Aftershow News: June 02, 2009

01 June 2009.Childline Rocks Event at The 02 Indgo,London.Very lively aftershow party for over 200 people in the balcony bar.The free booze is flowing and there is a short auction of a few music items.Most of the acts are here although i did not see Steve Harley or Jon Lord. But we do have Glenn Hughes,Thunder,Uriah Heep,Hot Leg,Sons Of Albion,Bob Harris and some other faces inc Keith Emerson,Judie Tzuke and music biz folks like Rod Smallwood(Iron Maidens manager)and Neil Warnock(booking agent for Deep Purple,Thunder and others).A very good bash...... 01 May 2009.Rick Wakeman live at Hampton Court Palace,Surrey.This is more like it.A preshow reception and an aftershow reception.7pm to 8pm. An hour before the show in one of the main rooms in this fantastic old building with its history and tall ceilings is champers and canopes for mainly some 200 Rick Wakeman fans who have paid 150 quid for the hospitality package.Rick is here along with narrator for tonights show Brian Blessed.They say a few words then sign stuff and meet and greet.Elton Johns old percussionist Ray Cooper is here but we learn later he is in Ricks band tonight.After the show for an hour in another room are 50 of Ricks friends.He makes a point of saying hello and chatting to everyone in the room.We are the last four to leave so Rick tries to show us the way out but gets lost in the many corridors in a very Spinal Tap way. He tells us he is staying the weekend at Hampton Court Palace itself and that next year he will be doing "Journey To The Centre Of The Earth".What a gent ........... 18 April 2009.Cameo live at The 02 Indigo,London. Afterparty in the balcony bar 11pm to 1.30pm. Very lively with big crowd of around 150 people. The dj is playing a great mix of tunes.All of Cameo turn up and are friendly and chatty to all. They signed stuff and posed for photos.British singer Omar was here.A good one.................. 16 April 2009.AC/DC live at The 02 Arena,London. Aftershow in the third floor backstage bar for about 100 people for 90 mins after the show.Its free booze for all.AC/DC drummer turns up for 15 mins then takes a few friends to the dressing room area where all the other band members are.Sadly no others turn up here.There is a roadie giving out AC/DC guitar plectrums out to the kids here so i grab a couple.(yep i am a big kid).Mark Fuller owner of The Embassy Club in Soho is here.He opens a new hotel in Soho next month with Iron Maidens management as co owners.Also heard that Angus Young has been living in Switzerland for a while.Good bash...... 03 April 2009.Stiff Little Fingers + Chelsea live at The Kentish Town Forum,London.Afterparty in the balcony bar for an hour after the show for around 50 people.All of Stiff Little Fingers turn up and are nice and friendly as usual.Also Chelsea band members were here.Great to see footie legend Stuart Pearce here who loves his punk rock.Me old mucker Alan Parker was here fresh from promoting his "Who Killed Nancy?" film overseas.Heard some very sad news.Bruce Foxton who was bass player in The Jam and Stiff Little Fingers and who is now in From The Jam.Well his wife died of cancer during the week sge just 50 or so.The funeral is Wednesday....... 28 March 2009.Metallica live at The 02 Arena,London.The aftershow for this gig was at The 02 Indigo over the road in the upstairs balcony bar.Around 100 people here and the free booze is flowing.Each member of Metallica has his own security guard close by at all times. Two members of Metallica turn up.Singer James Hetfield arrives and sits quietly at a table with a couple of friends.His security guard fixes a "do not approach" stare to warn folks off.Drummer Lars Ulrich is far more friendly and chatty.He spends time with Saxon singer Biff Byford and Saxons manager.Lars jokes to us that Metallica are to play 51 nights at The 02 Arena to beat Michael Jackson.We pop downstairs where any of the crowd from the show can pay for after drinks and there is a Metallica "Guitar Hero" promotion with gaming consoles and punters on stage playing along on the big screens.We were there 11.30pm to 1.30am and the best part was it was nice and quiet when we left and we missed all the traffic chaos due to the Jubilee Line being closed.A great night ... 25 Feb 2009.NME Awards live at The Brixton Academy,London.The aftershow was held 5 mins away at The Dex Club,467 Brixton Road,SW9.About 500 people in this big venue over 3 or 4 levels with a nice roof terrace.We were there 11.30pm to 1am.As usual not many of the acts attend these but Blur and Arctic Monkeys are here.Maybe a couple of others but too spread out.Ok but the real fun was had at the awards itself earlier.... 18 Feb 2009.BRIT Awards live at Earls Court Arena,London.As always lots of aftershow events for this.One at the venue ifself.Three at venues up the West End and The Killers/Coldplay gig.We stay on at the venue this year as although none of the acts are here its a massive party for 2000 plus dinner guests.Everyone takes the booze from their tables into it from 10.30pm to 2am.There is a full size wrestling ring with bouts every 10 mins.A huge dance floor celebrating 20 years of acid house with glo sticks given out to all.Bumper cars,tarot card reading and a superb puppet show where they had singing and dancing puppets.The best was a Tina Turner as all the moves were spot on.There was a maze where i bumped into comedian Leigh Francis in.So no musicians here but a great party........ 15 Feb 2009.Sharleen Spiteri live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.Aftershow in the balcony bar for an hour after the show for about 100 people. Sharleen and her band all turn up but no sign of any other musicians or faces.Her band members are very chatty to all.Nice mixture of friends, family and some fans are here 31 Jan 2009.Seasick Steve live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.Aftershow for about 100 people in the balcony bar after the show.Fairly tame with no faces from any other bands.Seasick Steve and his band turn up.Steve is proudly holding a plaque from the venues management that goes to all acts that sell out this venue.Had a nice chat with his drummer.On stage hes a bit mad but offstage he is polite and friendly.I asked him how the tour was going? He was over the moon to be playing this venue as he knew all the history of it.He said he was glad the month long tour was over as he could get back to see his kids in Sweden.He has 7 of them.6 boys and a girl between the ages of 11 and 24 30 Jan 2009.Buzzcocks + Lurkers live at Shepherds Bush Empire,London.11pm to 1am in the level one bar.Lively crowd of about 100 people here.All The Buzzcocks and The Lurkers turn up. Me old mucker Alan Parker is here.(the film he helped with "Who Killed Nancy?" is out next week).The lovely Priscillas are here.(they play Madame Jojos on Thurs 05th Feb)Del from 1970s West London punk band The Satelites is here as well as loads of other punk rockin chums......... 21 Jan 2009.Aftershow party for "Thriller-Live" at The Cafe De Paris,London WC1 from 10pm to 1am. A big crowd of around 500 here.Lots of free beer, wine and food.A couple of faces have made it as well as most of the cast members.I saw Tito Jackson and Kid Creole and a couple of lesser knowns.Very surprising to see Latoya Jackson turn up here an hour after she had been voted out of The Big Brother house on Channel 4 tv.No sign of Janet but a good bash.............. 14 Jan 2009.Aftershow party for "Oliver!" musical at The Waldorf Astoria Hilton Hotel, Aldwych,London WC2 from 10pm to 2am.As its taken 15 million quid in advance sales you kind of knew it would be a big party and it was. Some 800 people are in this posh hotel with lots of free booze and various food stations.There is a dj here too in one of the big rooms.Very busy so hard to see who of the guests from the main event turned up but i did see Rowan Atkinson and most of the cast.Also Barbara Windsor,Elaine Paige and George Sampson .Also the singer from McFly stayed until the end and was very popular to all the young kids from the musical.An excellent bash ............... 12 Dec 2008.The Mighty Boosh live at Wembley Arena,London.In the main dressing room during the interval and for an hour after the show. About 25 people here including Noel and Michaels mum and dad(i used to work with Noels dad).The booze and snacks are flowing and despite being into month four of their five month six shows a week tour The Boosh troupe are buzzing as its their first ever Arena hometown show.They were all keen to say "Hello Wembley " on stage.Some exclusive news that they will soon announce two end of tour shows at Brixton Academy for the end of Jan 2009.A good one ....... 10 Dec 2008.Capital Radio 95.8fm "Jingle Bell Ball" at The 02 Arena,London.The afterparty for this show was at The 02 Matter club.Upstairs its a big bash with 300 or 400 here and its a buzzing atmosphere from 11.30pm to 2am(it was on until 3am).Lots of free booze for all and djs, jugglers and magicians floating about.Like The BRITS and others not many of the acts go to the official afterparty.There are a couple of Sugababes hovering.Also Alphabeat are having a dance and X Factor judge Louis Walsh is here but thats it.Not a lot when you think there were 16 acts on stage earlier.A very good party.......... 25 Nov 2008.The Alarm live at Islington Academy,London.Aftershow in the downstairs dressing room area for about 25 people for an hour after the show.The band are dishing out the beers.Mike Peters,James Stevenson and Steve Grantly all very friendly and chatty as usual.Found out that Tony Barber has finally left The Buzzcocks and will not be with them on their Jan 2009 UK tour.Steve also plays with SLF who tour the UK March/April 2009................. 22 Nov 2008.Motorhead + Saxon live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.Aftershow for about 200 people in the balcony bar.Like 9 out 10 here there is no free booze and its a pay bar.A few faces are here.Saxon,Girlschool,dj rock legend Krusher.Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickenson with a hat on so hardly anyone knew it was him.Punk rockers Vice Squad are here with Beki Bondage still looking good.Mark Fuller owner of trendy club The Embassy which Lemmy used to frequent back in the 1980s.Wurzel is here.None of Motorhead turn up.Someone with an AAA pass invites me to their dressing room.What i see is so weird.Lemmy has shunned the 200 at the party to ?? play a one arm bandit amusement machine that is set up in his dressing room.He is addicted to them.Good fun for 75 mins but a shame Lemmy did not show his face upstairs in the balcony bar............. 13 Nov 2008.Stereophonics live at The Riverside Studios,Hammersmith,London.Someone has pushed the boat out here as the 100 guests and media are treated to free booze and food before the show for an hour and free booze and food for 90 mins after the show.A nice relaxed atmosphere before the gig then a bit livlier after with a dj. All the Stereophonics are here and are chatty and friendly.Sex Pistol Glen Matlock is here as he shares the same engineer/producer(Jim Lowe) as the band.So all in all very good.............. 03 Nov 2008.Classic Rock Awards Afterparty at Studio Valbonne,62 Kingly Street,London W1. from 12.30am to 2am.A short 10 mins walk from the awards earlier at The Park Lane Hotel.As usual most of the big names avoid the party after. I see members of Thunder,Quireboys and Airbourne. The free booze if flowing and the dj is playing perfect classic rock tunes.A nice surprise is we get to see two bands who play decent 30 mins sets.First are Caimbo who are being promoted by Classic Rock.They have all their girlfriends and their friends at front of stage.Like i always say "Every Up And Coming Band Needs People Batting For Them".After a short break we watch new Aussie kids on the block Airbourne.Very similiar to AC/DC in sound,looks and attitude.They are great and finish with a storming "Whole Lotta Rosie " where they are joined by ex Darkness guitarist Dan Hawkins who is now in Stone Gods.Airbourne are getting bigger and bigger and can now fill The Astoria so i must see them play a full set.A late night but overall The Classic Rock Awards is always a great night out ............. 02 Nov 2008.Focus + Wishbone Ash + Groundhogs live at Shepherds Bush Empire,London.Aftershow in the Level 1 bar for an hour after the show. Some 50 people including all three bands.Martin Turner from Wishbone Ash has loads of family and friends.More than all the other bands together. Decent enough for an hour ... 06 Oct 2008.Q Mag Music Awards afterparty at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes.It was on from 6pm to midnight with various djs inc Jodie Harsh and Nat Weller(Paul Wellers son).We were there 6.30pm to 9.30pm.Loads of freebie vodka cocktails and food flowing.Of the 500 at the awards only half turn up here so they invite 250 just for the aftershow.As usual not many acts turn up here. The only face i see is James Walsh from Starsailor.Its great fun though.The music is loud and the atmosphere is rocking.The six of us have an hour of bowling which i win.There is also three Singstar Kareoke rooms which we sing a song(badly)in each.Each had lovely different smells provided by We left before the end as we had been out for nine hours as it was.A superb day................ 15 Sept 2008.Metallica live at The 02 Arena,London.Aftershow party in the 3rd floor backstage bar for about 100 people.I was hoping for a big bash but its pretty average.Here for 90 mins and nothing happens for the first 45 mins. Finally Metallicas bass player turns up and despite his crazy stage persona is friendly and chatty to all.A very drunk Steve Harris lookalike in shorts brightens up the event. At the top of his voice he shouts to Metallicas bass player "Poison and LA Guns are much better than Metallica" at least 3 or 4 times.The bassist laughs it off.The rest of the band stay in the dressing room area or leave the venue pronto .. 10 Sept 2008.Stray Cats live at Brixton Academy, London.A decent aftershow for an hour in the upstairs backstage bar.Some 70 or 80 people and nice and lively.A good number of faces inc Glen Matlock,Mick Jones,Chris Spedding,Dave Edmunds, Patti Palladin,Captain Sensible,Mike Peters, James Stevenson,Richard Hawley,Charlie Harper. All The Stray Cats come out and are friendly and chatty.Slim Jim has one of his wrists covered in an ice pack.Good fun this one................. 05 Sept 2008.Arkena Rock Festival at Vitoria Gastiez,Northern Spain.Aftershow by the bands dressing room portacabins.The Sex Pistols come off stage at 1.15am so not much time for them to hang around.Nice to see my friend Daniel and friends who have come up from Madrid.Had a chat with Michael Monroe the singer of Hanoi Rocks. I ask about the cruches he is using.For someone who jumps around so much he actually tore a ligament when tripping over a pavement.Had a nice chat with Buzzcocks bass player Tony Barber who is Glen Matlocks bass guitar tech for the whole tour.Buzzcocks got in a temp replacement for their eight shows this summer.Some shows the band plays two different countries in two days so the bands equipment is taken down after the show then they travel through the night and put it up again and check sound levels all before MIDDAY when its a festival as headline acts get first soundcheck. Steve Jones leaves the venue within 15 mins and i have a quick few words with Glen Matlock ,Paul Cook and John Lydon as they get in their cars.It gets lively after they leave.Members of Hanoi Rocks and Quireboys are knocking back the booze and a few are snorting the old white powder and pretty blatant too.One was Evan Dando who played the festival on the Thursday.We depart at 3am.Glen Matlock spends a couple of days in Barcelona and after the second day of the festival i head to Bilbao for two days ..... 02 Sept 2008.Sex Pistols at Hammersmith Apollo, London.About 100 people in the balcony bar until midnight.There are so many faces here i know it feels like my own party if that makes sense. It was more of a friends and family gathering. Only celeb i saw was comedian Phil Jupitus. Others here inc tonights promoter John Curd, Patti Palladin and Steve English.Glen Matlock turns up and says hello to all.Sadly Steve Jones and Paul Cook stay in the dressing room area and i presume leave the venue for Steves birthday dinner.Then it all kicks off as John Lydon and posse whizz upstairs dragging a few chums with them for Johns party outside of the venue to a small building on the right of the Apollo.There is only 25 or 30 people but its all Johns close friends Rambo,Reggie,Brendan and a few of his footie mates who are loudly singing,chanting,dancing on tables and really going for it.The booze is flowing and the party winds down and we finally leave at 3.30am.John signs stuff and poses for photos while he smokes away.Like i have said before you have to go to ten aftershow parties to get one really good one and this was how a party is supposed to be.Lively,chaotic and everyone out for a great time.John Lydon LEGEND ....... 21 Aug 2008.Kerrang Awards aftershow party at Egg ,200 York Way,Kings Cross,London.Odd choice of venue as i doubt any of this rock crowd had been to this dance club in the middle of nowhere. Of course none of the main bands like Metallica, Rage Against The Machine or Slipknot are here. I see Carl Barat and members of Trivium.There were 500 at the awards but half dont turn up so they invite 250 for the afterparty only.Lively atmosphere with djs and the freebie Sailor Jerry rum cocktails are going down a treat.In one of the rooms they have Rockaoke which is a live band where you are the singer.They can play some 200 different tracks.Loads get up with some very good and some awful but its all good fun. I was there until nearly 2am and it was still rocking as it was on until 3am................... 13 Aug 2008.Lenny Kravitz live at Brixton Academy,London.Aftershow for an hour in the backstage bar.Much better than the Billy Idol one here a couple of weeks ago.Robert Plant is here with Lennys agent Rod McSween who are here for a while before going to Lennys dressing room. Also here is top Soho fashion designer Tom Baker who has dressed Robert Plant and The Sex Pistols stage wear amongst others and Roger Micheal a top club promoter in Londons West End.Lenny and the band stayed in the dressing room area....... 02 Aug 2008.Sex Pistols + New York Dolls + Buzzcocks live at The Lokerse Festival,near Gent, Belgium.About 100 people in the backstage area here.New York Dolls arrive and do not talk to anyone and leave after their own set.Pete Shelley and Steve Diggle from The Buzzcocks are in good spirits and knocking back the booze. Sex Pistols Glen Matlock and Paul Cook are both friendly and chatty as usual.John Lydon and Steve Jones stay in the dressing room area and do not see anyone.Security around John Lydon after the fracus in Spain a couple of weeks ago has been stepped up.The Pistols do not hang about that long as they have an early flight for tomorrows show in Glasgow which will probably be a better aftershow than this one.Always good to see your fave band in another country............ 31 July 2008.Billy Idol live at Brixton Academy, London.This was Billy Idols last night of his European Tour but it was a real letdown.In the venues backstge bar there are 40 or 50 people looking bored out of their heads.Billy Idol stays in his dressing room to chat to family and friends.There are no other musicians here and Billy Idol and his own band do not venture out of their dressing rooms.Pretty much an hour wasted really ................ 03 July 2008.Duran Duran live at 02 Arena,London. A big aftershow event in the 3rd floor backstage bar here.Some 300 people made up of Duran guests and fans that had paid 285 quid for a premium package that included this aftershow meet and greet. All the four main Duran Duran members turn up and are chatty and friendly and posing for photos.Also spotted was Radio 1 dj Pete Tong and Rusty Egan (Rich Kids/Visage/club dj).I stay for 90 mins and all Duran Duran members are still here.A good one .............. 01 July 2008.Sex Pistols DVD launch party for "There'll Always Be An England" at The Screen On The Green,Islington,London.After the drinks reception and screening most of the 200 strong media crowd from 10pm onwards headed to the afterparty at The Queen Boadicea Pub in St John Street,EC1 about 10 mins from the cinema.The free booze and food is flowing until a very late 2am. John Lydon is here with all his North London mates and Ian Brown and The Cribs also turn up. John Lydon is in good form chatting away to everyone.While some musicians and celebs at parties just have one quick drink and then run off John Lydon has a dozen lagers on his table and stays until after we have leave at 1.30am.A real British Icon?? Of course he is.The real deal ..... 29 June 2008.Hard Rock Calling Afterparty at The Hard Rock Cafe,Piccadilly,London.This was after The Police show on the Sunday from 11.30pm to 2.30am.More free cocktails and food still going.I have never eaten so much as today.About 200 people but none of the bands who played but Chris Squire(Yes) is here.One of the original HR owners from 1971 presents Rita the legendary waitress who has been serving here since day one with a signed guitar.Then a band who played earlier in the day on the main stage The Micki Free Electric Blues Experience play an hour set of mainly covers inc Jimi Hendrix ,ZZ Top and other blues rockers.A great day really and The Hard Rock Cafe and staff really know how to put on a proper party ............ 26 June 2008.Def Leppard live at Wembley Arena, London.Aftershow party in the bands dressing rooms area for about 50 people for an hour after the gig.Lots of free booze here and nibbles. All the band turn up and are nice and friendly with Phil Collen staying the longest.Mainly family and friends.No sign of David Coverdale but he might have had his own party.No faces here but i did chat to Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cooks wife whose hubby plays in a band with Phil Collen called Manraze.Their album is out now and they hope to play some shows in October.Paul was not here as he is on tour with the Pistols travelling from Russia to Sweden i think.A nice bash........ 18 June 2008.Stiff Little Fingers live at The Royal Festival Hall,London.The free booze is flowing for 90 mins after the show.About 70 people here.All the band turn up and are nice and friendly as always.Me old mucker Alan Parker is here(has done books on SLF,Sid Vicious etc). Three of this band now live in America(Chicago,LA and New York)and one in the UK (Oxford) so to do a week of shows like this can be a logistical nightmare that most punters do not really know about or care about but this band just get on with it ..... 11 June 2008.Sex Pistols live at Birmingham Academy.Been to this venue before a couple of times so i know there is not much space in the dressing room area so only about 20 people have access passes.Nobody here from any other bands. Just friends of the band.Soho designer Tom Baker is here who has done suits and stuff for Glen Matlock.As usual Matlock,Cook and Jones share a dressing room and Lydon has one on his own.Its still a mega buzz for me that my fave band ever know me.There is enough food and drink here for 33 let alone 3 people.Stay here chatting for 30 mins then pop into John Lydons dressing room to say hello to John and John "Rambo" Stevens his friend and minder.Perfect night really even though the nightmare roadworks on the M6 on the way back tried to put a damper on things......... 23 May 2008.Paul Weller live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.At last a proper afterparty.In the upstairs bar of the venue a huge crowd of 300 are here to celebrate the last night of the UK tour and more important Paul Wellers 50th birthday which is on 25 May.A full three tables of food has been laid out and the 4000 free booze just about lasts for two hours.There is a huge cake in the shape of a Fender guitar that Paul blows the candles out as everyone sings Happy Birthday.There is a great dj that plays all the mod and soul classics that PW loves and loads are dancing.Faces here inc Roger Daltrey,Noel Gallagher and Gem from Oasis, Bobby Gillespie.Mick Talbot.Pauls ex DC Lee, all his band,his dad and family are all here. Nice to see Pat Gilbert from Mojo/Q Music mags and long time Weller fan DJ Gary Crowley.The best party at this venue for a few years........ 20 May 2008.Launch party premiere of Genesis live dvd at The Kensington Odeon,London.After the screening and q n a 150 invited guests are in the cinema bar.The free booze and snacks are flowing.Phil Collins,Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks are all friendly and chatty and Al Murray and Simon Pegg are floating about.Lots of the bands family and inner sanctum are here.A nice bash for about 75 mins ....... 18 May 2008.Roger Waters live at 02 Arena, London.About 150 people in the backstage bar on Level 3 of this venue.We are here for around an hour.Nice atmosphere.All Rogers band are here inc Snowy White and the three female backing singers.Rogers son and daughter are here but sadly Roger Waters stays in the dressing room area ..... 16 May 2008.Here And Now at Wembley Arena,London. Nice aftershow in the backstage bar for 100 people for 90 mins after the show.The good thing is as there are so many acts playing you see quite a few here inc Paul Young,Martin Fry, Bananarama and Cutting Crew although no sign of Rick Astley or Ben from CKT Cat.Also here is Howard Jones who also sometimes plays on these 1980s tours.He looks a bit eccentric these days. He has long white hair tied in two pigtails.He looks just like Roger Taylor in that Queen video "I Want To Break Free".A bit odd i must say...... 06 May 2008.Def Leppard live at The Islington Academy,London.Aftershow for about 100 people in the upstairs bar for 75 mins after the show. The free booze is flowing and its a nice buzzy atmosphere.Phil Collen from the the band is here but the others stay in the dressing room area. ITB booking agent legend Rod(Def Leppard,KISS, Whitesnake and many more) McSween is here.Have a nice chat about KISS upcoming tour.A London show will NOT be added and the best best venue to see them will be Verona,Italy he said........ 09 Apr 2008.Noel Fielding live at The Royal Albert Hall,London.This was like last year as there were two aftershows tonight.The first is in the dressing room areas of the venue for some 90 mins after the show.Nice to meet up again with Noels lovely parents Ray and Di.Very lively indeed.Faces popping in to say hello to Noel inc Courtney Love,Zak Starkey and Johnny Borrell and the ginger bloke from Harry Potter.Then it was a short journey to a West End nightclub called Dolce at 10 Air Street,w1 from midnight to 2am where there was hordes of photographers waiting for Noel Fielding and Courtney Love to turn up. Very lively and loud in here and Noels brother Michael is doing a superb job on the dj sounds. Again the booze is flowing.A great night......... 28 Mar 2008.Only Ones live at Koko,Camden,London. Aftershow in the lounge bar at the top of the balcony for an hour after the show .About 50 people here inc all The Only Ones and lots of faces from the old days inc Paddy the scatty drummer from Raped and Cuddly Toys but no major names here ................... 24 Mar 2008.R.E.M. live at The Royal Albert Hall, London.Aftershow party in a room on the first level grand tier of this lovely building.About 100 people are here and the free booze is flowing for some 90 mins.All the acts tonight turned up and stayed until the end.All of R.E.M ,Robyn Hitchcock,John Paul Jones,Terry Edwards,Duke Spirt,Foals and also the singer David McAlmont is here as is Alan McGee(exCreation,now Charlatans manager).So a great crowd and party............... 18 Mar 2008.The Jersey Boys - The Story Of Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons at The Prince Edward Theatre,London.This was more like it.It must have cost a fortune and it put most gig aftershows to shame.They have laid on a convoy of coaches to take us to the splender of The Natural History Museum where some 1000 press,vips,cast members and their guests get stuck into the free booze and food from 11pm to 2am.Faces here inc Frankie Valli,Brian May,Anita Dodson,Barbara Windsor,Cilla Black,Lionel Blair, Christopher Biggins,Vanessa Felz,Carole Malone and a few more.There was a 12 piece jazz band playing the classics with the dinosuar bones hanging over our heads.Excellent bash........... 13 Mar 2008.Childline Rocks Charity Gig At 02 Indigo,London.Afterparty next to the venue in the newly opened eaterie Gaucho.Lots of free booze and tasty nibbles for 90 mins after the show.Over 200 people here inc half who had the 200 quid corporate tickets.All of Thunder were here as was Glenn Hughes and Fish but the others must have stayed in dressing room or gone home. They had an auction of about 10 items inc tickets on a plane for an Iron Maiden gig in Europe that would be piloted by Bruce Dickenson and one of Jimmy Pages guitars that went for 25 grand.Very good aftershow 22 Feb 2008.The Cult live at The Kentish Town Forum,London.Aftershow in the balcony bar for 90 mins after the show for about 80 people.All the band are here except Ian Astbury who stays in the dressing room area.Nice to see Ray McViegh from early 1980s band The Professionals whose other members inc Sex Pistols Steve Jones and Paul Cook.Nice lively crowd .. 20 Feb 2008.The BRIT AWARDS at Earls Court Arena, London.The awards finish at 10.15pm but we hang about with all the other media and music biz folks in VIP block A for an hour chatting etc. The artists leave straight after the awards for their respective parties.There are half a dozen events on after but the main two are The Universal party at The Hempel Hotel in Bayswater and the SONY BMG party at The Hilton Hotel in Park Lane,Mayfair.We head for the latter as we know from before what a great venue it is. From 12.30am to 3am we are at Calvin At Windows on the 28th floor with great views looking over Hyde Park.Loads of tasty treats and cocktails all night.We arrived late so could have missed a few people but we see Natasha Bedingfield,The Hoosiers,Will Young,Beth Ditto,Paul Young(yes the 1980s pop star - he was on SONY back then),Mike Pickering (Mancunian legend who was in M People), Lemarr,Kym Mazelle,Gary Davies(yes the ex Radio 1 dj from the 1980s) and Zane Lowe was spinning the tunes.Lots of music biz folks here and it was an excellent party and nice goody bag too....... 16 Feb 2008.Smashing Pumpkins live at The 02 Arena,London.Like i said before 8 out of 10 aftershow events are pretty tame.Smashing Pumpkins are a big band but they probably dont know many people in London so there is not much going on here.We are in a room that can best be described as the roadies canteen area.There is soft drinks and water but no booze.Only about 30 people here but members of the band do turn up inc SP lovely female bass player.No sign of Billy Corgan who has stayed in the dressing room area and after 45 mins we are told to leave. Not very rock and roll at all................... 15 Jan 2008.James Blunt live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.Aftershow in the balcony bar for around 150 people for 75 mins.No celeb faces but a lot of James Blunt posh looking mates. James himself turned up looking short and scruffy but was very friendly and chatty to all as were the members of his band.Atlantic Records paid for a free bar which always goes down well....... 23 Dec 2007.Bootleg Beatles live at Hammersmith Apollo,London.Aftershow in the balcony bar for around 80 people for an hour after the show.All the band turn up.Surprise to see Gem from Oasis here but then Oasis are all big Beatles fans and The Bootleg Beatles even played "Wonderwall" in their set tonight ............ 20 Dec 2007.From The Jam live at The Kentish Town Forum,London.Nice aftershow in the upstairs bar for around 50 people for an hour after the show.All the band including Bruce Foxton and Rick Butler are here and are chatty and friendly .......... 10 Dec 2007.Led Zeppelin live at The 02 Arena, London.Another one of those mega events where there were 3 or 4 big parties after the show. From 11.30pm to 12.30 i was at The Warner Music afterparty at The Urban Inc Bar opposite Indigo. Quality freebie cocktails and nibbles are flowing for a big crowd but there are no artists here and there is no live music so time to move on........ 100 yards away i get to 02 Indigo where a host of Atlantic soul legends are playing sets.Bill Wyman Rhythm Kings are again the house band. I miss Paul Rodgers sing a couple of songs but then Sam Moore plays a 45 mins set then Percy Sledge does a 20 mins set then Ben E King plays a 20 mins set and finally Soloman Burke plays a 30 mins set.I am watching it in the front VIP balcony but half the guests up here are more interested in the free booze in the bar where you cannot see the stage and so they end up missing this quality line up of four soul legends.A few of the celebs turned up here but not Led Zep who must have held their own bash backstage at the 02 Arena.Left the venue at 3am but what a night ......... 03 Dec 2007.Duran Duran live at The Lyceum, London.At last a band who make an effort. At the venue i end up in a meet and greet room after the show where about 30 or 40 Duran fans have paid i think 250 quid for a 100 quid ticket, drinks,food and meet the band.Fans are told Duran will here for 10 mins max so its a bit of a scramble .All the band turn up but i focus on John Taylor as he was in a great band called Neurotic Outsiders with Steve Jones from The Sex Pistols.During our chat i brought up the recent success of The Pistols UK tour and he said Steve Jones had actually phoned him straight after the Manchester show to tell him about it. Too many women here to chat to the others. From here a proper aftershow party at the trendy Cuckoo Club was held from midnight to 2am. Free booze flowing all night .The band all turn up and stay for 30 or 40 mins.Its very loud and busy here so did not bother to hassle them. What a totally excellent night.................. 30 Nov 2007.The Buzzcocks live at 02 Indigo, London.Aftershow in the upstairs lounge bar at this newish venue.All the band turn up and are chatty and friendly.Did not see any other faces. Pretty average do for an hour after the show..... 18 Nov 2007.Sex Pistols live at Glasgow S.E.C.C. Aftershow in the venue backstage for an hour. This was the last night of the 7 date UK tour. Singer John Lydon had a drinks reception party in his dressing room area for his friends and we are part of a small select group of only 25 people with Glen Matlock ,Steve Jones and Glen Matlock in their dressing room area.All are friendly,relaxed and chatty. Glen is really pleased on how the shows went. Steve told me about the filming he did in his old teenage area of Shepherds Bush(i went to the same school as Steve Jones and Paul Cook but i am 3 years younger)last week which included the pie and mash shop in Goldhawk Road.Steve leaves for L.A. Monday and will be back on his DJ show spinning discs on Tuesday .Paul is over the moon about tonights version of "Roadrunner". Also here is Scottish footie legend Richard Gough who now plays with Steve in Hollywood Utd and Bruce Watson fron Big Country and Dead Men Walking and recently The Skids.Great stuff...... 17 Nov 2007.Sex Pistols live at Manchester Evening News Arena.Even before the show you could tell this would be a big night as it was pre gig drinks at the hotel with the band. After the show we go to a drinks reception area in the venue where about 100 are gathered.Glen,Paul and Steve come out but John stays in his dressing room.Also here is Manchester legend Ian Brown who was in Stone Roses and whose latest solo album features Steve Jones and Paul Cook on it. Also here is World Superbike Champion Carl Fogerty.After an hour here we go back to the bands Lowry Hotel.All the band are here and its a great atmosphere.We leave at 3am and the place is still rocking and all bar Steve are still about.Just a superb evening .. 14 Nov 2007.Sex Pistols live at The Brixton Academy,London.Lots of people here for the last of their five nights here inc Jonathan Ross, Mick Jones,Tony James,Johnny Marr and QPR player Gareth Ainsworth.A great atmosphere and great fun for some 90 mins after the show.Glen Matlock was here as was Paul Cook who told me Steve and himself had done some filming with Julien Temple in Shepherds Bush visiting some of their teenage haunts.John Lydon and Steve Jones again stayed in their dressing rooms............. 12 Nov 2007.Sex Pistols live at The Brixton Academy,London.About 100 people here inc Kirk Brandon from Spear Of Destiny and Spizz.A great atmosphere as there are so many people i know. We stay here for about 90 mins after the show. Glen Matlock and Paul Cook pop into the backstage bar but Steve Jones leaves the venue soon after the gig and John Lydon stays in his dressing room with wife Nora ............... 10 Nov 2007.Sex Pistols live at The Brixton Academy,London.As promised tonight was more of an aftershow party.The free booze is flowing(with the correct wristband),there is a dj playing some tunes and there is a lot more people.John stays in his dressing room again and Steve Jones leaves soon after the show finishes.Glen Matlock and Paul Cook are chatty and friendly as always. Nice to see some old faces like Steve English, Patti Paladin and John Curd but no big names here.After an hour in the backstage bar we then spend an hour in Glen/Paul/Steves dressing room where family and friends are gathered.Paul Cook told me that a possible appearence on The Jonathan Ross TV show had fallen through. A great night with these music legends............. 09 Nov 2007.Sex Pistols live at The Brixton Academy,London.Again the aftershow was held in the backstage upstairs bar for about 100 people. Steve Jones,Glen Matlock and Paul Cook are all here but John Lydon stays in his dressing room. Also here was Mike Peters from The Alarm and Tony Barber from The Buzzcocks.(Tony is actually Glen Matlocks bass tech for the whole UK tour) Again lots of people here from the old days inc Julian Temple who is filming these shows with NITRATE television for tv?? film?? Not sure. Another good one ............. 08 Nov 2007.Sex Pistols live at The Brixton Academy,London.The aftershow was held in the upstairs bar for 90 mins after the show.There are loads of people i know here .Glen Matlock and Paul Cook from the band are here but Steve Jones stays in his dressing room as does John Lydon who has a whole bunch of his Finsbury Park/Arsenal F.C. mates.No major celebs here.In the crowd earlier i spotted comedian Ade Edmondson and footie legend Stuart Pearce who introduced the band on stage at Finsbury Park in 1996.A good one but have been told the main aftershow party is after the Saturday show???????????