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March 02, 2018

Saturday 03 March 2018.
A rock musician recently said this and it really is a timely reminder about making sure you see your
fave older bands now before it's too late.
This pretty much applies to my two fave genres - punk rock and classic rock.
"I think that could be a reality for a couple reasons. One is the age factor. It's no secret that none of us are young kids anymore. It's a question of a lot of our musical brothers are dying, and a lot of other ones either have health issues or just don't want to put their bodies and their minds through the touring thing anymore. It could grind to a halt at some point in the foreseeable future. If you're a fan of any particular band, you should be well-advised — especially if it's a band from the '80s or the '70s — that if you say to yourself, 'Well, I'll catch them next time,' there may not be a next time. Things change very quickly, and especially when you get to be [in the] golden years, so to speak. If you really want to see a band, make the effort to go see them, because it may be the last time you'll see them. I can't even tell you how many times I've heard people say, 'I wish I had gone to see QUIET RIOT in 2007, because the next thing I knew, Kevin DuBrow died, and I will never get to see QUIET RIOT with Kevin DuBrow."
I saw QUIET RIOT three times in the 1980s when their great album 'Metal Health' got them big success.
Two times supporting Judas Priest in 1983 at Hammersmith Odeon and then their own headline show at
Hammersmith Odeon in 1984.

Friday 02 March 2018.
On this day in KISSTORY -
March 2, 2010 - KISS performed at a special intimate promotional gig for 800 fans at the packed
Islington Academy.
The show was a rare chance for fans to see one of the world's biggest bands in an intimate venue.
I was there to see them up close in full costumes and make up.
They had to cut the set short by a couple of songs due to an arena's worth of dry ice being let off at the end
and it was difficult to breathe for a bit.

Friday 02 March 2018.
Thursday and Friday has seen the worst snow in the UK for many years.
More snow falling all Friday afternoon means no respite until Saturday or Sunday.

Friday 02 March---Happy Birthday to Jon Bon Jovi who is 56 today.
Friday 02 March---Happy Birthday to Coldplay's Chris Martin who is 41 today
Thurs 01 March---Happy Birthday to Roger Daltrey who is 74 today.

Wednesday 28 February 2018...I went to two events today....
Freezing cold and lots of snow in London today.
3.30pm to 6pm
Two exhibitions next to each other at Olympia, London W14.
This exhibition pretty much focuses on everything you could need if you were putting on a summer
music festival or event.
Companies here include security , portable bars, portable designs, wristbands, lanyards, PA systems,
mobile food catering and taxis / caravans serving hot drinks,ticket scanning machines,ticket printers,
two way radios, staging, sound desks, video screens,marquees, event structures and interiors,
crane hire, lighting systems, catering staff recruitment,re-usable plastic cups,crowd safety barriers,
various amusement attractions including bouncy castles and mini-curling.
Multi mobile phone charging units.
Venues from around the UK are showing their event spaces.
There are a couple of music venues including Under The Bridge, Chelsea showcasing.
Ricoh Arena, Coventry are here....also party covers bands available for hire...
Maidstone Event Centre are here promoting their summer shows including their nice bill on
Sat 04 Aug with Simple Minds , Pretenders and KT Tunstall.
Racecourses, conference centres, university's, hotels, The Design Museum, Farnborough Airport,
A highlight here was a 10 mins display from TITAN THE ROBOT which was great fun.
It is a seven foot tall radio controlled Robot with very human like characteristics.
It even sung a couple of songs including 'Cry Me A River ' as it squirted water from its eyes at the crowd.
Leaving us with a version of 'My Way'.
www.titantherobot.comVisit the website here for more info.
The press office and some of the stands are giving out complimentary drinks & food including
Gin & Tonics, prosecco, wines, beers, coffees, canapés , ice-cream , chocs etc.
6.30pm to 10pm
MAHIKI KENSINGTON - showcase - 2a Kensington High Street, London W8.
This venue is on the right side of The Royal Garden Hotel.
Mahiki Mayfair is already well known and this is their second venue which opened September 2017.
It is taking the place of the “schnapps and schnitzel” Alpine lodge-themed Bodo’s Schloss.
Mahiki Kensington has a 150-cover restaurant called Pufferfish serving pan-Asian dishes such as tuna tartare, and salmon with truffle oil and ponzu that will be seared with a blowtorch at the table. There will be a cocktail and sushi bar in the evenings “and areas of the venue that are not blaring loud music,”.
Around 100 guests are here for the Tiki themed evening.
There was a three piece act playing Tiki songs and cover versions.
There were three Tiki girl dancers who each performed two routines which was good to watch.
We have a choice of three different rum cocktails along with some very tasty food including
bowl food and canapés including very yummy black cod tempura.
www.mahikikensington.comVisit their website here for more info.

Wednesday 28 February 2018.
Sad news that legendary film director LEWIS GILBERT has died at the grand old age of 97.
Lewis Gilbert CBE ,was a British film director, producer and screenwriter, who directed more than 40 films during six decades; among them such varied titles as Reach for the Sky (1956), Sink the Bismarck! (1960), Alfie (1966), Educating Rita (1983) and Shirley Valentine (1989), as well as three James Bond films: You Only Live Twice (1967), The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) and Moonraker (1979).

Wednesday 28 February 2018.
Do yourself a favour and check out these three great video tracks on YouTube.
Van Halen - Jump - Ellen DeGeneres
The Godfathers - I Want Everything - (gangster number one )
The Rolling Stones - Dead Flowers (live) official - with Mick Taylor

Tuesday 27 February 2018.
You gotta laugh at this story....
Disappointed WILL.I.AM fans have been granted refunds, after discovering that autographed copies of his new book were actually signed by a robot.
The rapper and producer recently co-penned ‘WAR: Wizards And Robots’, a young adult novel set in a dystopian future, which was well-received by critics and fans.
However, some of these aforementioned fans were less than thrilled to learn that the autograph in their so-called “signed copy” was actually done by a robot, in keeping with the novel’s futurisic themes.
Booksellers Waterstone’s are now granting refunds to those who had been expecting the autograph would have been done by the man himself, rather than a robot performing an exact replica of his signature.
They said in a statement (via The Sun): “ is an enthusiastic user of technologies in both his professional and personal life and it has recently come to our attention that the signed editions of ‘Wizards And Robots’ have been signed by’s own high tech robotic device, which faithfully reproduces his signature.

Monday 26 February 2018.
ROLLIN STONED live at The Theatre Royal, Windsor.
The Rollin Stoned are playing a 20th anniversary tour of the UK
Along with The Counterfeit Stones they are the top Stones tributes in the UK.
By coincidence this show is on the same day that Rolling Stones UK stadium shows confirmed.
The real Rolling Stones tickets will be very expensive but seeing Rollin Stoned will be much cheaper.
www.rollinstoned.comVisit the Rollin Stoned website here for their future gigs list.
Back to this cosy all seated 633 capacity theatre for the second evening on the bounce.
ROLLIN STONED are on stage for around 2 hours 15 mins...much longer than The Stones play.
It was two sets of 60 mins and 75 mins.
For the first half a dozen songs they are copying the classic Stones line-up of Mick, Keef, Charlie,
Mick Taylor, Bill Wyman, Nicky Hopkins then Brian Jones arrives on stage wearing Angel wings.
For the last three quarters of the show there are seven musicians on stage.
The clothes, wigs and Stones mannerisms are all there.
The Rolling Stones 'Lips' logo is behind the drum kit.
Lots of between song jokey mentions about booze and drugs.....Brian was smoking an 'E Spliff'.
Lots of the usual Stones classics played along with songs they don't play live anymore.
The second half was more livelier as the crowd got up and had a dance.
At the end of the show they came to the foyer for a meet & great.
A very enjoyable show and a great warm up for the real thing in three months time.
Full setlist played tonight...
Start Me Up
It's Only Rock and Roll
Tumbling Dice
Route 66
Shine a Light
She's A Rainbow
Not Fade Away
Paint It Black
Lady Jane
Under My Thumb
Ruby Tuesday
Dead Flowers
You Can't Always Get What You Want
Sympathy for the Devil
Street Fighting Man
Gimme Shelter
Midnight Rambler
Happy (Keef singing lead vocals)
19th Nervous Breakdown
The Last Time
Let's Spend The Night Together
Get Off My Cloud
Honky Tonk Woman (a dozen fans on stage with the band for a dance)
Jumping Jack Flash
Encore :
Wild Horses
It's All Over Now
Brown Sugar

Sunday 25 February 2018.
THE BARRON KNIGHTS live at The Theatre Royal, Windsor, Berkshire.
The Barron Knights started out as a straight pop group, and spent a couple of years touring and playing in English dance halls before making their way to Hamburg, Germany. Bill Wyman, later of the Rolling Stones, has written that the Barron Knights were the first group he saw with an electric bass, at a performance in Aylesbury in July 1961, inspiring him to take up the instrument.In 1963, at the invitation of Brian Epstein, they were one of the support acts on The Beatles' Christmas shows at the Finsbury Park Astoria in London, and later became one of the few acts to tour with both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.
Only original member is Peter 'Peanut' Langford (now aged 74) – rhythm guitarist, vocalist.
They had five Top 10 hits in the UK in the 1960s and 1970s.
Their 1978 release "A Taste of Aggro", which parodied "Rivers of Babylon", "Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs" and "The Smurf Song", became the group's biggest hit with sales of over one million,reaching number 3 in the UK chart.
It's more than 50 years since The Barron Knights started touring the world with their unique style of comedy and rock'n'roll.
Their style was to cover other folks hits of the day and change the lyrics to their own 'humorous new words'.
They have performed at the London Palladium more than 300 times.
In 1965 they were on the support bill there when Ken Dodd Variety Show played a 26 WEEK run.
They are popular around the world and have completed 32 tours of Australia.
The Barron Knights don't seem to play London that much recently and the only time i have seen
them was at the Lonnie Donegan tribute show at The Royal Albert Hall on 21 June 2004 where they
were one of the support acts to the likes of Van Morrison, Roger Daltrey, Joe Cocker, Mark Knopfler,
Chas n Dave and errrr Rolf Harris amongst others.
An older crowd here as expected.
I have a nice view in the front stalls, just six rows from the stage.
THE BARRON KNIGHTS are on stage for 95 mins over two sets of 55 mins and 40 mins.
The show was pretty much 75% cover versions from the 1950s and 1960s along with a couple from 1970s.
They played all their Top 10 hits in the second half.
Four members on stage with Pete on vocals and a keyboard player....great harmonies.
Pete did a great job of entertaining the crowd with stories and light hearted jokes.
Pete did a great job of getting the crowd involved with some singing along.
They signed copies of their recent album in the foyer after the end of the show.
An enjoyable show.
Mainly covers by the likes of Buddy Holly, The Shadows, The Coasters, The Everly Brothers and
a couple of their own tracks with changed lyrics including a hilarious version of Queens 'Killer Queen'
with changed lyrics and re-titled 'Camilla'....all this and right next to Windsor Castle.
The band returned wearing different suits.
More rock n roll songs from the 1950s and 1960s including The Beach Boys and The Beatles.
They played all their five Top 10 hits including 'Call Up The Groups' from 1964 and
'A Taste of Aggro' from 1978.
A cover of Lonnie Donegan's 'Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour?'.
Encore :
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Save The Last Dance For Me
God Gave Rock and Roll To You
www.barronknights.comVisit their website here for more info and future tour dates.

Saturday 24 February 2018.
Great documentary last night on BBC radio dj Annie Nightingale.
She was the first female presenter on BBC Radio 1 and is its longest-serving presenter.
Still on Radio 1 (Wednesday 1am to 3am during the night) at the age of 77....yes 77.
Still playing new music and talking enthusiastically about new acts....pretty amazing.

Saturday 24 February 2018.
A shock death to report.
British actress Emma Chambers has died aged only 53, her agent has confirmed.
Known for playing 'dippy' Alice Tinker in the BBC's The Vicar of Dibley, the Doncaster-born star
also had roles in Notting Hill and the TV adaptation of Martin Chuzzlewit.

Saturday 24 February 2018.
Another sad music death to report.
The Real Thing’s Eddy Amoo has passed away at the age of 74.
Amoo was singer in the British soul group, who reached number one in the UK during 1976 with their
best-known hit ‘You To Me Are Everything’.
Their other hits included ‘Can You Feel The Force’ and ‘Can’t Get By Without You’.
The Real Thing were the first all-black British band to have a UK number one single.
The song returned to the charts in 1986, when it reached number five.
Amoo started his career leading Merseybeat a capella group The Chants in the 1960s. John Lennon was said to have championed them, and they were represented by The Beatles' manager Brian Epstein for a short time.
I saw The Real Thing six times in the 1970s and 1980s...each time was as a support act to David Essex at
Hammersmith Odeon as they both had the same promoter / manager (Mel Bush).
Mel Bush was a major promoter in the 1970s as he promoted Led Zeppelin (Earls Court Arena), David Bowie,
Elton John , The Osmonds , Slade and many others.

Saturday 24 February 2018.
40 years ago today.
Singer Brian Connolly played his last British show with the classic Sweet line-up at Hammersmith Odeon.
I was at that show.
His final live performance with the band was in July 1978 in Florida, USA when they supported Alice Cooper.

Friday 23 February 2018.
CINDY WILSON live at Under The Bridge @ Chelsea Football Club, London SW6.
Opening date of her UK & European Tour and her first ever show solo show outside of North America.
“Change” marks an important milestone for Cindy Wilson: her first solo LP during a 40-year career with the legendary B-52s! Cindy feels that this project allowed her to be free to experiment with genre and sound in a new way.
The B-52s were one of the best bands to come out of the 'New Wave' era.
The "guy vs. gals" vocals of Schneider, Pierson, and Wilson, sometimes used in call and response style, and their unique guitar and keyboard driven instrumentation compose their trademark sound.
I was at their first London show in 1979 at The Electric Ballroom when their classic debut album came out.
Their special guests supporting them that night were The Troggs.
It is freezing outside tonight so nice to get inside this modern cosy venue.
CINDY and her band came on stage at just after 8.45pm and played for around 65 mins.
Cindy arrives on stage wearing black patent trousers along with a feather boa and bunny hat ears.
The setlist from recent American shows featured solo material and no B-52s tracks and that is what we got.
Cindy's vocals remind me of Alison Goldfrapp / Sarah Cracknell in style.
Cindy has a 'wand' sound machine to her right that she moves her hand around to create wavy sounds.
Most of the songs have a nice electronic pop sound to them.
It was all about the new album songs tonight as there was barely any stage chat.
The first words to the audience were at at the end of the main set when Cindy said "Thank you"
and when Cindy came back for the encore as she said "Thanks for coming out tonight".
I would imagine most of the crowd would have liked a couple of B-52s tracks but that's for another time.
You have to admire her for looking to the future rather than relying on past glories.
An enjoyable show.
Full Cindy Wilson setlist played tonight...
No One Can Tell You
Twice Shy
People are Asking
On the Inside
Stand Back Time
Things I'd Like to Say
Take My Time

Thursday 23 February 2018...6.15pm to 9pm...
LONDON MARRIOTT HOTEL COUNTY HALL , Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1.
This luxury hotel is across the bridge from Big Ben.
Tonight is a party to celebrate Chinese New Year and to showcase the new luxury flats
near the London Eye called 'Southbank Place'.
Complimentary food & drink included two different cocktails,prosecco, wines, beers and lots of
tasty Chinese food brought in from the PING PONG restaurant nearby.
Around 150 guests here, with half being Chinese/Asian.
One room had great models of the area including the new block of flats and The London Eye.
There was a group playing Chinese music at one end.
There was a fun photo area where we got a nice hard copy picture.
A fun event.
www.southbank-place.comVisit their website here for more info on Southbank Place.

Tuesday 21 February 2018...6.30pm to 10.45pm...
NINA NAUSTDAL - Fashion Show - Tramp , Jermyn Street,London SW1.
Always very nice to be at Tramp, one of London's most famous original nightclubs.
Over its 40-year history Tramp has been frequented by many celebrities, socialites, aristocrats and royalty.
Peter Sellers, Joan Collins, Liza Minnelli and Ringo Starr have all had their wedding receptions at the club.
A nice buzzy atmosphere as there must be at least 200 guests here with many fabulously dressed females.
The club has seats all over the two main rooms of the club.
We are in the smaller room by the bar which is acting as the VIP/Press Room.
A dozen photographers are here.
Nina Naustdal is here wearing one of her own incredible gowns.
Nina is a London-based fashion designer....with the motto 'Normal is boring!'
Guests included pr legend Liz Brewer and Top Model's first ever transgender competitor, Talulah-Eve Brown.
At 8pm host Lizzie Cundy proudly introduced Nina Naustdal's couture show at Tramp as part of London Fashion Week .
Clad in a glittering silver gown with sheer panels, the TV personality, 47, looked very glamourous.
Award-winning designer , Nina Naustdal , presents her new Couture SS18, Black Collection SS18,
Fur and Leather AW18/19, Children's Collection SS18 and Dog Collection SS18.
Handmade in Nina Naustdal's London based Atelier , each piece receives her personal attention.
For 30 mins we have a stunning fashion show featuring all the above collections as X Factor 2015 Finalist
Anton Stephan's serenaded the models as they walked between our seats.
We have an adorable young boy and girl modelling the Children's Collection SS18 while holding a very cute
chihuahua dog which went down well with the crowd.
The wedding dress displayed here was pretty jaw dropping.
At 9.30pm we had an opera singer perform a seven song 30 mins set.
London based classical singer Vasili Karpiak is a hugely versatile soloist.
Really great to see & hear quality opera in such an intimate setting.
At 10pm the dj sounds kicked in and we had a boogie on the dance floor.
There was a fun photo booth that was very popular.
Complimentary champers, wines and canapés for all guests.
Guests in the VIP /Press recieved a nice goodie bag with a 50ml fragrance and cosmetics and other items.
An excellent event.
www.nina-naustdal.comVisit the NINA NAUSTDAL website here for more info and photos.

Tuesday 21 February 2018.
KFC has run out of chicken.
This might sound like a joke but we’re actually deadly serious – London is in the grip of a KFC chicken drought. The fast-food giant has closed 750 of its 900 UK outlets as a result of problems with its new delivery contract. Just 18 of its restaurants remain open in London, and people are completely distraught.
Jamie Oliver's restaurant empire is going through a rocky phase.
13 of his Jamie's Italian have closed this year and now Barbecoa in Piccadilly (next to BAFTA)
has closed just a year after it opened.
I went to the launch party and I thought the venue and the food there was great.

Tuesday 21 February 2018.
GIBSON GUITARS in trouble ???
One of the world's favourite guitar manufacturers could be forced to pull the plug because of dire financial problems, as the industry struggles to cope with waning interest in rock music.
Gibson, a favourite of musicians such as BB King, Slash and many more is struggling with debt repayment deadlines and the recent departure of its chief financial officer after less than a year in the job.
According to a recent report in the Nashville Post, Gibson Guitars faces a $375m (£268m) deadline for a debt repayment in less than six months’ time. A further $145m worth of bank loans are due to mature immediately, if those notes – which were issued back in 2013 – are not refinanced or repaid by 23 July.

Monday 19 February 2018...7.45pm to 10.15pm...
FASHION COUNCIL GERMANY - AW18 presentation - Embassy of Germany, 23 Belgrave Square,
Belgravia,London SW1.
As it is an Embassy there are two armed police outside the venue.
The Embassy is a stunning building with big rooms and high ceilings and works of art everywhere.
Over 200 guests are here to see the static presentation.
There are 15 German designers here showing two outfits each.
ZAZI had two nice coats as their aim is give new life to traditional vintage clothing so we
had two kaftan style 70s coats that were full of embroidery and looked great.
Complimentary Charles Lafitte champers, wines and lots of tasty canapés for all guests.
A nice touch at the end of the event as they had five courtesy cars to take guests to the tube station
(within reasonable distance)) of their choice so i got one to Paddington. the FASHION COUNCIL GERMANY website here for more info.
www.zazi-vintage.comVisit the ZAZI website here for more info.

Monday 19 February 2018.
Happy Birthday to Black Sabbath guitar legend Tony Iommi who is 70 today.
Happy Birthday to soul legend Smokey Robinson who is 78 today.
AC/DC singer Bon Scott was found in London this day in 1980.

Sunday 18 February 2018...I went to two events tonight...
8.45pm to 10.45pm
AADNEVIK - Autumn / Winter 2018 Show at The Royal Horseguards,One Whitehall Place, London SW1.
This is one of my fave events of London Fashion Week.
This historic building has a stunning circular staircase.
AADNEVIK is a London based luxury womenswear label as a design partnership between Hila Aadnevik and Kristian Aadnevik, whose defining themes are a blend of opulence, sensuality and gloom. The brand is currently at a steady growing position with a strong customer base amongst the celebrity and elite society, stocking in key cities worldwide. Celebrities include: Rihanna, Beyonce, Madonna, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Jourdan Dunn and many more.
It is totally buzzing here with anticipation as there must over 300 guests and over 20 photographers.
Two rows of seats either side of the catwalk with two more rows of standing behind the seats.
The theme for this evenings collection is Swan Lake.
From 10pm to 10.30pm we had a perfectly executed catwalk show.
I counted ten female models who had three beautiful dresses each.
All the models wore silver strap sandal high heels to compliment the outfits.
Complimentary De Watere champers for all guests at the reception and in your seats.
All guests got a nice goodie bag that included items from MoroccanOil and other cosmetics.
www.adnevik.comVisit the AADNEVIK website here for more info and photos.
11.30pm to 5am.
BAFTA party at Soho House, London W1.
This party was hosted by Entertainment One,20th Century Fox, Sony Films and Lionsgate.
The BAFTAS were held earlier at The Royal Albert Hall...this year hosted by Joanna Lumley.
For the last four years i attended the Harvey Weinstein BAFTA party after the awards which always had some
big name A-listers but due to his recent downfall that party will not be on this year.
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, about a woman seeking justice for her daughter's murder, scooped the top prizes at the Bafta Film Awards.
The drama won five trophies including best film, best British film and best actress for Frances McDormand.
Gary Oldman won best actor for playing Winston Churchill - one of two awards for World War Two epic Darkest Hour.
Fantasy romance The Shape of Water took three trophies.
This was one of the main parties after the BAFTAs.
Over 300 guests are spread out over the many floors of this private members club.
"I, Tonya" stars Margot Robbie and Allison Janney were on-hand for the glamorous soiree, as were Jamie Bell and Kate Mara, "Lady Bird" star Saoirse Ronan and French actress Isabelle Huppert.
Guests enjoyed Grey Goose cocktails as Jax Jones played hits all night long. More stars in attendance were Sam Claflin, Willem Dafoe, Andy Serkis and Salma Hayek.
Also here were Martin Freeman , Ozwald Boateng and no doubt a few more i missed.
We got there early so the four of us got a great table on the first floor watching everyone arrive.
We sat there for three hours as the waiters fussed over us bringing us complimentary champers,
five different Grey Goose cocktails including Espresso Martins, different bowl foods, full size pizza,
canapés and yummy desserts including Tiramisu.
Next to us was a BAFTA winner with his trophy so we got some pictures with it.
Later on we moved upstairs to the dance floor area.
Needless to say a fantastic party.
As expected it was a very late finish so i was going homeward bound as folks were coming in to work.

Saturday 17 February 2018....I went to two events tonight...
6.45pm to 8.15pm
FASHION COLLECTIVE LONDON - London Fashion Week Catwalk Show ,
Waldorf Hilton Hotel, Aldwych, London WC2.
A great setting as we are in the ballroom of this luxury five star hotel.
Around 250 guests here with a few celebrity faces including...
Philip Sallon (dressed much more soberly than last night as to not take attention away from the designers)
Vanessa Feltz (radio and tv presenter)
Sky Andrew (In the mid-1990s he became the first licensed Black British football agent, engineering Sol Campbell's move from Tottenham Hotspur to Arsenal. Andrew has since represented Jermaine Pennant, David Ginola, Frank Bruno, Jay Bothroyd and Jermain Defoe).
Olivia Cox ( tv and radio presenter and blogger)
Danielle Mason (model whose big boobies were all on show)
Before the catwalk show we have four different singers sing a cover song each.
At 7.45pm we had a very enjoyable catwalk show that lasted for around 30 mins.
It is a proper catwalk show with five rows of chairs on each side with a catwalk down the middle.
The models come out from one end and walk down the stairs and through the crowd.
We have four designers with each showing off several of their creations , mixing couture gowns
with more affordable & edgy designs.
The budget was blown on the stunning venue so only canapés and a pay bar here.
All guests got a small goodie bag of TECHNIC cosmetics.
THE GODFATHERS + TEN BENSON live at The 100 Club, London.
The Godfathers are on a UK tour to promote their album 'A Big Bad Beautiful Noise ' released 2017.
The Godfathers are a great underrated British high octane rock n roll band.
I have seen them around 30 times since 1987 when they first got signed by Epic.
In their early 1990s heyday i saw them headline Brixton Academy.
Peter Coyne on vocals is the only original member.
Support act Ten Benson are a rock band from London, who formed in 1997. Their early releases saw them described as "psychedelic hillbillies",but they later moved on to a (cod-)heavy metal sound.
Great dj tunes from Jeffrey Munday on the night from the likes of The Sex Pistols, Ramones , Iggy Pop etc.
Historic England, a public body that looks after England’s historic environment, have included the 100 Club in a list of “100 buildings and places that tell England’s remarkable story”, published on 6th February 2018.
First nominated by the public, then chosen by novelist Monica Ali, the 100 Club is recognised as one of top 10 places in the Music & Literature category.
TEN BENSON were on stage for around 35 mins.
They played some decent scuzzy type grunge songs that had the crowd nodding away.
THE GODFATHERS arrived on stage at 9.40pm and steamrollered through 22 uptempo gems in 85 mins.
The band are back to a five piece after a short stint as a four piece.
They work much better with both the twin guitars riffing away.
Steve Crittalls guitar heroics and shape-throwing were a joy to watch.
Singer Peter Coyne's onstage banter was sharp and funny as he sneered menacingly at the crowd.
After an opening four song salvo that included older classics 'This Is War' ,'Cause I Said So' and
'If I Only Had Time' Peter Coyne rightly said "That is how you make a great entrance".
A few great tracks off the new album mixed in well with the older tunes.
The band really have got a ton of proper classic tracks that deserve more attention.
Tracks including 'This Damn Nation' , 'Birth, School, Work, Death' and ' I Want Everything' are mega.
Like the new album title says The Godfathers certainly make 'A Big Bad Beautiful Noise'.
A superb show.
Full setlist played tonight...
This Is War
Cause I Said So
A Big Bad Beautiful Noise
If I Only Had Time
Till My Heart Stops Beating
I Want You
Walking Talking Johnny Cash Blues
How Low Is Low
Some Reaction
Unreal World
I Can't Sleep Tonight
When Am I Coming Down
I'm Unsatisfied
Love Is Dead
She Gives Me Love
This Damn Nation
Birth, School, Work, Death
I Want Everything
Let's Get Higher
Blitzkrieg Bop (Ramones cover)

Friday 16 February 2018..,8.45pm to 10.45pm...
FASHION HONG KONG - presentation - Somerset House , London WC2.
A big crowd of around 300 folks are here for this London Fashion Week event.
Quite a few people here that I know so that's always nice.
Always good to see Philip Sallon (now aged 66) and still wearing outrageous outfits.
Philip is a British, club promoter, event organiser, socialite, style innovator,impresario,and clothing designer.He is particularly known for being a prominent member of the Punk and New Romantic pop cultural movements during the 1970s and 1980s.
There are four up and coming Hong Kong Fashion Designers showcasing.
www.heavenpleasestore.comHEAVEN PLEASE+ OF V
www.maisonvermillion.comMAISON VERMILLION
There are around 25 models here wearing the clothes from the four designers.
A choice of two different gin cocktails, wines, beers, canapés and chocs for all guests.
All guests got a goodie bag on departure.
www.fashionhongkong.comVisit their website here for more info.

Thursday 15 February 2018...I went to three events tonight...
6pm to 7.30pm
FEAST CANTEEN - press launch - Kings Mall, King Street, Hammersmith, London W6.
This shopping centre first opened in 1980.
Being local to the area i have been there many times since the 1980s.
The centre is currently undergoing a multi-million pound transformation.
Part of the transformation is knocking down the area on the ground floor where Burger King used to be.
FEAST CANTEEN is a re-working of the canteen experience, located within Kings Mall Hammersmith.
Food and soft drinks from five quality names...
Patty & Bun
Made of Dough
Breddos Tacos
Salvation in Noodles
I chose to have a lovely meal with Patty & Bun
The Fresh Prince Burger - included Aged Beef Patty, Smoked Streaky Bacon, Monterey Jack Cheese,
Special Sauce, Lettuce , Ketchup, Brioche Bun.
Smoked Confit Wings With BBQ Sauce & Spring Onions (soooo yummy i had to have a second portion)
Chips with Rosemary Salt...along with drinks.
Well worth a visit when you come to Hammersmith.
Opening times
Mon-Fri : 9am to 8pm
Sat-Sun : 11am to 8pm
Eat In, Take-Away as well as Deliveroo Home Delivery
Hammersmith tube station is less than five minutes walk.
Hammersmith Apollo is seven minutes away so you can come here before a show there. the FEAST CANTEEN website here for more info.
8pm to 9.20pm
Wolf & Badger, Dover Street, London W1.
Wolf & Badger is a global online marketplace for independent brands, with storefronts in London and New York.
Phoenix Magazine is a fashion & lifestyle magazine that is celebrating their issue number 22 - AW18.
It is available in selected stores at £6.95.
Around 150 guests are here spread over the two floors.
A young trendy fashion crowd along with a dj playing tunes.
Chloe, Amelia and Lauryn Goodman showed off their enviable figures in equally chic ensembles at the party.
Complimentary drinks including two different cocktails, wines and beers.
All guests got a small goodie bag with the latest PHOENIX MAGAZINE and a couple of make-up items.
www.wolfandbadger.comVisit their website and use the code LFW10 for 10% off until 28 Feb 2018.
9.30pm to 11.30pm
PHOENIX MAGAZINE - after-party - Kadie's Cocktail Bar & Club, 9 Swallow Street, London W1.
Kadie's is a stylish basement club where actor Idris Elba had his recent Christmas Party in Dec 2017.
It got very lively here as guests including fashion designer Joshua Kane flocked here
from other London Fashion Week events.
Two female djs (The Lallas) were playing some cool dance tunes that got some guests dancing.
Complimentary drinks included two different cocktails. the Phoenix Magazine website here for more info.

Thursday 16 February 2018.
VAN HALEN stunning debut album was released 40 years ago this month.
Released on February 10, 1978, it has sold more than ten million copies in the United States.
I got the album when it first came out as they had connections with Gene Simmons of KISS.
I saw their stunning debut shows in London in 1978 when they supported Black Sabbath.
I saw Van Halen then headline The Rainbow in 1978, 1979, and 1980.
Van Halen contains many of Van Halen's signature songs, including "Runnin' with the Devil," the guitar solo "Eruption," The Kinks cover "You Really Got Me," "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love," "Jamie's Cryin'," and the cover version of John Brim's "Ice Cream Man."

Wednesday 14 February 2018...I went to two events tonight....
5pm to 5.30pm
HOUSE 99 -wet shave press visit - Harvey Nichols, Knightbridge, London SW1.
Football legend David Beckham has partnered with L'Oréal to launch House 99, a grooming line which
includes hair products and moisturisers.
David Beckham attended the launch event at Harvey Nichols a couple of weeks ago.
I found out about the launch event a bit late and the pr replied "sorry the guest is full but please come and
visit us for a complimentary wet shave".
The barber's is in the lower ground menswear department of this famous store.
All the products used are from the HOUSE 99 range.
As it's Harvey Nicks the price would normally be a steep £45 for the 30 mins session.
A full lather on your face along with hot towel and then cold towel and then a shave then moisturiser.
Really nice to treat your face once in a while...and my cheeks were as smooth as a baby's bum after. the AONO website at HARVEY NICHOLS website here for more info.
6.30pm to 9pm
EROTIC "Passion & Desire " - private view - Sotheby's , New Bond Street, London.
We are at Sotheby's but it's not the usual gallery crowd.
Luxury lingerie brand COCO DE MER are hosting a party for over 300 guests.
The art on display is of a sexual nature so all the pictures are flashing the flesh.
They are hoping for £5m worth of sales for the 90 lots at tonight's auction (Thursday).
The invite said 'bring your own mask, or we will provide you with one'.
Most of the staff and half of the guests are wearing masks.
Many of the guests are in fetish clothing.
Well known face Dr Christian Jessen is here.He is a British doctor, television presenter and writer,
best known for presenting Channel 4 programmes such as Embarrassing Bodies and Supersize vs Superskinny.
There is a jazz quartet playing covers throughout the evening.
At 7.15pm and 8pm we have an erotic dance by a female & male duo.
Complimentary champers, two different cocktails, canapés, oysters and chocs for all guests.
A very nice party.
www.sothebys.comVisit the SOTHEBY'S website here for more info.

Tuesday 13 February 2018...6pm to 10.30pm...
RANDOX HEALTH GRAND NATIONAL - launch event - BAFTA, Piccadilly,London W1.
Around 200 guests here from the horse racing world to launch this famous
horse race for 2018 along with the weights and the starting prices.
Guests include well known jockeys, owners, trainers including Jonjo ONeill,
Tony McCoy,Paul Nicholls, Nicky Henderson ,Ruby Walsh and others.
Also horse racing tv and radio presenters including Ed Chamberlin from ITV.
Over 3 million pounds in prizes spread out for the three days of the festival.
Complimentary Taittinger champers, wines, beers and canapes for all.
then from 9pm to 10.30pm Le Meridien Hotel, Piccadilly,London W1.
All guests walked the three minutes to the nearby afterparty location.
Complimentary prosecco,wines,beers and a hot buffet was laid out.

Monday 12 February 2018.
I should really go to the cinema more often than i do but i always end
up going in Jan/Feb when the BAFTA and OSCAR nominations have come in.
Today i went to my fave cinema Picturehouse Central in Piccadilly Circus.
I watched three great films that have all been OSCAR nominated.
1...Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
2...Phantom Thread (Daniel Day-Lewis is excellent in the lead role)
Also it had a superb soundtrack by Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead.
3...The Post (starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep)

Monday 12 February 2018.
This morning i did a nice hour long interview with Time Out magazine
about being the UKs number one gig goer.
It will be in their free edition as well as their paid one.
It will be published in a month or so...i will let you know when.

Sunday 11 February 2018.
Met members of my early 1980s band Gun Control to play drums at a
rehearsal studios session in Park Royal/North Acton in the afternoon.
It is on the same industrial estate where Mick Jones of The Clash/BAD
has his rehearsal space.
Also near to where The Rolling Stones and Phil Collins rehearsed
for their 2017 shows.
I am a bit rusty as the last time i bashed a kit for a bit was
around five years ago.
Great to play along to some of our original tunes again.
More practice is obviously needed by me.
In the summer we hope to bring out a vinyl single(something we sadly never
got around to doing the first time around although we have live tapes).
Also do a couple of gigs in West London and The West End.
See our progress when we eventually get on twitter and Instagram etc.
In the evening I checked into my hotel.
EASY HOTEL - press stay - Sun, Mon, Tues in Old Street.
Great location with easy walking distance to...
Whitecross Market for many food street vendors and cafes.
The Barbican is five mins away.
Shoreditch and Rough Trade East is easy walking distance.
Easy Hotel focus on small modern rooms in great central locations.
www.easyhotel.comVisit the EASY HOTEL for good value rooms in the UK & Europe.


March 18, 2018

Sunday 18 March 2018.
Six gigs reviewed by me in the last ten days...scroll down to see them...
07 March - Morrissey
09 March - At The Drive-In
11 March - Skid Row + Night Ranger + Toseland
13 March - Kylie Minogue
15 March - Michael McDonald
16 March - 40 Years of Disco...including Sister Sledge + Tavares plus others.

Sunday 18 March 2018.
Fact of the day.
Eagle-eyed chart fans may have noticed that, for the past two years, The Killers' Mr Brightside has been a regular feature in the Official Singles Chart Top 100.
Since July 2016, there have been only a handful of occasions when the 2004 indie-pop classic hasn't appeared in the chart, while this week sees the song log in 200th week in the Top 100. So what's going on?
In a report released last year by the trade body for the UK's record labels, British Phonographic Industry (BPI), Mr Brightside was revealed as the most streamed song of any track released before 2010.
In the last year (March 2017 - March 2018), the song has been streamed 45 million times, while so far in 2018 alone it's averaged 878,000 plays a week across all major streaming services, helping it linger around the lower end of the Top 100.
It's not just streaming that's holding the song up though; it's also been downloaded an average of 696 times a week this year so far. Pretty good going for a song that first charted 13 years ago.
The staying power of Mr Brightside is in stark contrast to original chart run, logging just four weeks in the Official Singles Chart Top 100 after peaking at Number 10. It's since gone on to become a staple at pretty much any party or club night, helping it notch up lots of streams and downloads every week.

Saturday 17 March 2018.
Pretty amazing that in the late 1970s disco was in its heyday at the same time as punk rock was.
Check out this mega clip on YouTube via google search...
Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant. Title. Brixton Academy(2007).avi
Their intro music with that mega opening song...the crowd and band together, both perfect...
No wonder I went to all five of those amazing Brixton Academy shows.
Looks unlikely The Pistols will ever be playing live again.

Friday 16 March 2018.
'40 Years Of Disco' live at Wembley Arena, London.
Seven of the biggest and legendary disco acts are playing a four date UK tour.
Sister Sledge, Tavares, Rose Royce, Boney M., Odyssey, George McCrae.
Eddy Amoo from pioneer Britsh group The Real Thing sadly passed away recently so the band will not be taking part on the forthcoming ‘40 Years of Disco’ UK tour. Replacing them on the tour will be world-renowned recording artist Eban Brown, the former lead singer of multi-platinum group The Stylistics, who will perform a selection of the band’s biggest hits.
I saw five of the seven acts back in the heyday of disco.
Back in the late 1970s i would go to discos between going to gigs.
Places like Hammersmith Palais, Cheekie Pete's in Richmond and others up The West End.
Even KISS went disco for their hit ' I Was Made For Loving You' in 1979.
Not sold out but maybe 5000 or 6000 here so pretty good at £50 a pop.
A very smooth production as there is a house band for all seven acts so quick changeovers.
Lots of lights and glitter balls but no big screens.
Lots of the crowd are in fancy dress.
It is a Friday night party atmosphere with everyone up and dancing from the start.
Maybe a 75% female crowd with many groups of women having a few shandies.
I won't go into original member breakdown too much as does anybody care when it's a disco act?
All acts play short hits based sets from 15 mins to 30 mins in length which means some 30 hits played.
A very enjoyable fun evening which brought brought back some nice memories of my disco nights.
First set
EBAN BROWN singer of The Stylistics.
Eban Brown has been in The Stylistics for the past 15 years or so but is not an original member.
He does however have that classic falsetto voice that is part of The Stylistics sound.
Just three songs by him including 'You Make Me Feel Brand New' and 'Can't Give You Anything'.
GEORGE McCRAE also sung three songs in a 15 mins set and finished with the mega 'Rock Your Baby'.
Having sold 11 million copies, it is one of the fewer than 40 all-time singles to have sold 10 million
(or more) physical copies worldwide.
ODYSSEY played four Top 10 hit songs in a 20 mins set.
The male singer said he was an original member.
Set was 'Native New Yorker','Use It Up And Wear It Out','Inside Out' and 'Going Back To My Roots'.
BONEY M are on one of those musical the fuck were they so popular???
Original member Maizie Williams is still here and their six song 30 mins set included 'Daddy Cool',
'Rasputin', 'Brown Girl In The Ring' and 'Rivers Of Babylon'.
-------------------------Interval with dj playing well known disco tunes-------------
Second set
ROSE ROYCE arrived on stage at 9.20pm and played five hits in a 25 mins set.
Set was 'Is This Love You're After', 'Wishing On A Star', 'I Wanna Get Next To You', 'Love Don't Live
Here Anymore' and 'Car Wash'.
TAVARES arrived on stage at 9.45pm and played five hits in a 25 mins set.
Set was 'It Only Takes A Minute','Whodunit','Don't Take Away The Music' , 'More Than A Woman'
and 'Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel'
SISTER SLEDGE arrived on stage at 10.15pm and played eight songs in a 30 mins set.
Nile Rodgers produced their breakthrough album 'We Are Family' that was full of hits.
Everybody Dance (Chic cover)
All American Girls
He's The Greatest Dancer
Thinking Of You
Good Times (Chic cover)
Lost In Music
We Are Family
In a smart sales move they said the box office will be open to 10pm tonight as they announced the
seven act bill for next years event here on 22 March 2019.
Village People
The Gibson Brothers
The Three Degrees
The Trammps
The Real Thing

Thursday 15 March 2018.
MICHAEL McDONALD live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.
One of the world’s most distinctive singing voices, Michael McDonald, five-time Grammy Award winner and formerly of The Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan announces his first UK solo shows in eight years.
I have seen him solo several times including shows at this venue in 1987, 1988 and 1990.
McDonald's music career spans more than 45 years. His early career included singing with Steely Dan. He joined the Doobie Brothers in 1976 and remained an integral member until 1982, after which he released the first of nine solo albums. During his career, he has collaborated with a number of other artists.
I spotted football manager Harry Redknapp (Spurs, QPR and others) going in to see the show.
MICHAEL McDONALD and his band arrived on stage at 8.20pm and played for around 1 hour 40 mins.
His band included Amy Holland on backing vocals who has released a few albums of her own.
Amy Holland has been married to Michael McDonald since 1983.
Michael McDonald is now age 66 , with a full head of hair , which he has kept grey.
Michael still has that great white soul voice.
Michael was very gracious in mentioning the many songwriters he had worked with in his career.
British female soul singer Jaki Graham joined him for a couple of songs.
A very enjoyable show.
Full setlist played tonight...
Yah Mo B There (James Ingram & Michael McDonald song)
Here to Love You (The Doobie Brothers song)
I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near)
Find It in Your Heart
Beautiful Child
Just Strong Enough
Minute by Minute (The Doobie Brothers song)
I Can Let It Go Now
Sweet Freedom
On My Own (Patti LaBelle & Michael McDonald song) (with Jaki Graham)
Hail Mary
Half Truth
What a Fool Believes (The Doobie Brothers song)
What the World Needs Now Is Love (Burt Bacharach cover)
What's Going On (Marvin Gaye cover)
Takin' It to the Streets (The Doobie Brothers song)

Wednesday 14 March 2018.
Happy Birthday to big screen legend MICHAEL CAINE who is 85 today.
He has a new documentary film out this week titled 'My Generation' which
features many well known names from the 1960s talking about that decade.
1960s icons Sir Paul McCartney, Sandie Shaw and Twiggy turned out as Sir Michael Caine previewed his new documentary, My Generation, and celebrated his 85th birthday. Denise Welch, McCartney's daughter, Mary McCartney, and grandson, Arthur Alistair Donald, were also at BFI Southbank as Alfie star Caine took to the stage to discuss the new film, which charts the cultural revolution in England during the 1960s, before celebrating his milestone birthday with a film themed cake in the BFI's bar, presented to him by his wife, Shakira Caine.

Tuesday 13 March 2018...I went to two events tonight...
5.45pm to 7.30pm
MAISON PIERRE MARCOLINI - new collection launch - The Ned, Bank, London EC2.
A great choice of venue as The Ned has become the hottest venue since it opened this time last year.
Maison Pierre Marcolini was founded in Brussels in 1995 by Pierre Marcolini, renowned for his expert skill
and passion for creating the world's best chocolates.
Pierre Marcolini was here to greet everyone which was a nice touch.
Maison Pierre Marcolini now have over 30 stores in several countries , including the UK, Belguim,
France, Monaco, Japan and well as an online store.
We have lots of their very yummy chocolates to taste from their desserts collection that is available
from 12 April and the summer breezes collection that is available from 04 May.
A female dj is playing tunes in the corner.
Complimentary prosecco, Gin cocktails, canapés and lots of tasty chocs for all guests.
All guests got a goodie bag with a lovely box of their new collection of chocolates inside.
Do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a box of their luxury chocolates this Easter.
www.marcolini.comVisit the MARCOLINI website here for more info and to buy online.
KYLIE MINOGUE live at The Cafe de Paris, London W1.
Australian pop Princess Kylie Minogue is playing five intimate club shows in London, Manchester,
Barcelona, Paris and Berlin to celebrate her new album, 'Golden' out on 6 April.
Around 700 folks are here with maybe 100 of those on the guest list.
The others have paid £100 for stalls standing and balcony seats/standing that all sold out pronto.
Kylie and her band arrived on stage at 9.05pm and played for around 85 mins.
In advance of these gigs Kylie said the shows would focus on the new album that was recorded in Nashville
and rarer oldies and that is pretty much what we got.
Kylie is looking amazing at age 49 as she walked down the Cafe de Paris spiral staircase.
She is dressed in double denim as the album sees Kylie going all ' country pop ' .
Her amazing smile and fun personality and star quality are all still fully intact.
There is a giant K covered with light bulbs as the backdrop.
Her band and two female backing singers are crammed on to the small stage.
The new album tracks were simple , catchy country pop.
A few songs had glitter ticker-tape fall from the ceiling.
The show was all filmed for future use.
Great to see Kylie up close in such a small venue.
Full setlist played tonight...
One Last Kiss
Raining Glitter
Breathe (First time performed since 1998)
Put Yourself in My Place (First time performed since 2005)
Shelby '68
Radio On
Islands in the Stream (Bee Gees cover)
The One
A Lifetime to Repair
Music's Too Sad Without You (with Jack Savoretti)
Hand on Your Heart (Abbey Road Sessions version)
All the Lovers
Stop Me From Falling (Live debut)
Sincerely Yours
Kylie plays a full UK arena tour later this year including The 02 Arena on Sept 26 and 27.

Monday 12 March 2018... 6.45pm to 9.45pm...
THE WALPOLE BOOK OF BRITISH LUXURY 2018 - launch party - Simpson's in The Strand, 100 Strand, London WC2.
We are at this original British restaurant that has been serving classics perfected since 1828.
It even has historic Thomas Crapper toilets here.
Around 200 guests here in the the first floor Regency Room.
This year’s book includes insightful features from 12 of the UK’s best-known writers and editors,
alongside stories from 50 of Britain’s greatest luxury brands.
We have a speech at around 7.15pm.
There is a stunning display of flowers all around the venue by Maison de Fleurs of Battersea.
Complimentary Laurent Perrier champers and canapés for all guests.
All guests got a complimentary copy of the large book on departure. The Walpole website here for more info.

Sunday 11 March 2018.
SKID ROW + NIGHT RANGER + TOSELAND live at Shepherds Bush Empire,London.
Rockers Skid Row have sold over 20 million albums in their career.
I saw them four times when Sebastian Bach was their lead singer which was headlining Hammersmith Odeon
in 1989 and when they supported Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses and Metallica.
Skid Row had a few Top 40 singles in the UK.
Co-headliners Night Ranger i also saw in 1989...they have sold over 17 million albums...
They were massive in Japan and back home in America but not much success in the UK.
When Night Ranger split up for a few years, their singer and bass player Jack Blades was in
rock supergroup Damn Yankees with Ted Nugent so expect a couple of their songs.
First band on are TOSELAND who play for around 30 mins.
Toseland are fronted by James Toseland who was World Superbike Champion in 2004 and 2007.
I have seen them a couple of times as a support act.
Reminds me of when i had motorbikes in the late 1970s and Barry Sheene was my hero.
Motorbikes & rock n roll have always gone in hand in hand over the years.
Toseland have released two albums and James Toseland is married to singer Katie Melua.
Six solid rock songs with great versions of 'Renegade' and 'Heart & Bones'.
Full Toseland setlist played tonight.
Puppet on a Chain
Living in a Moment
Life is Beautiful
Fingers Burned
Hearts & Bones
www.toselandmusic.comVisit the TOSELAND here for more info.
NIGHT RANGER arrive on stage at 8.15pm and play for around 70 mins.
They only half the front half of the stage as Skid Rows equipment is all set up.
This means the massive drum kit is front of stage on the right.
They are very slick on stage and use every rock cliche in their set.
Their bass playing singer oddly enough kept me reminding me of Suzi Quatro.
Plenty of simple catchy pop rock songs but they were always a second rate Journey / Foreigner.
The last two songs 'Sister Christian ' and (You Can Still) Rock in America ' were highlights.
They had plenty of their own fans here.
Full Night Ranger setlist played tonight...
Somehow Someway
Touch of Madness
Four in the Morning
Sing Me Away
Rumours in the Air
Coming of Age (Damn Yankees cover)
Sentimental Street
7 Wishes
The Secret of My Success
Night Ranger
Come Again / High Enough (Damn Yankees cover)
When You Close Your Eyes
Don't Tell Me You Love Me
Highway Star (Deep Purple cover)
Sister Christian
(You Can Still) Rock in America
SKID ROW arrive on stage at 9.50pm and play for around 70 mins.
They have two large stars & stripes flags in front of their speakers.
The four members at the front each have a foot tall podium to stand on when needed.
They are of course a lot rockier than Night Ranger.
The bass player told a nice story that as they were from New Jersey they would read about The Ramones
playing all these great London venues like The Marquee and they would dream of coming here.
They then played a Ramones cover and dedicated it to their memory.
Great to hear '18 and Life ' and their final song 'Youth Gone Wild ' totally rocked.
A nice evening of three good rock bands.
Full Skid Row setlist played tonight...
Slave to the Grind
Sweet Little Sister
Piece of Me
Livin' on a Chain Gang
Big Guns
18 and Life
Makin' a Mess
Rattlesnake Shake
Psycho Therapy (Ramones cover)
Quicksand Jesus
Monkey Business
I Remember You
Youth Gone Wild

Sunday 11 March 2018.
Sad news that Liverpudlian Comedy legend KEN DODD has passed away.
Sir Ken Dodd, creator of the Diddy Men and one of the most popular comedians of his time, has died aged 90.
The Liverpool legend had recently been released from hospital after six weeks of treatment for a chest infection.
On Friday, he had married Anne Jones, his partner of 40 years, at their house, the same one he grew up in, in the Liverpool suburb of Knotty Ash.
"He passed away in the home that he was born in over 90 years ago. He's never lived anywhere else. It's absolutely amazing," said a family friend.
In the 1960s, he made it into the Guinness Book of Records for telling 1,500 jokes in three and a half hours.
He was friends with The Beatles and had big success as a singer back in the 1960s.
His big hit single 'Tears' was the biggest selling single in 1965 and the third biggest single of the 1960s decade.
1 "She Loves You" The Beatles Parlophone 1963
2 "I Want to Hold Your Hand" The Beatles Parlophone 1963
3 "Tears" Ken Dodd Columbia 1965
4 "Can't Buy Me Love" The Beatles Parlophone 1964
5 "I Feel Fine" The Beatles Parlophone 1964

Sunday 11 March 2018.
Since seeing Morrissey a few days ago i cannot get this classic of his out of my head.
Type this into google search for a stunning version of it on YouTube.
Morrissey - Everyday Is Like Sunday (Live from Move Festival, Manchester, 2004)

Saturday 10 March 2018.
A very nice double bill has been confirmed for BluesFest at The 02 Arena on 25 Oct 2018.
Looks like it could be the only UK shows by both bands.
Before you rush to buy tickets, check out the crazy prices.
Best seats in the front half of the floor and front half of Level 1 are £145 and £ booking fees.

Friday 09 March 2018.
Photo session in the late afternoon with Time Out magazine to go with the future article
on me being the UK's number one gig goer.
I met the photographer outside Hammersmith Apollo as I have seen 2000 plus shows there
and it was my first choice for the photo shoot.
The first show i saw there was Mott The Hoople + Queen in Dec 1973.
Just the one photo will be used but he took 50 or 60.
The interview with the photo will be printed in the next month or so.
Time Out has a massive circulation as 300,000 free copies are handed out and a million read it.
AT THE DRIVE-IN + DEATH FROM ABOVE live at Brixton Academy,London.
Having released their first album in 17 years in May 2017, At The Drive-In make a welcome return.
Armed with new album in • ter a • li •a, plus a history of post-hardcore anthems.
I sat at the front of the balcony tonight as less than half the seats were sold up there and i did not fancy
standing up for three hours....downstairs stalls was full...
DEATH FROM ABOVE arrived on stage at 8.15pm and played for 45 mins.
Death from Above is a Canadian rock duo consisting of drummer and vocalist Sebastien Grainger and bassist Jesse F. Keeler from Toronto, Ontario.The band broke up in 2006 after releasing only one studio album, You're a Woman, I'm a Machine. In 2011 they reformed and later released their first album in almost a decade, The Physical World.
On April 22, 2016, the band released a live album, Live At Third Man Records which was recorded in 2015 at Jack White's Third Man Records headquarters in Nashville.
Lots of scuzzy loud bass played like a guitar that went down well with the crowd.
They finished their set with a cover of The Beatles 'Helter Skelter'.
AT THE DRIVE-IN arrived on stage at 9.35pm and played for 85 mins.
All the band arrive on stage dressed in black as a statement of intent as they launch into 'Arcarsenal'.
Not the longest of sets due to the frantic velocity of their sound.
Loads of lights , although not much stage equipment.
Cedric on vocals is still a live wire on stage and gives out political rants between songs.
Highlights included 'Pattern Against User' ,' Napoleon Solo' , 'Invalid Litter Dept' ,
'Governed By Contagions' and a mega encore of 'One Armed Scissor' with a mental mosh pit.
Really good show.
Full setlist played tonight...
No Wolf Like the Present
Pattern Against User
Hostage Stamps
Sleepwalk Capsules
Amid Ethics
Pendulum in a Peasant Dress
Napoleon Solo
Invalid Litter Dept.
Governed By Contagions
One Armed Scissor

Friday 09 March 2018.
It is a sad day as the last ever free weekly print issue of NME is handed out from today.
The NME is to cease publication in print after 66 years, the weekly music title joining a growing list of
once mighty magazine brands that now only exist online.
The website will continue, replacing the print edition’s cover star interview with a
new weekly digital franchise, the Big Read.
The NME will continue to keep a sporadic presence in print with special issues such as its paid-for series
NME Gold, to cater for music stars’ appetite for appearing in a printed product.
In 2015, the magazine stopped being a paid title after a decade of sales declines saw its circulation drop to just 15,000. It relaunched as an ad-funded, free title with a circulation of 300,000 in a last throw of the strategic dice for the print edition.
The free NME was poor patch on the printed for paid copies of the past glories of its heyday.
Online news is so quick and print simply cannot keep up with it.
Oddly enough the NME website is a great music news source.
In the late 70s and 80s and 90s I would get two or three music mags including NME every week.
I still have a few of my old copies from the late 1970s including a great one from 1977 which was titled
Sex Pistols gratuitous overkill issue where The Pistols had the cover and nine pages inside.
Oddly enough I got a copy of the final NME on Thursday evening but not one mention in the mag that
it was the last ever issue....R.I.P.

Thursday 08 March 2017...6pm to 8.30pm...
20th Century & Contemporary Art Evening Sale, Phillips Gallery, 30 Berkeley Square, London W1.
This was a full scale auction sale as there must be 300 people here with both seats and standing.
Along both sides are internet and phone bidders from around the world.
At 7pm the auction room area was buzzing as they went through the 50 lots for sale.
The figures reached here were pretty mind boggling as everything was sold for over £100,000 and
many went into multi-millions and each one of those got a big round of applause.
A Pablo Picasso went for a staggering £37m plus £4m in auction fees so £41m total...WOW!...
A bronze casting by Henri Matisse sold for £13m plus auction fees.
Other big names on sale included works from Andy Warhol and Damien Hirst.
Complimentary Moët champers and wines for all guests.
www.phillips.comVisit the Phillips Gallery website for full info on the prices reached.

Thursday 08 March 2018.
Happy Birthday to GARY NUMAN who is 60 today.

Wednesday 07 March 2018....I went to two gigs tonight...
6pm to 8pm
DUTCH IMPACT PARTY - The Greyhound, 1 Kensington Square, London W8.
This cosy pub is just off Kensington High Street .
Dutch Performong Arts and The Dutch Embassy are sponsoring this event.
Three up and coming bands from Holland are each playing a 30 mins set for 150 invited Music Biz
guests including agents and bookers from some of the summer music festivals.
I saw the first two bands but had to miss the third band to get to the Morrissey gig.
INDIAN ASKIN arrived on stage at 6.40pm for their 30 mins set.
Some 60s/70s psychedelic rock songs with a moustached singer who gave it a full 100%.
CANSHAKER PI arrived on stage at 7.30pm for their 30 mins set.
Some enjoyable rock songs with a drummer who was pulling some grimacing faces.
IGUANA DEATH CULT were the band I had to miss to get to the Morrissey gig.
A full complimentary bar and bowl food for all guests so i had some JD n Cokes.
then a few minutes walk to see.
MORRISSEY live at The Royal Albert Hall, London.
MORRISSEY is more popular than ever as he is playing FOUR London shows on his UK tour.
Tonight is the second of his four shows at different venues in London.
I have seen Morrissey live around a dozen times as a solo artist but two music legends i did not see live
were The Smiths and Nirvana.
Morrissey says....“Well i don’t perform. I’m occasionally on a stage, but I don’t ever perform.
Morrissey is promoting his 11th solo album 'Low in High School'.
From 8.15pm to 8.50pm we have a big screen showing Morrissey fave videos of other acts.
They include The Ramones, New York Dolls, James Brown, Four Tops and Sex Pistols (GSTQ).
When I went to America in 2003 to see half a dozen Sex Pistols shows i chatted to Morrissey
at The Greek Theatre gig after-party in Los Angeles.
Morrissey fans always like to try and get on to stage to give Morrissey a hug so there are a
dozen security guys at the front and side of stage making sure that does not happen.
Just the one fan tried his luck during the encore but that failed.
Lots of security inside and outside so perhaps that's why front seats and box seats were £100 each.
Looks like the punters will be paying more for tickets to pay for increased security staffing costs.
MORRISSEY and his band arrive on stage at 8.50pm and play for around 95 mins.
His loyal crowd rush to the front pronto and put their hands out to reach Morrissey.
Quite a few times he shook hands with the crowd throughout the show.
Morrissey is one of those singers you cannot take your eyes off.
He likes to play with his microphone lead quite a lot as a stage prop.
He even signed a couple of album covers midway through the show.
He said a few political rants as usual between some songs.
We have a big screen showing pre-recorded images and his backing band are top notch.
However the guitar sound will never match the iconic quality of Johnny Marr.
The Smiths tracks always go down well but there are plenty of solo gems including
'International Playboys', 'Suedehead', a mega Everyday is like Sunday' and 'Irish Blood, English Heart'.
As usual he threw his shirt into the crowd at the end which created a mad tussle between fans.
A very enjoyable show.
Full Morrissey setlist played tonight...
The Last of the Famous International Playboys
I Wish You Lonely
Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up on the Stage
When You Open Your Legs
Munich Air Disaster 1958
Home Is a Question Mark
My Love, I'd Do Anything for You
The Bullfighter Dies
If You Don't Like Me, Don't Look at Me
Back on the Chain Gang (The Pretenders cover)
World Peace Is None of Your Business
Hold On to Your Friends
Everyday Is Like Sunday
Jack the Ripper
Spent the Day in Bed
How Soon Is Now? (The Smiths song)
Who Will Protect Us From the Police?
I'm Not Sorry
Irish Blood, English Heart
Morrissey is also playing...
Fri 09 March---Alexandra Palace
Sat 10 March---Palladium

Tuesday 06 March 2018...6.30pm to 8.30pm...
Marina Rinaldi Townhouse, 5 Albemarle Street, London W1.
Marina Rinaldi is a ready-to-wear, plus-size women's clothing brand of the Italian Max Mara Fashion Group, one of the best known of the company’s 35 different labels.It has more than 300 stores worldwide, including ones located in the high fashion shopping districts of several major cities.
This store is bigger than expected due to upstairs levels being part of the store.
The new capsule collection is a collaboration with plus size model Ashley Graham with the focus on denim.
Just after 7pm we have a 20 minute fashion show with plus size models and each outfit given a
full verbal description.
Four collections to suit all occasions , that also include handbags and shoes.
Complimentary prosecco, canapés and cupcakes for all guests.
All guests got a goodie bag on departure.
www.marinarinaldi.comVisit the MARINA RINALDI website here for more info.

Monday 05 March 2018.
Another sad death to report.
Russ Solomon, the man who started the Tower Records chain, has died at the age of 92.
Solomon died at home on Sunday night while watching last night’s Academy Awards. His son, Michael Solomon, told the paper “Ironically, he was giving his opinion of what someone was wearing that he thought was ugly, then asked (his wife) Patti to to refill his whisky.” By the time she returned, he had passed away.
Born in Sacramento, CA, he worked at his fathers Tower Cut Rate Drug Store before being thrown out of high school for lack of attendance. At the age of 16, he started selling used jukebox records out of the store before entering the military for World War II.
In 1968, he opened his first Tower Records in San Francisco in a 5,000 square foot space. Two years later, he expanded to Los Angeles and, before the 70’s was over, had opened 26 more locations. His basic business belief was to open the biggest stores possible and pack it with as much product as would fit. At one point, the Tower Records chain was selling $1 billion per year.
Some of you may remember Tower Record stores in the UK including the massive one in the 1990s
in Piccadilly Circus and others in Kensington High Street and in Queensway.
The Piccadilly store was big enough to put on album release shows by bands.
I saw Stiff Little Fingers play there in 1999.

Sunday 04 March 2018.
6pm to 9pm.
Second session of band rehearsals for Gun Control.
Again we are in North Acton , but in a slightly better establishment.
Another enjoyable session playing the drums, but i need to vary my playing a bit.
It's coming together slowly, but plenty of practise still required.
Still on course to play two or three gigs in the summer.
Nice to bump into an old mucker of mine here who was mixing some tracks...Terry Edwards.
Terry has played with many bands over the years including being the keyboard player in
Glen Matlocks band around a decade ago when i went along as roadie/merch seller for
the three week UK tour which was great fun. his website here for more info.
10.45pm to 5am
THE 90th OSCARS 2018 live screening at Ham Yard Hotel, Soho, London W1.
Remember the massive cock-up at The Oscars last year?...Will PriceWaterhouseCoopers be back?
But as you’ll remember that is exactly what happened on the night’s biggest award back in 2017, as Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty mistakenly announced the wrong winner for Best Picture. Moonlight was indeed the voter’s choice, but as La La Land stormed through other awards – the pair were given the wrong card, and Dunaway went guns-blazin’ and cocked it all up.
After the mix up last year Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway have been again asked to present Best Film.
The Academy took pity on PwC though, and following a thorough investigation, new checks and a slap on the wrist, they’ll be back in the hot seat once again.
There will be half a million Swarovski crystals on the Dolby Theater stage for every year the Oscars have been presented. That's 45 million crystals in honor of Oscar's 90th year.
Around 400 folks here at this invite only screening which is hosted by SWAROVSKI.
I am in the plush cinema with 200 others watching it on the big screen.
Another 200 guests are watching it on smaller screens in the bar and other rooms.
From 11pm we watched the red carpet arrivals.
From 1am Jimmy Kimmel did an excellent job of hosting the awards.
Always great to see so many Brits get nominated for and to win Oscars.
Great to see Eddie Vedder cover Tom Petty's 'Room at the Top' for “In Memoriam”
and great to see Sufjan Stevens perform his nominated track.
Lots of complimentary drinks and food throughout the night including Piper-Heidsieck champers,
Espresso Martinis, Bloody Mary's, coffees, fish n chips, bowl food, mini-burgers,popcorn, bacon rolls etc.
At 4am they brought out a breakfast box to take away along with Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
The awards finished just before 5am.
A great event.
The Shape of Water, about a woman who falls in love with a sea creature, has taken the top honours at the Oscars.
Frances McDormand won best actress for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and persuaded every female nominee to stand with her in a night full of statements about inclusion.
Britain's Gary Oldman was named best actor for playing Winston Churchill in World War Two epic Darkest Hour.
The Shape of Water won the most Oscars with four, including best film.

Saturday 03 March 2018.
STEREOPHONICS live at Wembley Arena, London.
Stereophonics plays the second of two shows at Wembley Arena.
Stereophonics will be touring the UK in support of their recent album ‘Scream Above The Sounds".
I have seen The Welsh rockers around a dozen times since 1999 when they supported Aerosmith
and Lenny Kravitz at Wembley Stadium.
Stereophonics have had six number one albums in the UK and sold over 10 million albums.
Stereophonics have had eleven Top 10 hits in the UK including a number one (Dakota).
Bob Dylan was asked in a rare interview last year what was his current listening habits were.
Oddly enough The Stereophonics were on the list which surely nobody could have predicted.
This is The Stereophonics band’s 11th Arena tour.....ELEVEN ARENA TOURS!!!!
They have 60 crew members, 4 tour buses, and 8 lorries for this tour.
Pretty amazing how most of the snow has thawed out in London over the past 24 hours.
Tonight I am floor standing to the left of stage.
STEREOPHONICS are on stage for just over two hours.
A very nice stage production with loads of lights and big screens showing live footage as well
as pre-recorded images.
A stage extension that was used for a few songs in the middle of the show.
In fact Kelly started the show from there with striped lights either side of him.
Kelly is now aged 43 but still looks very youthful and still has that raspy Rod Stewart type voice.
He chatty banter between songs has the feel of being with your mate down the pub.
The critics have always been that not keen on Kelly's simple songwriting style but the fans
clearly love singing along loudly to the lyrics and always turn up in big numbers.
Lots of great catchy tunes but there were a few that plodded along a bit.
As usual they finish the show with their number one hit 'Dakota'.
Overall a very enjoyable show.
Full setlist played tonight...
Chances Are
Caught by the Wind
C'est La Vie
More Life in a Tramp's Vest
I Wanna Get Lost With You
Have a Nice Day
All in One Night
Graffiti on the Train
Indian Summer
Maybe Tomorrow
Stripped Set On B Stage at the end of the stage extension.
I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio
Been Caught Cheating
Handbags and Gladrags (Chris Farlowe cover)
Boy on a Bike (Acoustic)
Main Set Part 2
Mr Writer
Step On My Old Size Nines
Sunny (Kelly on the piano)
Just Looking
A Thousand Trees
Local Boy in the Photograph
The Bartender and the Thief
Mr and Mrs Smith
Taken a Tumble
At midnight i got a call from a mate who was at Paul Weller at The 02 Arena the same night.
He got off the tube at Warwick Avenue, Maida Vale and saw a tour bus with German number plates.
Amazingly it was Paul Weller and family members being dropped off at Paul's house.
Reports Paul is not drinking these days so it's looks like even though it was a big London show
he must have left the venue pretty much straight after the gig to be back home at midnight.

Saturday 03 March 2018.
MICKEY FOOTE - producer of The Clash classic debut album has sadly passed away.
The band’s soundman who had initially met Joe Strummer in the Clash singer’s former incarnation the 101ers
moved with Joe to the Clash to do live sound.
He was there when Strummer had his moment of epiphany seeing the Sex Pistols in 1976 and was at the heart of the Clash camp for a couple of years. When the band were signed and there was no actual blueprint for what punk rock was meant to sound like Mickey was drafted in as a producer on early demos in an attempt to capture the band’s compulsive, propulsive, thin rattling sound and caught them perfectly as a rock n roll band without the power chords – the stripped down, amphetamine impatient rush template that became their initial sound. That urgent rush of ideas and ‘no overdubs’ as Strummer demanded.

Saturday 03 March 2018.
A rock musician recently said this and it really is a timely reminder about making sure you see your
fave older bands now before it's too late.
This pretty much applies to my two fave genres - punk rock and classic rock.
"I think that could be a reality for a couple reasons. One is the age factor. It's no secret that none of us are young kids anymore. It's a question of a lot of our musical brothers are dying, and a lot of other ones either have health issues or just don't want to put their bodies and their minds through the touring thing anymore. It could grind to a halt at some point in the foreseeable future. If you're a fan of any particular band, you should be well-advised — especially if it's a band from the '80s or the '70s — that if you say to yourself, 'Well, I'll catch them next time,' there may not be a next time. Things change very quickly, and especially when you get to be [in the] golden years, so to speak. If you really want to see a band, make the effort to go see them, because it may be the last time you'll see them. I can't even tell you how many times I've heard people say, 'I wish I had gone to see QUIET RIOT in 2007, because the next thing I knew, Kevin DuBrow died, and I will never get to see QUIET RIOT with Kevin DuBrow."
I saw QUIET RIOT three times in the 1980s when their great album 'Metal Health' got them big success.
Two times supporting Judas Priest in 1983 at Hammersmith Odeon and then their own headline show at
Hammersmith Odeon in 1984.

Friday 02 March 2018.
On this day in KISSTORY -
March 2, 2010 - KISS performed at a special intimate promotional gig for 800 fans at the packed
Islington Academy.
The show was a rare chance for fans to see one of the world's biggest bands in an intimate venue.
I was there to see them up close in full costumes and make up.
They had to cut the set short by a couple of songs due to an arena's worth of dry ice being let off at the end
and it was difficult to breathe for a bit.