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July 14, 2014

Saturday 12 July 2014.
Neil Young And Crazy Horse + The National live at Hyde Park,London.
A lovely sunny day although it rained for five mins during the interval between the headliners.
An impressive 45,000 folks here which was a bit less than Black Sabbath and Libertines shows.
Again I am right of stage here in the hospitality,press,guests,premium view etc area.
A nice surprise to see Buzzcocks guitarist Steve Diggle here.
Standing a couple of yards from me during Neil Youngs set was Tom Odell who was on stage earlier.
The main support band tonight are The National who are an American indie rock band.
The band has recorded six studio albums; the most recent, 'Trouble Will Find Me' , was released in May 2013 and was nominated in the 2014 Grammys for Best Alternative Album.
They are popular over here as their 2013 UK tour included two shows at Alexandra Palace.
I do not know any of their material but they play a decent 75 mins set.
Plenty of brass used in their sound.
Full setlist played...
Don't Swallow the Cap
I Should Live in Salt
Mistaken for Strangers
Bloodbuzz Ohio
Sea of Love
Afraid of Everyone
Squalor Victoria
I Need My Girl
This Is the Last Time
Slow Show
Pink Rabbits
Fake Empire
Mr. November
Terrible Love
Neil Young And Crazy Horse are down to play 2 hours 20 mins but actually play for 2 hours 10 mins.
I saw them play two shows at Hammersmith Odeon way back in 1976.
Neil has still got his distinctive voice and distorted guitar sound intact.
The stage production was pretty basic compared to other big outdoor shows.
Neil had a lot of his old 1970s equipment on stage looking nice and battered.
He only used two of the big screens instead of the five available.
Neil snacked on a basket of grapes between songs.
Lots of songs went on for 10 mins or more with some being a dragged out guitar jam of some sort.
Gems played included 'After The Gold Rush','Heart Of Gold','Cinnamon Girl' and a great extended version of
'Rockin' In The Free World'.
The overall atmosphere was not as fervent as Black Sabbath or Libertines but it was a good show.
Full Neil Young And Crazy Horse setlist played...
Love and Only Love
Goin' Home
Days That Used to Be
After the Gold Rush
Love to Burn
Separate Ways
Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Blowin' in the Wind (Bob Dylan cover) (Neil Solo Acoustic)
Heart of Gold (Neil Solo Acoustic)
Barstool Blues
Psychedelic Pill
Cinnamon Girl
Rockin' in the Free World
Who's Gonna Stand Up and Save the Earth
Encore 2:
Down by the River

Saturday 12 July 2014...another very sad death...
Tommy Ramone, the original drummer and last surviving original member of the Ramones, has died at the age of 62.
Tommy- whose real surname was Erdelyi - had been battling cancer of the bile duct.
He died in Queens, New York, on Friday.
Hard to believe all four original members of The Ramones are now dead.
I was lucky to see so many of their great live shows including their debut UK tour in 1976.

Friday 11 July 2014.
Hall and Oates live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.
This show has been sold out for over a month.
The venue is rammed solid so we have a great Friday night atmosphere.
Daryl Hall and John Oates are the NUMBER-ONE SELLING DUO in music history!
Returning to the UK after an absence of nearly ten years.
I saw them headline Hammersmith Odeon in 1980,1982 and 1990.
Hall And Oates are on stage for 95 mins.
Daryl Hall now aged 67 and John Oates now aged 65 were both looking good.
The band play a greatest hits set featuring all their hits from the late 1970s and early 1980s.
I do not think there was any track played that came out in the last 25 years.
Their brand of catchy Philadelphia pop soul was very radio friendly back then.
Eight musicians on stage including a great sax player who the crowd loved.
They started off with three big hits then it calmed down a bit and then more hits.
The crowd all singing and dancing along.
A very enjoyable show
Full Hall And Oates setlist played...
Out of Touch
Say It Isn't So
It's Uncanny
Back Together Again
Las Vegas Turnaround (The Stewardess Song)
She's Gone
Sara Smile
Do What You Want, Be What You Are
I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)
Rich Girl
You Make My Dreams
Encore 2:
Kiss on My List
Private Eyes

Thursday 10 July 2014...6.30pm to 11.30pm...
Miel de Botton - album showcase at The Criterion Restaurant, 244 Piccadilly, London, W1.
Great choice of venue as The Criterion Restaurant is an opulent restaurant complex facing Piccadilly Circus
in the heart of London. It was built in Art Nouveau style and opened it in 1873.
Over 200 guests and press here including my old mucker Danny Clifford who is Miel de Botton
official photographer so check out his website and Facebook page for photos.
Miel studied law at Oxford and clinical psychology in Paris, but for years art collector and philanthropist MIEL DE BOTTON struggled to find her vocation. Now she has stepped out of the shadow of her philosopher brother Alain and found her voice as a singer-songwriter.
Under the guidance of producer Andy Wright (whose credits include collaborations with Mick Hucknall, Jeff Beck and Eurythmics) she has already recorded her first single, and an album release is scheduled for later this year.
Miel is in her mid-40s, an age when many authors and painters make their mark. Late-blooming musicians, however, are a rarer phenomenon. ‘If you’d asked me as a little girl what my biggest dream was, it would have been to do what I am doing today,’ she says. ‘But it was a secret dream. Back then, I could never have imagined this whole new era opening up to me.’
Miel and her band played seven tracks in a 30 mins set with a couple of the songs in French.
Miel started out singing French standards but is now writing her own lyrics in English and French.
Her own songs included 'Beautiful You','Magnetic' and her debut single 'Bad Men' that is released Sept 2014.
Miel’s album 'Magnetic' will be released later this year.
Some good songs that are more suited to Radio 2 than Radio 1 and will be interesting to see how her career goes.
Miel made a point of saying hello to everyone after the show which was really nice of her. her website for more info.
Click here to view a Miel video-------
All guests enjoyed complimentary Jacquart champers,Bloody Mary's,wines and very nice food including
burgers,chicken strips and canapés including lobster.
A very enjoyable evening.

Wednesday 9 July 2014...7.15pm to 11.45pm...
RNIB Gala Dinner featuring Rod Stewart live at The Hilton Hotel,Park Lane,Mayfair,London W1.
Royal National Institute of Blind People hold their annual gala.
RNIB are the first point of support for many blind people or those going blind in the UK.
A month ago Rod Stewart played five massive UK football stadium gigs but tonight it is just for 400 folks.
He said it was his last show before his summer holiday then he starts a tour of America.
Guests here included Penny Lancaster Stewart, Mark Ronson, Kenney Jones,Rick Wills, Rob Brydon,
David Coulthard, Kelly Hoppen, Elizabeth Emmanuel and others.
I had a nice chat with Kenney Jones who said he was planning something special for the Small Faces
convention at 229 Great Portland Street on 13 Sept 2014.
We have a complimentary reception with Pommery champers then a nice three course meal with a
lamb mains and complimentary wines with the dinner.
The forty tables are each named after a Rod Stewart song...mine was Hot Legs.
Between courses we have videos and a few of the blind people who they have helped
are here to say how invaluable the support of RNIB has been to them.
Rod and his full band played three songs(15 mins) before dinner then eight songs(40 mins) after dinner.
The first three songs were old covers that he has recorded then the big hits were in the second set.
For the main set I got a great view third row from stage in the centre as all the crowd got on the floor to sing along.
Great to see this legend up so close.Rod still looks great for his age.
The eleven songs played were....
I Get A Kick Out Of You(Ethel Merman cover)
I've Got You Under My Skin(Cole Porter cover)
Having A Party(Sam Cooke cover)
Baby Jane
You Wear It Well
Tonights The Night(Gonna Be Alright)
Sweet Little Rock & Roller(Chuck Berry cover)
Maggie May
Sailing(Sutherland Brothers cover)
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?

08 July 2014...Reading Festival on the weekend of Aug 22,23,24 has sold out.
A massive 90,000 tickets all gone.
Weekend tickets were priced at £205 and have sold out, even with coach options.
Day tickets Friday, Saturday, Sunday have sold out and were priced at £92.50.
I first went to Reading Festival in 1976,1977 and 1978.
The Reading Festival website has a nice year by year who played there since 1989.

07 July 2014.
GLEN MATLOCK Is playing live dates.
Glen will be appearing at the Edinburgh Festival for a week from the 31st July, doing his solo acoustical one man show, and giving it a fair old bit of
Hot foot from that, will be joining up with these bunch of reprobates - Earl Slick, Slim Jim Phantom and his old mucker Jim Lowe for some action of the louder variety.
August 8th Green Room, Welwyn Garden City
August 9th Hertford Corn Exchange, Hertford
August 10th Rebellion Festival, Blackpool
August 14th The Railway Hotel, Southend On Sea
August 15th Under the Bridge, Chelsea
August 17th Voewood Festival, Holt Norfolk

Sunday 06 July on BBC tv from 2pm onwards...
Men's Wimbledon Tennis Final.
Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer in a five set thriller.

Saturday 05 July 2014.
Libertines + Pogues + Spritualized live at Hyde Park,London.
Libertines play the biggest show of their lives.
Have been told Libertines have sold MORE tickets than Black Sabbath which is pretty amazing.
60,000 plus tickets sold is astonishing so well done to promoters AEG.
This show is part of Libertines first tour since 2010 when I saw them blow Arcade Fire off stage at Reading Festival.
I first saw Libertines back in 2002 when they supported Sex Pistols at Crystal Palace Bowl.
The first band I catch are Spiritualized who play a 50 mins set of their spaced out indie rock.
Some decent songs including 'Come Together' but they fail to get most of the crowd interested.
Next up are Pogues who play for 60 mins and get everyone in the mood.
This is despite Shane and his mumbling vocals being pretty dreadful.
Being an Irish music legend Shane can fart for an hour and folks would still not complain.
Shane like Pete Doherty has abused his body over the years but is still alive and kicking....just.
His band help out with the vocals as do all the crowd as it gets lively down the front.
All the crowd have a little jig to the likes of 'A Pair Of Brown Eyes','Dirty Old Town',
'Sally Maclennane' and 'Irish Rover'.
Where have all these Libertines fans come from?
At 8.30pm on the big screen they announce that the band are to play Ally Pally on Sept 27 and 28.
Then we have 15 mins of Libertines videos and photos on the big screen to build the buzz up.
People are streaming down the front from all over the park.
Libertines take to the stage at 8.48pm---just 3 mins late and play for around 95 mins.
Pete and Carl and chums kick off the set and it is bedlam down the front as during the second song
'Boys In The Band' they stop the show as crushed bodies are taken out by security.
I half thought we may have had a fatality it was that bad but thankfully nothing serious.
There was another stoppage later as fans had climbed one of the relay sound/light towers and
they were told by big screen and the band to climb down as the band waited.
Also have not seen so many hand held flares and fireworks let off by fans in the crowd.
All the best Libertines tracks played as Gary Powell on drums kept it all together.
At the end of the set Pete and Carl had a hug and fell to the floor rolling around on each other.
Pete mentioned Q.P.R twice including "Libertine til I die/Libertine til I die/I know I am, I'm sure I am,
Queen's Park Rangers til I die".
A great historic gig for sure.
Full Libertines setlist played...
Boys in the Band
The Delaney
Campaign of Hate
Time for Heroes
The Ha Ha Wall
Music When the Lights Go Out
What Katie Did
The Boy Looked at Johnny
Can't Stand Me Now
Last Post on the Bugle
Love on the Dole
The Saga
Death on the Stairs
Radio America
Don't Look Back Into the Sun
Tell the King
Up the Bracket
What a Waster
Albion (Babyshambles cover)
I Get Along

Friday 04 July 2014.
Black Sabbath + Soundgarden + Faith No More live at Hyde Park,London.
Missed Motörhead as they came on stage at the not very rock n roll time of 3.45pm for their 45 mins set.
A big crowd with some 52,000 plus tickets sold out of a possible 65,000 capacity.
Like the shows here last year the front 100 yards from stage on the right side is a huge wristband area for
hospitality,press,guests of the bands and promoter,premium view etc.
Thankfully I am in this area with a good view and a bit of space and access to the Barclaycard
VIP Summer Garden with tables and chairs and nice toilets but it's all paid for food and booze
unless you have a cloth wristband and laminate for the area in the corner.
Faith No More play for 65 mins and were really good.
Dressed all in black the highlights were 'Epic' and brilliant encores of 'Motherfucker' and 'We Care A Lot'.
Full Faith No More setlist played...
Zombie Eaters
From Out of Nowhere
The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
Easy (Commodores cover)
Midlife Crisis
Everything's Ruined
Cuckoo for Caca
King for a Day
Ashes to Ashes
Leader of Men (New song / World premiere)
We Care a Lot
Soundgarden play for 75 mins and the songs played are 14 of the 15 tracks from their classic
1994 album 'Superunknown' and Chris Cornell looks and sounds great.
They are joined by Mike McCready from Pearl Jam for one song.
Full Soundgarden setlist played...
Let Me Drown
My Wave
Fell on Black Days
Superunknown (with Mike McCready from Pearl Jam on guitar)
Head Down
Black Hole Sun
Limo Wreck
The Day I Tried to Live
Fresh Tendrils
4th of July
Like Suicide
Black Sabbath play for 95 mins and are excellent.
The wraparound big screen looks amazing when darkness falls as it is like 5 big screens joined together.
Ozzy is clowning about as usual and Tony Iommi is playing some of the biggest and best metal
guitar riffs ever as so many Sabbath songs have his trademark sound.
The crowd know all the words to all the old classics and are bouncing around.
We get lots of lasers and a firework display at the end.
A fantastic show.
Full Black Sabbath setlist played...
War Pigs
Into the Void
Age of Reason
Black Sabbath
Behind the Wall of Sleep
N.I.B. (Preceded by "Bassically" Geezer Butler Solo)
Fairies Wear Boots
Rat Salad (with Drum Solo)
Iron Man
God Is Dead?
Children of the Grave
Paranoid (with Sabbath Bloody Sabbath intro)

Thursday 03 July 2014...4pm to 10.30pm...
House Festival at Marble Hill House,Richmond,Surrey.
Featuring Dizzie Rascal + Paloma Faith + Charli XCX + Sam Smith + Kelis + De La Soul.
The hottest day of the year for this middle class festival where a 5,000 sold out crowd
have paid £200 each and that includes free booze and food all day.
I went to this festival a couple of times at the old venue in Chiswick.
They never have to advertise anymore as regulars keep coming back each year.
It's like a massive secret gig with tix available only via their own website.
All guests have complimentary Collet champers,different cocktails,wines,beers,ciders,coffees.
The food here is amazing as it's complimentary lobster,oysters,sirloin steak,pizza,pork rolls,
Dirty Burger were here,paella,grilled chicken,churros,donuts,ice cream and much more.
There were two big areas of tables to sit down and eat food in comfort.
There was a full complimentary funfair including dodgems etc.
All day long you are drinking and eating while watching the bands....nice.
We miss Jake Bugg who is on early as he has a gig with Arcade Fire in Hyde Park later today.
Legendary hip hop trio De La Soul played a lively 35 mins set.
Then it was Kelis who played for 45 mins.
I saw her a week ago singing to backing tracks but this was with the full band.
Her good set included her hits 'Trick Me' and 'Milkshake'.
Djs introducing the bands included Jo Whiley,Nick Grimshaw,Reggie Yates and others.
Next up was Sam Smith who has had a pretty incredible past year where his debut album
'In The Lonely Hour' has got to number two in America.
His set included 'Money On My Mind','Lapse' and 'Stay With Me'.
Then over to the second stage big tent to see Charli XCX who plays a 30 mins set with
her all girl band with good tunes full of attitude and swagger.
Next up is Paloma Faith who plays for 45 mins.
Last week her band were all in tartan and today they are all in black and white.
Paloma is fully dressed up as usual and has plenty of fun stage banter.
Her recent album 'A Perfect Contradiction' is the 4th best selling album in the UK so far this year.
Great tracks played included 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This' and 'Can't Rely On You'.
Headliner tonight is Dizzie Rascal who benefits from a full light show as darkness kicks in.
The crowd are dancing away to tracks including 'Just A Rascal',Dance Wiv Me' and 'Bonkers'.
A very enjoyable day out.

Wednesday 02 July 2014...I went to two events today...
3.30pm to 5.45pm
Imbibe live 2014 at Olympia,London.
Imbibe is a trade event for those in the drinks business.
Every year it seems to get busier and busier here.
Pretty much all the stands are giving out free samples to taste.
Pick up hundreds of new drinks and product ideas.
Tap into the latest drinks trends and new products.
Listen to thought-provoking talks from leading drinks experts.
Take part in tastings covered by Imbibe Magazine.
Well known brands here as well as smaller ones.
Lots of craft beers from the UK and America which are getting very popular.
Toffee Vodka brands and Honey Whiskey Brands have taken off the past couple of years.
Firestarter Vodka had award winning packaging as the bottle is just like a fire extinguisher.
Also Kopparberg Cider are here promoting their free evenings of live music featuring new bands.
It's on from 02 July to 03 Aug at Abbot Street Car Park,off Kingsland High Street,Dalston,London E8.
www.imbibe.comCheck the Imbibe website here.
Coldplay + AlunaGeorge live at The Royal Albert Hall,London.
Coldplay play the second of two sold out shows at this venue.
AlunaGeorge play a 30 mins support set tonight.
AlunaGeorge are an English electronic music duo from London who were hotly tipped
a couple of years ago but have gone pretty quiet over the past year.
Decent enough but they do not have any exciting stand out tracks.
This was the last night of the select intimate Coldplay live shows and tv shows around the world to
promote their sixth album 'Ghost Stories'.
It has been the best selling album in the UK so far this year.
Coldplay have sold over 11 million albums in the UK alone in their career.
Both these shows sold out pronto as Coldplay are one of the biggest live bands in the world as
they usually play stadiums.
Lots of security inside and outside the venue and id checks when punters pick up tickets on the day.
One of the great things about Coldplay is they share the dosh evenly.
Chris Martin writes the songs and shoulders the fame, but shares all royalties with his three mates from uni,
who get the best of both worlds - virtual anonymity accompanied by large cheques.
The stage production is perfect as Coldplay are playing in the round in the middle of the venue.
Cannot remember the last time a band did this at this venue.
We have big screens,lots of lasers and lights and over 100 stars hanging over the stage.
By the time they hit the stage the buzz and anticipation is at fever pitch.
The band are on stage for 95 mins which seemed a bit short for an act with six albums.
They could have easily have played three or four more songs.
They have so many big songs that some of the newer album tracks drifted a bit next to
vibrant anthems such as 'Viva La Vida' and 'Clocks'.
Gems like 'Paradise' and 'Fix You' were fantastic.
They played 'Midnight' which is played how they did it on Jools Holland with Guy Berryman
playing bass sounds by passing his hands across coloured laser beams which was amazing.
Chris Martin is working his nuts off with arms and legs moving lots when he is not playing the piano.
Chris moved into the crowd a couple of times including a second b stage area.
Chris Martin is far too polite for his own good but the hardcore fans here clearly adore him.
It was a great show.
Full Coldplay setlist played...
Intro(An Ending- Brian Eno)
Always in My Head
Charlie Brown
The Scientist
God Put a Smile Upon Your Face
Til Kingdom Come
Don't Panic
Everything's Not Lost
True Love
Viva La Vida
Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall
A Sky Full of Stars
Fix You

Tuesday 01 July 2014...7.45pm to 12pm...
The Serpentine Gallery Summer Party ,Kensington Gardens, London W2.
This is one of the main events of the London summer social season.
A massive crowd of around 1000 guests with most paying £300 to be here.
Loads of great looking women in stunning dresses.
It is mainly outdoors and we have a peek at this years pavilion designed by Chilean architect
Smiljan Radic which looks like a cross between a flying saucer and a donut.
I have been a few times now and last years guests included Mick Jagger and L'Wren Scott.
My friends and I raised a glass or three to L'Wren Scott.
Loads of big names from all the arts fields are here including Orlando Bloom,Lily Allen,Naomi Campbell,
Noel Gallagher,Bryan Ferry,Bobby Gillespie,Nick Rhodes,Pam Hogg,Gemma Arterton,Princess Beatrice,
Bianca Jagger,Rachel Hunter,Sir Philip Green,Kelly Hoppen,Cara Delevingne,Nancy Dell'Olio,Tracey Emin,
Nicky Haslam,Donna Air,Amber Le Bon,Bradley Cooper,Nick Grimshaw,Alexa Chung,Keira Knightley,
Jack Whitehall,Grayson Perry,Sharleen Spiteri,Matthew Wiliamson,Patrick Cox,Sophie Dahl,
Stephen Webster,the Russian guy who owns The Evening Standard and Marina Abramović
who is a performance artist based in New York,who began her career in the early 1970s.
The djs for the first session were The Klaxons and after the live act was 2 Many DJs.
Last year the live act was Jake Bugg and tonight we have a big name act---Pharrell Williams.
Pharrell took to the stage at 9.30pm for a 35 mins set where he sung to backing tracks and
had half a dozen dancers with him on stage.
He went down really well with the crowd with both Lily Allen and Naomi Campbell dancing down the front
and the last 10 mins with his three big hits was a full on dancing party atmosphere.
Here is a setlist of most of the tracks played...
Lose Yourself To Dance(Daft Punk track that features Pharrell on vocals)
Lapdance (N*E*R*D song)
She Wants to Move (N*E*R*D song)
Drop It Like It's Hot (Snoop Dogg cover)
Hollaback Girl (Gwen Stefani cover)
Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke song that features Pharrell on vocals)
Get Lucky (Daft Punk song that features Pharrell on vocals)
Lots of complimentary drinks and food for all guests including Laurent-Perrier champers,
four different cocktails,wines,beers and lots of very nice bowl food and canapés.
A fantastic event.

Tuesday 01 July 2014...some very impressive ticket sales...
Eagles---The History of the Eagles shows have been attended by over 1,100,000 people since the world tour
started in July 2013 and grossed more than $145,000,000.

Monday 30 June 2014...7.15pm to 10pm...
Masterpiece Midsummer Party at Royal Hospital Chelsea, Royal Hospital Road, London, SW3.
Every summer in London, galleries from all over the world offer for sale some of their best works of art together in one place - in the grounds of The Royal Hospital Chelsea. The scope and quality of what's on offer is breathtaking.
Masterpiece London 2014, now in its 5th year, is an eclectic mix of old and new jewellery, antiques, furniture, paintings and design. With 158 galleries' stands, you can wander past pictures by Warhol and Magritte, life-size horse sculptures by Nic Fiddian-Green, dazzling diamonds by Cartier or collections of medieval armour. You can even buy a beautiful bespoke safe in which to lock away your jewels and watches.
There's something for everyone, as long as you're well-heeled that is. Even the safe will set you back 100,000 Euros.
A massive crowd as over 800 upmarket folks are here including lots of people I know.
Most have paid £95 for their tickets that benefits Marie Curie Cancer Care.
Like previous years there are a decent amount of faces here including Princess Beatrice,Rachel Hunter,
David Bailey,Monica Lewinsky,Yasmin Le Bon,Amber Le Bon,Noelle Reno,Heather Kerzner,John Caudwell,
Clive Owen,Kirsty Allsopp,Sally Farmiloe,Jasmine Guinness,Mark Thatcher,Tania Bryer,Amanda Wakeley,
and some Chelsea Pensioners in their red uniforms.
Complimentary Ruinart champers,cocktails,beers and canapés for all guests.
There is a jazz band playing and some performance artists are walking between the crowd.
One of the auction lots included a painting lesson with Ronnie Wood at his London studio.
www.masterpiecefair.comIt is on here until 02 July 2014

The Calling Festival at Clapham Common,London on the weekend of 28/29 June.
Another new venue for this festival that used to have Hard Rock Cafe as it's sponsors.
A bit of rainy drizzle on both days but nothing that lasted too long.
Big crowds both days with Stevie Wonder selling more tickets than Aerosmith.
Big screens in use for both days.
Saturday 28 June 2014.
Aerosmith + Joe Bonamassa + Walking Papers + Thunder + Richie Sambora + Radkey.
RADKEY play for around 40 mins.
Radkey are a punk metal band from Missouri that is made up of three brothers.
They are hotly tipped by the likes of NME and make a great racket.
They look super cool with an image that crosses Jimi Hendrix and Phil Lynott.
RICHIE SAMBORA plays for around 45 mins.
Richie Sambora not in Bon Jovi at the moment as he did not want to commit to a year long tour with them.
He still looks like a proper rock star.
He starts and finishes his set with two Bon Jovi anthems 'Raise Your Hands' and 'Wanted Dead Or Alive'
and plays some good solo albums tracks in the middle chunk.
THUNDER play for around 45 mins.
Thunder go down really well as they have lots of catchy singalong tracks.
Full Thunder setlist played...
Dirty Love
River of Pain
Higher Ground
Low Life In High Places
Backstreet Symphony
The Devil Made Me Do It
Love Walked In
I Love You More Than Rock 'N' Roll
WALKING PAPERS were on for around 50 mins on the second stage big tent.
Walking Papers feature ex Guns And Roses bass player Duff McKagan.
Duff gets a massive cheer when he arrives on stage.
Walking Papers self-titled debut album was released October 2012 and featured contributions by
Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready.
The set is full of good tracks from the album with no Guns And Roses tracks played tonight.
JOE BONAMASSA is down for an hour but I catch the last 30 mins as he overlapped with Walking Papers.
Some really nifty blues guitar playing by Joe as usual.
AEROSMITH play for around 1 hour 50 mins.
Aerosmith are one of the rare 1970s bands still playing with all five original members.
Aerosmith back in the UK after their headlining show at The Download Festival.
This is the last show on the Aerosmith European Tour.
I first saw Aerosmith back in 1976 at Hammersmith Odeon on their debut UK tour.
Aerosmith are on fire tonight with a fantastic set.
Steven Tyler is just the perfect rock singer who looks amazing for age 66.
He has more scarves than Hermes on his microphone and on his jacket.
He made great use of the stage extension as he pretty much used it nearly every song.
Joe Perry also looking cool and playing great guitar.
So many great songs for the crowd to sing along to.
A totally excellent set.
Full Aerosmith setlist played...
Mama Kin
Eat the Rich
Love in an Elevator
Oh Yeah
Livin' on the Edge (with Richie Sambora helping out on vocals)
Last Child
Rag Doll
Freedom Fighter
Same Old Song and Dance
Rats in the Cellar
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
No More No More
Come Together (The Beatles cover)
Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
Walk This Way
Dream On
Sweet Emotion
Overall a great bunch of bands today.
I spotted Julien Lennon in the crowd.
Bands tipped for next years event include Kiss and Queen.

Sunday 29 June 2014.
Stevie Wonder + Jack Johnson + Paloma Faith.
PALOMA FAITH plays for around 55 mins.
Paloma looks fab as usual in a stunning outfit and a great hat and her band are all in tartan.
Paloma has lots of fun banter with the fans as usual.
She dedicated one song to all the blokes in the crowd that top up their own Oyster cards without
asking their girlfriend for a fiver.That seemed to ring a bell with the females in the crowd.
Lots of great songs including 'Only Love Can Hurt Like This','Picking Up The Pieces' and
the brilliant 'Can't Rely On You'
JACK JOHNSON plays for around 60 mins.
His laid back acoustic rock went down well as the sun came out.
Highlights included 'Radiate','Better Together' and 'Good People'.
STEVIE WONDER plays for around 2 hours 10 mins.
Stevie Wonder plays his only UK show as part of his European Tour.
Massive cheers for Stevie when he arrives on stage as the crowd clearly love this legend.
Stevie dedicated a song to Bobby Womack.
Here is a list of most of the songs played...
Master Blaster (Jammin')
Higher Ground
Part-Time Lover
Living for the City
Sir Duke
Signed, Sealed, Delivered
You Are the Sunshine of My Life
My Cherie Amour
I Just Called to Say I Love You
Another Star
Superstition (with Richie Sambora on guitar)
A great show.
Richie Sambora had a busy weekend
Fri---he joined Dolly Parton on stage at The 02 Arena
Sat---he played his own show at Clapham Common.
Sat---he joined Aerosmith on backing vocals at Clapham Commom.
Sun afternoon---he joined Dolly Parton on stage at Glastonbury.
Sun---he joined Stevie Wonder on stage at Clapham Common. here for more info.

Saturday 28 June 2014...some very sad news to report...
Legendary soul singer and songwriter Bobby Womack, who penned hits for many of the greatest musicians of the 20th Century, has died at the age of 70.
The cause of death was not announced, but Womack had suffered from cancer and Alzheimer's disease and battled with drug addiction.
His hits included It's All Over Now, performed by the Rolling Stones, and Lookin' for Love.
He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009.
Over the last couple of years he had made a bit of a comeback as Damon Albarn helped
out on his last album.
I saw Bobby Womack play at The Royal Albert Hall last year.

Friday 27 June 2014.
The Daptone Super Soul Revue live at Shepherds Bush Empire,London.
Featuring Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings, Antibalas, Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaires.
The renaissance of soul music in recent years has been fueled and ignited by a musical energy that has exploded out of a tightly knit family of musicians in Brooklyn, New York. In their many incarnations, these individuals help to create the dynamic roster of indie phenomenon Daptone Records. Though each artist has toured internationally and all have earned reputations for incendiary live shows, up until now, the legendary Daptone Super Soul Revue in its full splendor has been an experience rarely seen outside of New York City.
Tonight the packed out venue feels like we could be at The Harlem Apollo.
We miss the short sets by the first couple of acts but catch the main three acts.
The acts all use the same equipment and the musicians change around a bit.
No proper interval as it went straight from one act to the other.
A bit of a surprise that Charles Bradley is third headliner and not second headliner.
Charles Bradley now aged 65 is an American funk/soul/R&B singer with a 1960s/1970s style.
His style and voice owes a lot to James Brown and Otis Redding.An enjoyable 40 mins set.
Next up are Antibalas who also play for around 40 mins with a neat funky brass based vibe.
Again there are around a dozen musicians on stage producing a nice big sound.
Antibalas (Spanish for "bulletproof") is a Brooklyn-based afrobeat band that is modeled after Fela Kuti's Africa 70 band and Eddie Palmieri's Harlem River Drive Orchestra. Although their music generally follows the musical architecture and language of afrobeat, it incorporates elements of jazz, funk, dub, improvised music, and traditional drumming from Cuba and West Africa.
Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings are on for around 55 mins.
The Dap-Kings were hired as session musicians on a number of projects associated with New York based DJ/producer/recording artist Mark Ronson. Most notable of these is their extensive inclusion and somewhat unheralded contribution to Amy Winehouse's album Back to Black (2006). Six of the album's eleven tracks feature various members of the Dap-Kings with two notable hits from the album, "Rehab" and "You Know I'm No Good", extensively featuring the Dap-Kings.
Sharon Jones is a lively singer with hints of early Tina Turner.
She got three male audience members on stage for a dance during different songs.
Encore was all the acts on stage for a cover of "Family Affair" the 1971 number-one hit single recorded by
Sly & the Family Stone with over 20 musicians on stage.
An enjoyable funky soul evening.

Thursday 26 June 2014...I went to two events tonight...
6pm to 7.15pm
David Remfry at Fortnum & Mason - '22 Inventions' launch at Fortnum & Mason, 4th Floor,181 Piccadilly, London, W1.
Always nice to be in the beautiful Diamond Jubilee Tea Salon on the 4th floor at this famous store.
David Remfry has 22 of his artworks now hanging on the walls here.
All guests had complimentary Fortnum & Mason champers,cocktails,wines and lots canapés and desserts.
All guests got given a copy of David Remfry 'Dancers' book.
About David Remfry.
David Remfry’s artistic career spans more than 30 years. A figurative painter born and trained in England.
Remfry has a long-established reputation as a draftsman and watercolorist, having had over 50 solo exhibitions in Europe and America including solo exhibitions at P.S.1 Contemporary Arts Center, New York City, a Museum of Modern Art affiliate (Curated by Alanna Heiss), the Boca Raton Museum of Art, Florida, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge and the Ferens Art Gallery, Hull.
Remfry works almost exclusively in watercolor, but not in the conventional way of small, polite landscapes. His watercolors are large; some single-figure pieces are practically life-size, and his subjects are decidedly urban.
7.30pm to 9pm.
House of Britannia and Thresher & Glenny - launch party at Pasley Tyler, 42 Berkeley Square, London, W1.
Party to launch a global range of business shirts for women designed by Elizabeth Emanuel.
My first time at this private members club a couple of doors away from Annabel's.
Guests here included Elizabeth Emanuel,Sonique,Rula Lenska,Christine and Neil Hamilton.
Nice surprise to see music biz legend Rob Dickins here.
In 1983, Dickins became the Chairman of Warner Music UK (a division of Warner Music Group), remained in that role until December 1998. During his term there, he turned the company into one of the most profitable in the UK.
Barry was with his wife Cherry Gillespie who was my fave Pans People dancer from the 1970s.
Also here was Judy Craymer whose musical theatre producing credits include 'Mamma Mia' and 'Viva Forever'.
Complimentary Nyetimber sparkling wines from Kent and sushi for all guests.

Wednesday 25 June 2014...I went to two events tonight...
6.30pm to 8.30pm.
Prezzo - 200th restaurant opening celebration at Prezzo, 8 Haymarket, London SW1.
Prezzo opened their first restaurant in New Oxford Street in 2002 and now they have 200 restaurants.
Complimentary presecco,Peroni beers and loads of their very nice Italian food with bowl dishes,pizza,
canapés and desserts.
An acoustic guitarist was playing cover songs in the background.
A very nice open plan kitchen at the rear where you can see all the chefs preparing the food.
Faces here included Desperate Housewives actor Jesse Metcalfe and his actress girlfriend Cara Santana,
Sugar Rush star Olivia Hallinan and Zoe Hardman. the Prezzo website here for more info.
8.45pm to 11.30pm.
Library - members club launch party at Library, 112 St Martin’s Lane, London, WC2.
A very lively busy party atmosphere here for the launch of this new private members club.
Faces here included Jonathan Ross,Paloma Faith,Nicky Clarke,David Emanuel,Mr Hudson,
Gizzi Erskine,Jameela Jamil and Amber Atherton.
The girls from Haim were one of the dj guests and they did a great job for their session.
At 10.30pm Kelis performed a 30 mins 6 track set to backing tracks.
The highlight was 'Bounce' which was the Calvin Harris hit that featured Kelis on vocals.
Also played were 'Trick Me' and '4th Of July(Fireworks)' but for some reason she did not sing
her big hit 'Milkshake' as that was left for the dj to play when Kelis left the stage.
Complimentary Pommery champers,cocktails and canapés for all guests.
www.lib-rary.comCheck out their website for more info.

Tuesday 24 June---England 0 Costa Rica on tv 5pm...
England go home with a whimper after a nightmare World Cup where they only got one point from 3 games.
In the other game Luis Suarez has been biting an opposing player again.
Tuesday 24 June---Happy Birthday to Jeff Beck who is 70 today.
Tuesday 24 June---Happy Birthday to Mick Fleetwood who is 67 today.

Monday 23 June 2014...I went to two events in Wardour Street tonight...
Each was a few yards away from the site of the legendary Marquee Club which I visited back in the 1970s.
6.15pm to 9pm.
Centre Court at The O Bar - VIP launch at The O Bar Soho, 83-85 Wardour Street, Soho,London, W1.
Fantastic buzzing location on the corner up by the Old Compton Street end of Wardour Street.
The first floor of this bar has been given a tennis theme for the two weeks of Wimbledon.
Tennis racquets and tennis balls are stuck to all the walls with a big screen showing the tennis.
The staff are dressed as ball boys and ball girls.
They have a happy hour until 8pm with cocktails named after famous tennis players.
Complimentary Lanson champers,Pimms and strawberries and cream for all guests.
Guests here included Liz McClarnon and Lizzie Cundy.
www.obarsoho.comCheck their website here for full info.
9.02pm to 10.30pm
Vapiano launch party at Vapiano,84 Wardour Street,Soho,London W1.
In October 2002 the first Vapiano in Hamburg, Germany, opened its doors.
Two years later, the founders decided to set Vapiano on a world tour and today there are already over 140 Vapiano's in 26 countries on 4 continents, with many more international openings planned for the future.
Long oak tables are an open invitation to communication—with friends, family, or even with other guests.
When you arrive you'll be given a vapiano card and you use this to register your order as the chef prepares your meal.
Pasta, pizzas, antipasti and salads are ordered directly from the chefs at the individual stations within the restaurant and they prepare all dishes to order in front of you so that you have your meal prepared exactly how you want it.
Extra garlic? Done. Extra chilli? No problem.
Lots of great staff here making sure all guests are happy.
A dj downstairs playing some tunes in the background.
Lots of complimentary different pizza and pasta dishes along with Aperol Spritz,Peroni beers,wines and
i had a couple of Jack Daniels and cokes. their website for full info.

Friday 20 June 2014.
Eagles live at The 02 Arena,London.
Eagles play the third of their four shows at The 02 Arena.
Eagles are on their massive 'History of the Eagles' world tour.
They have sold over 120 million albums.
In their 1970s heyday they were one of the biggest acts in the world.
A nice long show of 2 hours 50 mins on stage over two sets.
Expensive tickets tonight with the best front and side blocks costing a whopping £125.
Not sure why some bands have to be such money grabbers.
The poor old punter has to pay for their five star hotels and first class plane travel I suppose.
Thankfully I have a nice press guest list ticket right of stage in Block 112 with a mega view.
Did not see any celebs but Christine McVie was here on the first night.
The pr have issued a bio of the band and a setlist and other bits n pieces.
One of the things mentioned is that reviews should refer to the band as Eagles and not The Eagles.
When you have too much money it's the little things that matter it seems.
Like the recent Prince shows a ban on taking photos by the band and management meant security were busy.
The first 20 mins is acoustic tracks from their first two albums that were recorded in London.
The first set was more laid back country rock and the second half was a lot more rockier.
The crowd were very polite in the first half but some got up for a dance in the second half.
There were big screens mixing live footage with some Eagles members talking about the history of the band.
If the 60-somethings have become greyer (Joe Walsh), balder (Bernie Leadon), tubbier (Don Henley) and unnervingly unchanged (Glenn Frey, Timothy B Schmidt) since their O2 dates in 2008, the harmony vocals which always set them apart are still superb and most spectacularly deployed on 'Heartache Tonight' and 'Take it to the Limit'.
For some songs there were six of them singing together which was really good.
As the atmosphere warmed, Frey relented: “If you want to move around and express yourself then as long as you’re not disturbing your neighbour we have no problem with that.” He is a rock star with all the charisma of a train station announcer.
Thankfully Joe Walsh is proper rock n roll and his three songs are a real highlight.
The backing musicians do a great job as they help out on some of the big songs including a mega
'Hotel California'.
You know the stage chat and jokes are the same every night on the tour but the band are a well oiled
machine who play really well and have soooo many great songs.
Full Eagles setlist played...
Set 1
Saturday Night
Train Leaves Here This Morning
Peaceful Easy Feeling
Witchy Woman
Tequila Sunrise
Doolin'-Dalton/Desperado (Reprise)
Already Gone
The Best of My Love
Lyin' Eyes
One of These Nights
Take It to the Limit
Set 2
Wasted Time (Reprise)
Pretty Maids All in a Row
I Can't Tell You Why
New Kid in Town
Love Will Keep Us Alive
Heartache Tonight
Those Shoes
In the City (Joe Walsh song with Joe on vocals)
Life's Been Good (Joe Walsh song with Joe on vocals)
The Long Run
Funk #49 (James Gang cover)
Life in the Fast Lane
Hotel California
Encore 2:
Take It Easy
Rocky Mountain Way (Joe Walsh song with Joe on vocals)

Thursday 19 June 2014---England 1 Uruguay 2---World Cup 2014 Group D---England second game.
England lose again and bar a miracle will be heading home next week.
Fit and raring to go again, Luis Suarez bagged a superb brace to push England nearer the exit door in Group D. The Liverpool man opened the scoring just before the break, heading home from a clever Edinson Cavani cross.
After the break, the Three Lions fought back with Wayne Rooney finally breaking his World Cup duck. However, with the game heading towards a draw, Steven Gerrard misjudged a punt from Fernando Muslera, with the ball skidding off his head and into the path of an alert Suarez. With the England backline sleeping, the striker lashed home past Joe Hart to send Roy Hodgson’s men to their second defeat in a row.
Overall, England failed to click against Uruguay and now need Italy to win their final two games if they are to avoid an embarrassing early flight home.