.
Nice to see proper acting up nice and close.
The play was two hours 20 mins in length over two sets.
Nine cast members on stage.
The play is on until Sat 01 June 2013 and many more are booked in so visit the website.
6.30pm to 9pm Juicy Couture 'Viva La Juicy Noir' fragrance launch party at Home House,Portman Square,London W1.
Complimentary Moet champers,vodka cocktails and canapes for all the guests here tonight at this very nice private members club.
Djs were Amber Le Bon and Becky Tong who played a great mix of indie classics and dance anthems.
A fun photo booth supplied by Say Fromage.
Got a couple of goodie bags with a bottle of the fragrance included.A good event.
The fragrance will be in the shops in July.
The fragrance comes in a striking metallic bottle.
30ml £35
50ml £47
100ml £63

29 May 2013.Journey co-headlining show with Whitesnake + Thunder live at Wembley Arena,London.
I was really looking forward to this three band rock package from promoters Live Nation.
Lots of folks here that i know.
This was the last night of their UK arena tour.The three touring bands have sold over 150 million albums between them.
I saw Journey with original singer Steve Perry in 1979 at Hammersmith Odeon before he left the band.They did not come to the UK that often.
Whitesnake i have seen around 30 times since 1978.
I also saw the Deep Purple line up with David Coverdale and Richie Blackmore in 1974 which was again at The Hammy Odeon.
Thunder i have seen over a dozen times too.
All the bands tonight play greatest hits sets.
Some nice big screens here.
The venue is nearly sold out apart from a couple of blocks at the back and pretty much everyone has come here early to catch UK rockers Thunder who play a really good 40 mins set.The sound is fantastic for an opening act of three.
Whitesnake and Journey both play for 80 mins. Whitesnake are excellent as David Coverdale looks like a proper rock star with his mane of hair and his on stage charisma and voice are fantastic.
So many great songs from 35 years of Whitesnake.
In 2011 i saw Journey play the UK which was a good show where they were supported by Foreigner and Styx.All three did not have original singers.
This is the problem with Journey tonight.
How can their singer who they got off the internet compete with a rock legend vocalist like David Coverdale who has been fronting big bands for 40 years???.The answer is he cannot.They have lots of good catchy pop rock songs but their singer seems to be trying too hard and it looked forced.
Some of the crowd left after Whitesnake.I was in the guest list block right of stage that was full for Whitesnake but half did not bother watching Journey.Tonight Whitesnake got the gold medal.
Overall it was a great evening.
Full THUNDER setlist played....
Dirty Love...River of Pain...Higher Ground...Low Life in High Places...Backstreet Symphony...The Devil Made Me Do It...Love Walked In...I Love You More Than Rock 'N' Roll...
Full WHITESNAKE setlist played....
Give Me All Your Love...Ready an' Willing...Can You Hear the Wind Blow...Don't Break My Heart Again...Is This Love...Gambler(dedicated to Mel Galley and Cozy Powell)...Love Will Set You Free
..Guitar Duel(by Doug Aldrich & Reb Beach)...
Steal Your Heart Away including a drum solo by Tommy Aldridge...Forevermore...Best Years...
Bad Boys / Children of the Night...Fool for Your Loving...Here I Go Again...Still of the Night...
Full JOURNEY setlist played....
Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)...Any Way You Want It
...Chain Reaction...Only the Young...Guitar Solo
...Stone in Love...Keep on Runnin'...Edge of the Blade...Lights...Keyboard Solo...Open Arms...
Escape...Dead or Alive...Guitar Solo...Wheel in the Sky...Faithfully...Be Good to Yourself...
Don't Stop Believin'...

28 May 2013.Mark Knopfler live at The Royal Albert Hall,London.
This was the second of six sold out shows at this venue for Mark and his band.They are on a massive European tour to promote his Sept 2012 released eighth studio double album titled 'Privateering'.
Like Eric Clapton Mark always seems to play multi nights at this venue in May every two or three years.
I saw Dire Straits over 15 times and the first time was a support act to Talking Heads and Slaughter And The Dogs at The Roundhouse in Jan 1978 which was a few months before 'Sultans Of Swing' was released and they went global.
Dire Straits sold over 100 million albums.
'Brothers In Arms' from 1985 sold 30 million.
Mark on stage for 2 hours 5 mins.His band were very flexible with many different instruments used as they glided through rock,blues,country,folk etc to create an Americana type sound.
Most of the set was the new album and other solo material.They played three Dire Straits gems
'Romeo And Juliet','Telegraph Road' and tour song rotation meant tonight we got 'Brothers In Arms' instead of 'Sultans Of Swing' which gets played at some of the other shows on the tour.
Marks fingerpicking style of guitar playing is brilliant but tonight's show was a bit too laid back for my liking.Enjoyable enough but it needed a bit more oomph overall.
Full setlist played tonight...
What It Is...Corned Beef City...Privateering...
Father and Son...Hill Farmer's Blues...Kingdom of Gold...Seattle...I Used to Could...Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straits song)...Gator Blood...Haul Away...Postcards from Paraguay...Marbletown...
Speedway at Nazareth...Telegraph Road (Dire Straits song)
Brothers in Arms (Dire Straits song)...
Going Home-Theme from Local Hero...

27 May 2013.BBC Radio 6 Music has announced the lineup of its 4-6pm Sunday Service slot throughout the summer. Guests include Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie (June 2), performance poet John Cooper Clarke (June 9), Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon (June 16, 23, 30) and Radiohead's bassist Colin Greenwood (July 7, 14, 21).

26 May 2013.Muse + Dizzee Rascal live at The Emirates Stadium,North London.
Second of two big outdoor shows here for Muse at the home of Arsenal Football Club.
Amazingly we have a nice sunny day for it.
Up first we have Dizzee Rascal who finishes his set with a mega version of 'Bonkers'.
Muse are one of those British bands that have taken off big time worldwide as this massive world tour for their sixth studio album 'The 2nd Law' had them play two nights at Madison Square Garden last month and next month the mainland Europe leg includes two stadium shows at Stade De France in Paris.The two shows here i was told had 52,000 on Saturday and 45,000 tonight.
They are on stage for 2 hours 5 mins and it is a surprise they are not using the amazing upside pyramid stage show from the 02 Arena show i saw Oct 2012.Instead it is a massive big screen that mixes images and live footage superbly.
A stage extension with a b stage too.
As we are outdoors lots of fire and pyros used.
As musicians they really are totally top notch.
Matt Bellamy is a fantastic guitar player and keyboards/piano player and along with bassist Chris Wolstenholme and drummer Dom Howard are a power trio par excellence, driving each other on to realise every song's ludicrous magnificence.
They somehow mix crunching rock with prog rock with space rock and operatic rock and add bits of funk in there in there too.They really are raising the bar.
Must be great being in a band at this top level.
This really was a fantastic show.
Full Muse setlist for this show.
2.Supermassive Black Hole
3.Panic Station
4.Map of the Problematique
6.Hysteria (AC/DC's Back in Black outro)
7.Animals (with Muse money confetti)
8.Knights of Cydonia (Man with a Harmonica intro)
9.Dracula Mountain (Drum and bass jam)
10.Sunburn (Matt with piano on B-Stage)
11.Butterflies & Hurricanes (First time live since 2011)
12.Monty Jam...13.Feeling Good...14.Follow Me...
15.Liquid State...16.Madness...
17.Time Is Running Out(House of the Rising Sun intro)
18.Stockholm Syndrome (Rage Against the Machine's Freedom outro)
21.Guiding Light...22.Undisclosed Desires...
(Giant light bulb hovers over the crowd and Matt goes walkabout in the pit to shake fans hands)
23.The 2nd Law: Unsustainable (with the robot)
24.Plug In Baby (Guns N' Roses' Sweet Child o' Mine outro)
Encore 2:...26.Uprising....27.Starlight....
Note: A Muse fan website said this was the most songs in a set ever played by Muse to date.

25 May 2013.Roger Hodgson live at The Royal Albert Hall,London.
Roger was the voice of Supertramp and their main composer until he left in 1983.
Supertramp started off as a prog rock group in the early 1970s then added radio-friendly elements into their work in the mid-1970s, going on to sell more than 60 million albums.They reached their peak of commercial success with 1979's 'Breakfast in America' album, which has sold more than 20 million copies.
I first saw Supertramp way back in 1975 at Hammersmith Odeon for a couple of shows at the start of their mainstream success.
Roger was on stage for 2 hours 10 mins over two sets with his excellent band who hailed from America and Canada.
No electric guitar used tonight on stage as it was mainly keyboard led with a few songs having an acoustic guitar.Some songs there were three keyboards being played.
Most of the set was Supertramp songs and Roger still has that fine voice of his.The highlights were 'Take The Long Way Home','Breakfast In America','The Logical Song',a brilliant version of 'Dreamer' that got everyone up singing and dancing and swaying and encores included 'Give A Little Bit' and 'It's Raining Again'.
An enjoyable show.
Lots of overseas folks here in the crowd as Supertramp were and still are very popular worldwide.
Full Roger Hodgson setlist played....
Take the Long Way Home (Supertramp song)
School (Supertramp song)
In Jeopardy
Lovers in the Wind
Hide in Your Shell (Supertramp song)
Easy Does It (Supertramp song)
Sister Moonshine (Supertramp song)
Breakfast in America (Supertramp song)
Lady (Supertramp song)
Rosie Had Everything Planned (Supertramp song)
The Logical Song (Supertramp song)
Child of Vision (Supertramp song)
Lord Is It Mine (Supertramp song)
Death And A Zoo
If Everyone Was Listening (Supertramp song)
Even in the Quietest Moments (Supertramp song)
Don't Leave Me Now (Supertramp song)
Dreamer (Supertramp song)
Fool's Overture (Supertramp song)
Two of Us (Supertramp song)
Give a Little Bit (Supertramp song)
It's Raining Again (Supertramp song)

24 May 2013.I went to four events tonight ending up at West End Eurovision 2013 at The Dominion Theatre.One Night.One Trophy.
First stop 6.45pm to 7.30pm was le coq sportif - store launch party at le coq sportif, Corner of Earlham and Mercer Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2.
A mainly younger crowd here as expected for this sportswear brand.A nice surprise to see 1980s footie legend Ossie Ardiles here.He is in the UK for some promo duties this month.
We were given a mixtape on arrival.A dj playing sounds in the corner.Complimentary Cava and Gallia Paris lagers for all the guests.
7.45p to 8.30pm OTTO First Anniversary Party at 66 Grosvenor Street,London W1.
Very upmarket Italian luxury menswear store. All very nice top quality items.I had a look at the shoes.All ranged from £950 to £
Nancy Dell'Olio was here looking very glam.
Complimentary prosecco drinks and canapes here.
All guests got a goodie bag here.
8.45pm to 10.15pm Libertine presents Gatsby at Libertine, 4 Winsley Street, London W1.
Another Gatsby party and it was good to see so many staff and guests dressed in 1920s attire.
Legendary 80s club dj Chris Sullivan was spinning the tunes and there was a live band.
Complimentary Moet champers along with burgers and canapes for all at this fun event.
10.30pm to 3am West End Eurovision 2013 live at The Dominion Theatre,London.
This was a fundraising event for HIV charity
Make A Difference.
First there was a complimentary drinks reception for 200 people in the upstairs bar.
Guests here included tonights four judges Russell Grant, Jodie Prenger, Rylan Clark,
Lisa Riley and other guests Katrina And The Waves, Sinitta, Christopher Biggins, Gok Wan,
Graham Norton and Bonnie Langford.
A lively atmosphere here.A late start event as the 10 West End shows had performed at their own theatres earlier in the evening.
The show lasted 2 hours 40 mins over two sets.
First up we had the cast of We Will Rock You perform a medley of UK Eurovision hits including 'Making Your Mind Up' complete with skirt routine.
We have cast members from 10 West End musicals
Billy Elliot,The Phanthom Of The Opera,A Chorus Line,Mamma Mia,Once,Rock Of Ages,Spamalot,Top Hat,Viva Forever and Wicked.They all sing one past Eurovision song from various countries and the scoring is just like how they do it in the real Eurovision.
The winner was Once who performed a brilliant version of 'All Kinds Of Everything' by Dana.
While they were adding up the scores Katrina And The Waves sang two good lively tunes.
They won the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'Love Shine a Light' which they played first then it was their big hit from 1985 'Walking On Sunshine'.
A really enjoyable event from start to finish.
There was a massive party after for 500 folks.
A pay bar but very lively with a dj and dance floor.I stayed for 30 mins until 3am then left it to the youngsters as it was still rockin' when i departed.

23 May 2013.Another sad death but this time it is my fave wrestler of all time Mick McManus who has passed away at the grand old age of 93.
Before i started going to gigs my dad got me into British wrestling during its heyday of the late 1960s/early 1970s and we would go and watch it live at Lime Grove swimming pool in Shepherds Bush where ITV sometimes recorded shows from so i saw all the giants of wrestling including Mick McManus.
One of the biggest names in the history of the sport in Britain and long-term star of ITV’s World of Sport, McManus truly was the man who fans loved to hate.
Mick was without doubt, through his own efforts, the greatest wrestling name that the UK has ever seen or will see again.

22 May 2013.Another music book worth checking out...'One Bad Gig' by David Smith...
Pete Belcher is an incident prone hapless semi-pro musician on the bottom rung of the gigging circuit. After his disastrous performance at a wedding he winds up sacked once again.
He resolves to start his own band and is convinced that using karaoke
backing tracks instead of musicians will finally lead him to his rightful
pot of gold. He advertises for a lead singer and auditions the sweet Carol
and the sour Simon, and hires them both.
Pete needs some of that gold up front to get the band going so he approaches
his bank for a loan and manages to narrowly escape a serious brush with the
law whilst acquiring the much needed funds.
He also needs new wheels for the band & their events, which should be
straightforward enough, yet he finds himself grappling with a stunt driving
nun before he gets his hands on the keys to his shiny new van.
His hitherto unheard of bulging wallet & roadworthy vehicle get him in to
deep water with the local DHSS snoop, his personal stalker with an axe to
grind, the delightless Brenda.
Against all the odds, the band make it to their first gig, which turns out
to be in a very unusual & unwelcoming venue. They breathe a sigh of relief
when they finally escape, not realising they're not the only ones and that
their debut night has only just begun...
Join Pete Belcher, our loveable rogue, as he stumbles from one hilarious
disaster in his life to another, before coming up trumps in the end.
Click here to view extracts and to order 'One Bad Gig' from Amazon
Also check out the sequel book on Amazon
'Another Bad Gig'.

21 May 2013.I went to a book launch party and then back again to see Eric Clapton.
6.45pm to 8pm 'Growing Up in Restaurants : The Story Of Eating Out In Britain From 55BC To Nowadays' by James Pembroke - book launch party at Le Cafe Anglais,2nd Floor,Whiteleys, Bayswater,London W2.
By combining a personal memoir of an eccentric upbringing with a history of eating out in Britain from the Romans to the present day, James Pembroke has written an entertaining yet informative book, which belongs as much in the kitchen as alongside those in the library.
Around 200 guests in this nicely designed
large room including Maureen Lipman and Mark Ellen who fronted The Old Grey Whistle Test in the 1980s and who like me supports QPR.
Complimentary wines and canapes for all.
a walk through Kensington Gardens/Hyde Park
to see Eric Clapton live at The Royal Albert Hall,London.
This was show number four at this venue for Eric and the third time i had been along.
Again another totally sold out show.
Again lots of Americans are here.
Again Eric arrives on stage prompt at 8.35pm.
Eric and band were on stage for 2 hours 5 mins which was a few mins shorter than the other two shows i saw but tonight we had support act Gary Clark Jr join him on stage for both encores.
Again the middle section has song rotation
so tonight the big tunes included 'Badge' which was superb with the delayed guitar breaks,'Layla','Wonderful Tonight, 'Crossroads','Cocaine' and the first encore was 'Sunshine Of Your Love' with everyone rushing to the stage front on cue again.
The band take their bows in a line at the end.
Another really good blues rock show.
See previous Eric Clapton reviews from May 17 and May 18 for full setlists.

21 May 2013.Another sad rock n roll death.
Trevor Bolder, 1970s bass player with David Bowie, has died at the age of 62.
The musician, who also played with Uriah Heep, passed away from cancer. He had been suffering from the disease for four years.
As a member of the Spiders From Mars backing band – alongside Mick Ronson on guitar and Mick Woodmansey on drums – Bolder played on a host of classic Bowie albums, including 'Hunky Dory', 'The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars', 'Aladdin Sane' and 'Pin Ups'. He joined Uriah Heep in 1976 and appeared on their most recent album, 'Into The Wild', in 2011. He underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer earlier this year, and had hoped to be well enough to join Uriah Heep for their performance at Download Festival next month.
I saw Uriah Heep back in their 70s heyday.
Their guitarist Mick Box was one of the first guitar players whose plectrums i got with his name on.

20 May 2013.Today i had a superb day out for The Press/VIP Day at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show.
Despite the past six months being a nightmare with the bad weather for growing, this world famous flower show was bigger and better than ever.
The flowers and the displays just looked amazing.
The smells and the various colours were stunning.
It was a really nice visual treat to see it all.
For the centenary of the 2013 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, many of the show gardens are promoting a greener, brighter future by highlighting sustainable living, ways to preserve Britain’s horticultural heritage and the protection of some of the world’s
most vulnerable people.
Ringo Starr was the highlight today for me as he was at a stand off the main drag so only 50 or 60 people knew about it.He stayed there for 45 mins and was chatty,funny and friendly to everyone.He looked slim and healthy.I got half a dozen decent photos.Telling all the press folks how much he loved gardening and the work that WaterAid do in India.He put on a necklace of flowers too.He went around the site after for an hour.Last week it was announced that Liam Gallagher and Rod Stewart would be attending but i do not think they made it.There were plenty of others included Jerry Hall,Rob Drydon,Joanna Lumley,Dame Helen Mirren,Zara Phillips,Katie Melua,Eddy Grant.Antonio Carluccio,David Gower,Ian Hislop,Esther Rantzen,Alan Titchmarsh,David Bellamy and many other TV gardening presenters including 80s singer Kim Wilde. Also Trinny Woodall in a fab 1970s Biba style denim outfit with a floppy hat.
Also Katie Derham,Christopher Biggins,Sir Peter Blake,
Lesley Garrett,Arlene Phillips and some i missed.
Some display gardens were giving out complimentary champers or Pimms and canapes.
Lots of daily tv coverage on BBC1 and BBC2.
The 2013 RHS Chelsea Flower Show is on from Tuesday 21 May to Saturday 25 May.
Over 150,000 are expected to visit the show.
Nearest tube station is Sloane Square.
for more info and tickets for Chelsea Flower Show and other RHS events.

20 May 2013.Very sad news that Ray Manzarek of The Doors has died aged 74 of cancer.
The news was broken by The Doors' official Facebook page who wrote that the keyboardist and founding member of the classic rock band passed in Rosenheim, Germany. They add that Manzarek was surrounded by family, his brothers Rick and James and his wife Dorothy at the time of his passing.
The Doors had reformed over the last decade so i was was lucky enough to see a few of their live shows.

19 May 2013.Rod Stewarts new album 'Time' has gone straight in at Number One in the UK charts.It is his first album of original songs for around 20 years after numerous albums of cover versions.
Rods UK arena tour starts 01 June 2013.

19 May 2013.....Check out your local car boot sales.
Spring is finally here so hopefully we can get the odd sunny day to do a popular Sunday morning habit by me which is looking for bargain cd albums,,vinyl albums and dvds at my local car boot sales.
Most are only a quid each and some are only 50p.
This was the best one i got this morning.
'Superstars Of The 70s' 4 album vinyl set on Warner Records Special Products.American release 1973.
The Stones, Doors, Hendrix, Allman's, ELP, CSN, The Kinks, Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, Faces, Black Sabbath, etc. Quite a lineup. Out of the 48 tracks on this set there are only a few weak ones (not that weak either).
All the above for one little pound coin...Amazing.

19 May 2013.....ABBA overtake The Beatles.....
ABBA's Gold: Greatest Hits has become the second biggest-selling album in UK chart history, after its sales surpassed that of The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
The Swedish group's 1992 collection has now sold more than 5.1 million copies in the UK and has nudged ahead of the Liverpudlians' 1967 album by nearly 15,000 copies.
The Number One spot is still held by Queen 'Greatest Hits : Vol 1' with 5.9 million sales.

19 May 2013.....New book release out now.....
'As Seen In Blitz : Fashioning 80s Style'.
In London at the start of the 1980s, three new style magazines emerged to define an era. It was a time of change: after Punk, before the digital age, and at the dawn of a hedonistic club scene that saw the birth of the New Romantics. On the pages of 'BLITZ', 'The Face' and 'i-D', a new breed of young iconoclasts hoped to inspire revolution. As 'BLITZ' magazine's fashion editor from 1982-87, Iain R. Webb was at the centre of this world. His images manipulated fashion to explore ideas of transformation, beauty, glamour and sex. The magazine's arresting, subversive fashion pages, and its profiles of disparate designers and creative types, let the imagination run free. Lavishly presented here are over 100 'BLITZ' fashion stories.

18 May 2013.Eric Clapton live at The Royal Albert Hall,London.
Back again to see Eric for the second time.
Another totally sold out crowd.Again lots of Americans and folks from mainland Europe here.
Eric wearing simple t shirt and jeans.
Eric Clapton has played the Royal Albert Hall over 150 times which is an incredible figure really.
On one tour alone he played 24 shows.
The overall figure included the four Cream reunion shows of 2005.I attended all four of them.
I have seen Eric Clapton play loads of times including a couple of times in the 1970s.
In 1976 when Freddie King was the support act and in 1978 when Muddy Waters was the support act.
As expected the setlist is changed around by a few songs from last nights show.
On stage tonight for 2 hours 15 mins so we got five minutes longer than last night.
Not much chat between songs as he prefers to let his guitar do the talking.
Songs played tonight and not last night included 'I Shot The Sheriff' and 'Tears In Heaven' and songs dropped from the set for tonight included 'Badge',Lay Down Sally' and 'Wonderful Tonight'.
I like it when a band has a 'song rotation setlist' but there is an argument that says do this with lesser known songs as most people want to hear your best big tunes.
Again the crowd rush the front of stage for the two encores.Another really good show.
REMINDER....Eric Clapton gives interviews in the new Ginger Baker documentary 'Looking For Mr Baker' that is out now and has got some good reviews.

17 May 2013.Eric Clapton + Gary Clark Jr live at The Royal Albert Hall,London.
Up first we have Gary Clark Jr aged 29 from Austin, Texas.Described as being the future of Texas blues he played a good 40 mins set based around his recent album 'Blak And Blu'.He looks a cool cat with a Jimi Hendrix type swagger and plays well.He played on stage with The Rolling Stones in America in Dec 2012.
This was the first of seven shows at this venue on Erics '1963-2013' 50th anniversary tour of America and Europe to promote his 'Old Sock' album.
The venue is totally sold out with behind the stage choir seats and gallery standing all sold.
The two hours 10 mins set was a great mix of solo material,cover versions and gems from Cream and Derek And The Dominos.Paul Carrack is one of the keyboard players in his great band.The pedal steel guitar player was just superb.
Guitar legend Eric is now age 68 but he is still a really fantastic sublime guitar player.
Eric swopped guitars as the first 10 mins was with acoustic guitar,then 35 mins with electric guitar,
then 35 mins with acoustic guitar,then 50 mins with elecric guitar.
A great show.
A funny thing happened during the encore of
'Sunshine Of Your Love' as a chubby dickhead got on the stage and a black guy on security rugby tackled him and got him off the stage even though he was only half the size of the stage invader.
Hello Old Friend
Behind the Sun
My Father's Eyes
Tell the Truth(Derek and the Dominos song)
Gotta Get Over
My Woman Got a Black Cat Bone(Hop Wilson cover)
Got to Get Better in a Little While
(Derek and the Dominos song)
Come Rain or Come Shine (Harold Arlen cover)
Badge (Cream song)
Driftin' Blues (Johnny Moore's Three Blazers cover)
Goodnight, Irene(Lead Belly cover)
Layla (Derek and the Dominos song)
It Ain't Easy (To Love Somebody)(Paul Carrack cover)
Nobody Knows You
Lay Down Sally
Wonderful Tonight
Blues Power
Love in Vain (Robert Johnson cover)
Crossroads (Robert Johnson cover)
Little Queen of Spades (Robert Johnson cover)
Cocaine (J.J. Cale cover)
Encore:...Sunshine of Your Love (Cream song)
High Time We Went (Joe Cocker cover)

16 May 2013.I went to two events tonight.
6.15pm to 8.45pm was the F & F Autumn/Winter Fashion Show at Somerset House,Strand,London WC2.
A massive marquee in the middle of Somerset House which is of course the home of
London Fashion Week.
Lots of photographers and tv crews here.
Around 500 guests here including Denise Van Outen, Alexandra Burke, Jodie Kidd, Heidi Range, Lauren Pope, Downton Abbey's Laura Carmichael, former Made In Chelsea star Amber Atherton and Jade Parfitt as Tesco's clothing label unveiled their latest designs.Most of the girls were in stunning outfits.
JB Gill from JLS was also here.
Complimentary Tesco Finest champers,wines and lots of nice food including burgers and sushi before and after the catwalk show for all the guests.
In the middle section we had a 15 mins catwalk show featuring over 20 male and female models wearing the new value for money range.
then 200 yards up the road to
LIZA(on an E) at The Vaudeville Theatre,Strand,
London WC2.
Popped in for the second half of this tribute show.The second half lasted around 60 mins and was really entertaining as we had Liza's best songs but some had some naughty lyrics etc.
Following several sell-out seasons and an acclaimed tour of Australia, Trevor Ashley, one of the foremost musical theatre stars from Down Under makes his West End debut as the irrepressible, incomparable and infamously iconic Liza Minnelli in LIZA (on an E).
From her marriage to Australia's song-and-dance darling, Peter Allen, to her notorious pill-popping and ubiquitous showbiz family, ‘Liza’ will dish the dirt on her extraordinary life like you've never seen her before, accompanied by a live on stage band, as she raises the rafters and brings the entire house down with power-packed performances of all her greatest hits.
The critically acclaimed and (at least a little bit) controversial Liza (on an E) is an evening that will have you laughing, crying and screaming for more as the supremely talented Ashley channels Liza (and her alter egos), with guest appearances by her mother. Raucous, ruinous and just the right (or wrong) side of risqué, it’s a rollercoaster ride of riotous proportions.
The week run ends Saturday 18 May 2013.
Check out the very funny promo clip on the weblink below.

15 May 2013...6.45pm to 9pm.
THE LONDON SHOOTING CLUB : launch party at The Royal Automobile Club,Pall Mall,London SW1.
London Shooting Club is a Private Members' Club and Concierge Service that provides access to the best shooting experiences in the UK and abroad and a schedule of great social activities and events that bring together like-minded sporting enthusiasts.
The club can provide exciting and memorable shooting whatever level of shot you are. Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished shot they can supply the best tuition in the UK and in whatever area of the sport your interest lies in.
They also offer a concierge service for private and corporate members and their guests providing high quality shooting in all areas of field sports.
Complimentary champers,wines and tasty food at this stunning venue that is more a five star hotel than a club with luxury furnishings over multi floors and its own swimming pool and bedrooms.
You must wear a shirt and tie to come in here.
Founded in 1897 with the aim of encouraging the development of motoring in Britain, today the Royal Automobile Club is one of London’s finest private members' clubs, combining over 100 years of luxury and tradition with exceptional facilities and outstanding service. Members enjoy unlimited access to two superb clubhouses; the Pall Mall clubhouse, in the very heart of London, contains a unique range of accommodation, dining and sporting facilities, including what is arguably the finest swimming pool in London. The Woodcote Park clubhouse is set in 350 acres of Surrey parkland, complete with two 18 hole golf courses, together with a variety of other sports facilities, dining and accommodation.
Visit: www.royalautomobilecl